1. No. TRump needs to GO. Asking him to do better is asking waaaaaaaaaay too much (look at how he’s handled COVID-19)

    1. Maybe you should start calling out those who single out white people because of their skin color. Oh, but that wouldn’t work for your fake victimhood narrative, would it?

    2. No systemic racism. Sure, theres plenty of racists. Just look at the BLM hashtags and look at all the anti-white racism for example. But that doesnt mean the government system is racist.

  1. We all stand together against racism, we have to, America belong to all of us

    1. @Jack Reagan whites been had affirmative action for themselves since slaves were freed. . .. …they then gave it to us because certain things started being realized by even their own people, like right now

      But slavery only ended because of “financial reasons”, not because white people deemed hatred of black people a bad thing

    2. Jack Reagan is that right? Last time I checked white women were the biggest benefactor of affirmative action.

    3. There is systemic racism within the United States, against White people… White Americans are the only group legally discriminated against by the government, corporations and universities

    1. Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Federica Wilson, Maxine Waters, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Don Lemon aka Stinky fingers, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman,Dennis Rodman, Kanye West,Martin Lawrence and I can go on an on. Yeah! Systematic racism is the best Psyop weapon Democrats have for blacks people

    2. @Rehema Zabibu how many unarmed blacks got killed by cops last year compared to whites? Try looking up some statistics for me

    3. Read: “‘No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start, and Was First Accused of Bias” By Jonathan Mahler and Steve Eder Aug. 27, 2016 NY Times

    1. @Lovely Curls yawn…..you forgot to add the term systemic. because there are systems in play that actively keeping you down….blah blah blah…..boring

    2. @PwnageFish – your dad must be racist. black people can not be racist. you also are racist for suggesting this. you also have white privilege and are indirectly responsible for the death of george floyd and every other injustice that every black person has every faced…..that is just the way it is. now take a knee, confess your sins and the sins of others, tell everyone that you are sorry and beg for the left’s forgiveness.

    3. @Pretty Jackson Don’t worry, your daddy (if you can find him) can get a job thanks to all the special treatment you people get from the government. That is, if he’s even willing to work.

    1. Chris DiDomenico assuming someone is a democrat because they don’t like trump and his gang is a mental illness. I never indicated that I was a democrat. I’m just not an idiot 🤣

  2. S-Y-S-T-E-M-I-C for crying out loud. Not “systematic.” Fix your headline, you folks are journalism and English majors. (And yes, we do have systemic racism. Centuries of it)

    1. Words dont mean anything to these people. In the comments people dont even understand, they think that if a white racist exists, that is “systemic racism”.
      And thers no systemic racism. the system is explicitly anti-racist.

    2. Terminal Insanity it’s not though if black Man can get killed in broad daylight and the autopsy people cover for him the chief covers for him and the other police officers cover for him

    3. Terminal Insanity like come one that’s like saying slavery didn’t exist or that black weren’t being punished by the police for years for no reason and still till today being targeted especially in America and both candidates being white men who both saying disgusting and supported white supremacy and have been previously friends with nazis can still run and can still win even when they treated black people badly tell me that isn’t systematic racism why has there never been a black vp or black women for president and then when we do get a black person it’s once once in an entire America 400 years of racism

    1. citizenxgen that doesn’t really matter, but in general he’s a goofball, considering the terrible decisions, the braindead things he saids, and not to mention he’s racist.

    2. FYI the aggregat of polls has Trump down 2 points. The one everyone is getting excited about that claims 7 is an outlier.

    3. Those of us who this country rightfully belongs to. And you can’t win the war you’ve started. See you soon, boy.

  3. Trump replies about racism in America:

    *”It’s fake,* we’ve studied and we’ve suspicion its false”

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