Trump Official Won’t Rebuke Go Back Remark Violating DHS Policy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Trumpler will make it so worse that people will be sympathetic to illegal immigration at some point.

    1. @texas thunder you got one thing right President Obama is a God and a good man a great President then we end up getting a Criminal in the WH installed by his handler Putin . Trump is an illigitimate potus

  2. Drumpf has elevated despicable people to positions of power, people who would otherwise never be put in these jobs.

    1. Not one of you millennial ho mos would take the jobs … If you were willing to work illegals would have no reason to come……

  3. He is ducking the questions; he does not want to answer because he knows he has no leg to stand on.

    1. @Eric Lapointe The Republicans had all 3 braches, and the dems even caved on the wall. Its a long story. Ask Schumer

    1. In case anyone misunderstood my sarcastic comment above, no, professional journalism is not an excuse to stand idly by injustice.

    1. Its the parents fault for not staying in a horrible place but rather wanting something better for themselves & their kids.

    2. @Kel Green Yep. It’s their fault for wanting to take their children from a place of certain death to a place of possible death. What we need to do, as a nation, is to make this country such a disgusting death camp, that nobody from anywhere wants to come here ever again! Mission accomplished!

    3. @Andrew_Owens and by proxy making it a place no one would want to stay in even if they were born here

    4. Its headed that way an anarchy state funded by us tax payers…… buyagunsoon @Andrew_Owens

  4. Trying to defend Trump, and the actions of his administration, is an effort in futility. The parents who’s kids died in the custody of ICE, should collectively sue Trump, Stephen Miller, ICE, and his entire administration. Once they separate those children from their parents, it means they are accepting sole responsibility for their safety, health, and wellbeing, and they failed.

    1. These people have no access to legal representation. No money, no English skills, etc.. They’re totally at the mercy of the system, and the system is barbaric,

    2. No it isn’t. It’s incredibly efficient at getting you massive donations from AIPAC and Russian and Saudi lobbies.

  5. When people in the Trump administration stand for the man as against the nation….. No wonder Trump admires dictatorial governments.

    1. Grow up kid because when w are gone it will be you illegals will be attacking.. without us and our taxes you will be lost… Enjoy the future kid

  6. It is time for “American Nuremberg Trials” on these atrocities and the outrageous living conditions.

    1. Cages were from 2014 during Obama…. Kids need to go to school and grow up not post ignorance on youtube @54markl

  7. “I know you can hear me” & “This isn’t a mystery” made this really fun interview even better. Calling them on their snivelling tactics and stupid repetitive phrases. Ari Melber is awesome.

    1. ballsdynamite Yep! He’s one of the best at corralling these idiots until he’s made it very clear they have backed themselves into a corner. Checkmate.

  8. This person is pathetic lies and more lies clueless could not find his way out of a wet paper bag

  9. What more does it take for some Americans to not get pleasure in seeing innocent children caged? Some of these folks claim themselves as Christians… Amazing!

    1. The more they claim their Christian faith the more likely they are to support these Trump immigration policies.

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