Trump Offers New Defense For Strike On Iranian General | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Offers New Defense For Strike On Iranian General | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @cheeseUout alternative facts Let’s Pretend This is the truth let me tell you 50 times and you will believe it’s the truth, they did it.
      👌👌👌👌believe me👌👌👌👌

    2. It’s funny THE donald truth always had to be made up, a little here, a little there, spin🔄 it around this way and spinning🔄it around that way and add some Giuliani…
      Truth isn’t truth… don’t forget Kelly-Ann… it’s alternative facts… and the famous one by THE donald
      👌👌👌BELIEVE ME 👌👌👌

    1. If by considering, you mean he walked around Mar-a-Lago bragging about something “big” that was about to happen, then yes. Trump doesn’t consider, it would be too much like thinking.

    2. that is how long it took for staff to pull him away from twitter and fox news to finally get him into a briefing. He means he only thought about it for a split second because he was missing Hannity on tv

  1. interesting to hear the guy that wandered the halls of his club telling his friends about what he is up to claiming Pelosi would leak the information … another bout of projecting his actions on others.

    1. @theron gentille everything can be spined into what you want. Right or left polls the media lies all the time look at the polls for Hillary landslide victory.

    2. @Ray McDonald I can’t think why you’d try to rub my nose in it with saying 4 more years?? – I kinda hope Trump Does Win Again tbh -not only are the Dems pretty much useless, but he’s plenty good enough for you Loada Yank Twats.

    1. ‘ Imminent threat ‘ is a perfect excuse for shooting someone on fifth Ave. or anywhere else and not being investigated or prosecuted cuz you calculated and hypothetically there may be some bad guys around the corner getting ready for gang war.

    1. Edward Williams are you crazy bud? The monsters are Obama and Hillary who bankrupted this nation the constitution and democracy. Obama started a lot of this.

  2. What about Putin? What about Kim Jong Un? When do they get a missile to the face? They’re bad guys too right?

  3. It was nothing more than a campaign rallying cry for re-election. Had 4 years to take this guy out and waited until he started campaigning again. No better than Obama.

    1. He never stopped campaigning. He continued campaigning as a way to control his tantruming & his persecution complex that is used to deflect from his cheating his failures. Obama was never in hock to Russians. Failure to see difference reveals more about one’s self.

    1. Laura Drake lol really Hillary’s emails thats a federal charge and Obama sending ransom money to Iran before he left office I am sure thats legal to right? You need to open your eyes and stop blaming Trump for what Obama did.

    2. Z Gaming
      Can you come out of your cave? Hillary was checked multiple times seems that’s *over.* In fact, the lock her up chant was about unsecured emails while #3 *never* uses secured anything, encluding cell phones. (It’s ok man…. try again.) OR, join me in: Lock him up! That money that Obama gave them was “theirs!” ….it had been frozen …..and ….it was *released* back to them. Do you get zero news from TV’s or computers, guy? Were you discharged from a facility recently?

    3. Z Gaming
      I don’t blame #3 for anything that Obama did….but are you still fine with projecting? Let me know if you ever get bored with it. *yawn

  4. He’s going to get away killing those two top official just like is Taxes, the Russian tampering, nullifying DACA recipient, Sexual harassment etc… and still get the 2nd term presidency with no problem.

  5. “He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length, it becomes habitual.” Tomas Jefferson.

  6. Iran’s Russian SA Missiles are deadly and Trump shares in this killing of innocent people on that civilian Ukrainian airliner.

    1. The One Worlders own the Media, we all know that. Those same people want Trump gone so they can push their agenda. Now once you understand that it is easy to see why we back Trump. To back the other side is to forfeit our sovereignty. It’s all in a great book you must read….the Bible !

    2. @Mike Jones Trump is garbage and a crook con artist, read about his dealings from the 80’s. He is a dushbag!!

    3. I live 10 miles from Trumps place in Florida, and as a contractor we all knew not to do his work, he was NOT a good man. Having said that what he has done for this country is second to none. I see the hand of God all over this and he can use anyone he wants and it appears he chose DJT. I never said Trump was a good man, I said Trump is great for our country as our President and THAT is without any doubt! God bless

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