Trump Omits Local Black Officials From Race And Policing Event | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @a. barker I disagree with much of what Trump says and does. However I can recognize the blatant hypocrisy of the media, which is aligned with the left, and of the democratic party.

    2. @mysteryman2024 well I give you props on that. But at some point information is needed. I use too listen to fox before they took the hard turn and Fox business News not bad. But at some point 8 different sources of MSM as it’s refered too are all reporting similar items. So I take them all in with a grain of salt. But I don’t disregard all fox offers.

    3. @mysteryman2024 watch liberal hivemind if you want some pure hypocrisy of the left. He does a great job for an ex liberal

  1. Trump, what is the point that you are actually trying to bring to the table? Please be honest and show your true self.

    1. The left has made it perfectly clear that transparency and honesty are not required. Nor is logic, integrity, decency, a moral compass….

  2. He does not care about the people who actually see his fraudulent actions, and see them for what they are, he only cares that his base will see the spin on fox or oan.

    1. Are…..are you serious? If so you desperately need to recalibrate your definition of “brilliant”.
      And basic facts too, she’s not a doctor. She’s just another rambling leftist who only points out things that service her agenda while not mentioning anything that cuts against it.

    2. @mysteryman2024 gee, was that supposed to be witty? or did you consider it to be pithy? bless your little heart. maybe if you were a rhodes scholar, went on to earn your phd, as did she, then i will consider your opinions worth more than hers. go back to your steve crowder channel little one.

    3. She is a great propagandist. You probably believed her for 2 entire years about “Russian collusion”. 🤣

    1. @Carolina Schwendener 19 murdered in Chicago in 24 hours! A democratic paradise! Trump 2020! Floyd was a armed felon!

    1. Are you waiting for Joe Biden to bounce black children on his knee as he calls him roaches again?

  3. Dominate with compassion when dealing with protesters and compassionate disruption when dealing with the homeless–makes me wonder if compassion is code word for lay the smack down on.

    1. It’s called upholding law and order. I’d love to see how anti-cop you are when your home is being broken into.

    2. @mysteryman2024 I’d love to see how pro cop you are when one gets away with murdering someone you care about.

    3. @Dave Ponsford Out of hundreds of millions of encounters with police every year, there are a handful of wrongful deaths.
      Each one of those deaths is awful, and the cop should go to jail.
      But that’s like finding a neo nazi hiding out in a bunker somewhere, pointing at them and going “ah ha! See? Told you there were still nazis!”
      Yes, bad people exist, but they’re a minority of the population. Most cops are good, most people aren’t nazis. When we find them, they should be dealt with harshly. But pretending they represent a widespread problem is just dishonest.

  4. There is no defensible reason for this action by the president. Same on him and his administration for this. VOTE!!!

    1. Du nouveau sur le lien ci-dessous, merci de cliquer et de partager👉👉👉👇👇👇

  5. Gee kinda seems like he’s actually trying to start a race war doesn’t it? It would be an excuse for him to postpone the election indefinitely.

    1. @Isa The DA is not a woman so that really doesn’t explain it. Also, if that’s the real reason, then why did trump choose that church to hold it in unless he was counting on that as an excuse? Which means either way, it was deliberate exclusion.

    2. No, it doesn’t seem like that at all. But you could probably get a job with MSNBC with the things you make up.

  6. Trunt: A sad case of someone suffering from congenital interchange of his mouth and his arsehole.

  7. He loves black people right, just not enough to be near them, listen to them, let them speak or hire them 😂😂🙆 so much love

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