Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg Charged With Tax Fraud 1

Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg Charged With Tax Fraud


Elie Mystal, Justice Correspondent from ‘The Nation’ discusses the recent tax charges against Allen Weisselberg, CFO of the Trump Organization and says, “we know with Trump loyalty is a one-way street.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg Charged With Tax Fraud


    1. @Rob Maynard Go look it up yourself genius. Every statement I made is 100% verifiable. Don’t get mad at me that your dumba** has been played this entire time.

    2. @Ric Vicious Not surprised to see you spreading the same troll antifa loving “eVeRyONe’S a FAsCiST” garbage on multiple videos. Try and debate like an adult and tell me exactly what isn’t true; go ahead, I’ll wait.

    3. @Burt Reynolds Typical Retrumplican the only reason you say look it up myself is because you have nothing to back up what you’re saying fyi all the lies Fox and other Dump fake news tell are not true therefore it’s not 100% verifiable. The only one being played is you pathetic a**holes who are too delusional to accept the truth. BTW is Dumps reinstatement still on for August or has it been pushed off like his inauguration back in March.

  1. “No prosecutor has ever gone after a former president”. That’s because no other president has been that corrupt

    1. @Ray J. Nope, not enough. All you did was name former presidents. Show us where a prosecutor has gone after them? Wait, there has never been a time!

      Seriously, who ties your shoelaces in the mornings?

    2. @Ray J. these charges are for activities in his private life. Tons during presidency which he obstructed justice on.

  2. It’s a cult following, they think his orangeness is a holy lighthe and his hair is a halo. Great segment again

  3. Futerfas:
    It’s “unprecedented” that an elite is prosecuted…why are you guys so mean for holding one of them accountable you guyyysss! You guys are so mean! We should instead focus on house repos on the poor like the law usually does.

    1. @AZ480 they’re hemorrhaging viewers faster than rats on a sinking ship. That’s why Brian Stelter keeps going after Hannity. Stelters ratings are down over 70% CNNs ratings are down over 50% too

    2. @John B yep! Even Rogan was laughing at Stelter and his ratings. They need President Trump, and it’s wonderful seeing Mr. Trump’s predictions about their ratings come to pass.

    3. @John B Let’s be charitable here, something has to be happening for it to actually be a, “train wreck.”

    4. They all need something to believe in. Helps them sleep at night. Gives them confirmation of their weak little feelings.

  4. Lawyer logic: “My daddy trump say he no go to jail. He ex president. Jail bad for ex president! America good!”

  5. These charges are unprecedented in the fact that this is a fine for all corporations and people but a perp walk for an affiliate of Trump.

    1. This is a local prosecutor bringing an investigation that the state and federal govt tax agencies are not alleging. They must prove income not declared on tax filings. It likely won’t go anywhere. This is all about politics and Trump’s future campaigns.

    2. @wmpratt2010 Isn’t it weird, that all of these tax loopholes exist, and are never patched? Capitalism at it’s finest. “Keep em’ poor, and they provide more capital.” and idiots like you, keep supporting it.

    3. @Mark McGranahan such a good little sheep! keep bahhing away at the masses, keep telling them how trump won that election, though the recount showed he lost by an even greater degree the more we recounted..

  6. Yeah, the Nazis went after their political enemies as well. People would know that if history had been taught over the last 40-50 years.

  7. Trump attorney: In 244 years, we have not had a local prosecutor go after a former President of United States!
    Local prosecutor: That’s because in 244 years we never had a former President criminal until now!
    There’s always a first!

    1. @Sim z I’m literally laughing! Mad?! Lmao. Entertained is more like it! It’s hilarious how dumb people are who listen to this type of trash.

    1. Lots of people get company lease cars and don’t pay tax as if the car is a form of payment.I didn’t even know you had to pay tax on that.

  8. When you see MSNBC and the name “Trump” you can count on an anti-Trump story! No FACTS…..just more accusations!

    1. When you see a Trump supporter, you can count on them not being interested in the facts. Lemmings seldom are.

    1. @Qingeaton New York City Councilman Chaim Deutsch pleaded guilty to tax fraud Thursday, admitting to claiming personal expenses as business expenses totaling $82,000

    2. @Qingeaton Chaim Deutsch, a Democrat who represents parts of Brooklyn, failed to pay $82,000 in taxes owed to the federal government between 2013 and 2015, according to a criminal complaint. Prosecutors in the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York said he also falsely claimed personal expenses as business expenses.

    3. @Qingeaton Sergei Denko, of Queens, New York, owned and operated Denko Mechanical Inc. and Independent Mechanical Inc., both contracting businesses in Queens that specialized in plumbing. According to court documents and statements made in court, from 2010 through 2014, Denko cashed more than $5 million in checks made out to companies he owned and operated to fund an “off the books” cash payroll. He did not report the cash wages to the IRS, filed false employment tax returns, and did not pay to the IRS the employment taxes arising from the cash payroll. Denko admitted to causing a total tax loss of $732,462 .

    4. @Qingeaton …and there are many more. And all of these are in last couple of months. Now you, which ones are not being prosecuted? There is a reporting line for you to report them. If Democrats or Republics are guilty, I say prosecute them, rather than just prosecute the crimes that no one else has ever committed.

    5. @Dread Cthulhu Yes they do, and they get prosecuted all the time. The reason it is making the news is that an important former politician owns the company.

  9. As the weeks move forward, we’ll see more indictments coming – Allen Weaselberg is just the lid on the main course dish. 🙂

    1. Tell us more. Tell us what you know that we don’t. You seem to have inside knowledge that you haven’t imparted. Tell us precisely what it is, and what these years of diggings and tens of millions of US tax dollars will give us.

  10. “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime”………the Dems have made the total transformation into a tyrannical Soviet government

    1. Leave it to republikkans to create their own realities. Here we have 15 years of evidence of tax fraud and some how it’s the democrat fault.

    2. @Vi I wonder what probable cause they had to start looking? And to make a crime out of letting a man use a company vehicle? I despise Republicans, but the Dems have now shown they are the party of tyranny

    3. @carlkil “And to make a crime out of letting a man use a company vehicle” you conveniently left out the part where they didn’t pay taxes on it.

    4. @Vi And yet when someone wants to investigate someone on your side I’ll bet you start making excuses. Now don’t come at me with your accusations against what you perceive as MY side. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I want to see both sides held to equal accountability, but I’m not surprised that they aren’t.

    5. @Let ME eat My Pizza taxation is theft, Vladimir…..but you don’t care, just so the guy that has earned more than you gets punished for success. Nice, tyrant.

  11. just an observation….weisselberg is not wearing the handcuffs, he’s carrying them. you can see them dangling behind his back.

  12. Fun Fact: “FBI nears 500 arrests stemming from pro-Trump riot at U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6…”

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