Trump on Harris: 'She did very poorly in the primaries' 1

Trump on Harris: ‘She did very poorly in the primaries’


U.S. President Trump spoke after Joe Biden picked Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 U.S. election.


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  1. Yeah she probably wanted to seem cool not say something like I didn’t inhale in regard to smoking pot which sounds lame and fake to begin with.

  2. she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she…

  3. Using public office to stand there and tell lies for your own campaign. Sad. Obviously those questions were lined up ahead of time and if he wasn’t worried he wouldn’t say anything.

    1. @Sal You do remember how she did in the democrat primaries right? Like one of the first to drop OUT after a couple of contests….again during the democrats primaries

    1. I much preferred Obama, you know those 5 new wars he got America in were great for Lockheed Martin and the shareholders

  4. Is he doing drugs? He keeps repeating himself and he answers with everything with jiberish BS and lies

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