Trump On 2020 Election Results: 'This Is Going To Be The Scam Of All Time' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Trump On 2020 Election Results: ‘This Is Going To Be The Scam Of All Time’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Over the past few days, President Trump has tried to undermine the results of the 2020 election. Aired on 9/24/2020.
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Trump On 2020 Election Results: 'This Is Going To Be The Scam Of All Time' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. We can’t depend on that though .. The Republicans have either stood by or encouraged him all this time.
      What makes you think they’ll stand up to him this time?

    2. @Albin M lame duck session. Some repubs will lose and know they will face prosecution so they will turn on him to protect themselves.

    1. notice how T is doing all the things he claims as negative on a daily basis….. such an absolute and deplorable non-human being!!! he’s playing psychology every min. of the day!

    1. @hellsbells1xx Obama was outsmarted by a umbrella … Twice oh wait that was Donald j Putin person woman man camera tv

    2. @hellsbells1xx u surely can’t be serious, he acting like a Dictator.
      USA is a Democracy & he’s not even a faithful Republican……he WAS a Democrat at one point that had a lot to say about RePub’s. He’s not loyal to anyone but himself.

    3. @Amelia Cook I hope he destroys both parties .People like you are nothing more then useful idiots for political parties . If you want to see a dictator you dont have to go any farther then a Democrat ran state .

    1. @Christine King Yup. Clean sweep for Donnie, Mitch, Vladimir et al. at that point. Rubber stamp for Trump’s New Nationalist America. Anybody who doesn’t believe that can happen hasn’t been paying attention.

    2. Hands down except the world doesn’t want to see a dictatorship as powerful as us. It’s just not right

    3. @Bruce Maurier Yes. I’ve had a tough few hours and realized it’s unlikely the Dems will take back the Senate. To think, if our tiny but fierce RBG had been able to hold on just a while longer. I live in Montana, Sen. Daines-R is in a close race with Gov. Bullock-D for his Senate seat, Daines has apparently been sending out misleading letters that may invalidate mail-in ballots. Repubs get the correct information, Dems do not, not the first time that sort of stuff was pulled here. Daines is also on the “Democrats are Socialists” bandwagon. You know that kind of cr*p is going on wherever there is a tight Senate race. Look for a permanent FICA holiday and Social Security being gutted ASAP.

  1. Without showing any evidence of voter fraud, Trump has crossed the line with his statements about getting rid of the ballots. Even his GOP enablers should be horrified by what he said. Time to start calling their offices.

    1. ​@hellsbells1xx Actually, my 6x great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War as a lieutenant in Pennsylvania Militia, my grandfather fought the Germans at Belleau Wood in WWI , and my father fought the Japanese in WWWII. I’ve got a lot more American credibility than you or of your dear leader “Bone Spurs” could every have.

    1. Buff Straw
      Not that great, No, and I have my own Insurance that I pay for… Except at the price went up three fold in the Obamacare implementation.. but hey at least Barry Soetoro has a “Legacy” for it.

    2. @Jamtommy1 Not that your VOTE or mine even matters anymore. Trump is going to cancel the VOTE so that an election is not needed. The usual smooth transition of power (which has been going on every 4 or 8 years in America for the past 240 years) won’t even happen this time. Trump is installing himself as Dictator For Life. King Donald the First. I guess you’re OK with that?

    3. Buff Straw
      No Its not ok with me I’m down with the election process every 4. Although we each want our “Team” to win of course.That’s just delusional to think he’s installing himself as a dictator or he’s literally Hitler or Mussolini etc. etc. He’ll do his 2 terms and split.
      The other side of your political ideology put up with Barry and his man-wife for eight years… Hang in there buddy you’re halfway through.

    4. Paula Anne
      No Paula do you really think I would vote for Joe Biden… The guy that literally authored the 1994 crime bill that disproportionately imprisoned B lack people and destroyed their families for two generations so far..
      Or Kamala Harris who threw 1900 people of color in jail over nonviolent marijuana “offenses” well she admittedly was smoking pot herself, Later laughing about it when asked…
      That’s just gross, these two are hypocrites and racists. Count me out.

    1. He’s getting away with it and we’re allowing him to do so. We need a plan of action to remove this tumor from the white house. Our elected officials are not doing it. It’s falling on the citizenry to make it happen.

    2. @Fara Roberts The “people” are not allowing him to do. The GOP are allowing him to do it. This gangster can only get away with everything he’s done and he’s continuing to do is because he is being helped by others at the top. Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Graham, William Barr, Jim Jordan and many more are the traitors behind this fascist traitor.

  2. The only “they” trying sow confusion is Trump. He is the ONLY pine I’ve heard even mention the ballots or voter fraud

  3. Its impossible for him to keep his plans secret. He’s got his rigging worksuit on while saying the Dems are going it. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  4. t’rump: “This will be the scam of all time!”
    America: “And what if you win? Still a scam?”
    t’rump: “Uhh, err…. **pulls fire alarm** ”
    America: “Yeah, we thought so.

    1. That’s unfortunately not how it’s going to play out. For some reason no one in the GOP seems to have any spine to stand up to him

  5. The only way he can stay out of prison is by winning the election. Wait for more as he gets scarier and scarier of losing it.

    1. Dear Harvard, this so called immunity from prosecution is just policy not legislation. Indict him as soon as Barr is gone. If the tables were turned they would indict a sitting dem POTUS.

    2. Håvard Tomren and a scared man makes him extremely dangerous cause he’ll do anything to keep that immunity! This election is the vote for keeping America’s democracy from fascism! Trump will find a way to become dictator of America if given 4 more years, he’s already said so! People have to listen to his words cause he means it!

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