Trump Org. Expected To Be Charged By Manhattan DA's Office Next Week 1

Trump Org. Expected To Be Charged By Manhattan DA’s Office Next Week


NBC's Tom Winter reports that the Trump organization is expected to be charged by the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance as early as next week. While the exact criminal charges are unknown, they are suspected to be involving tax evasion.
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  1. Can you imagine what Don Corleone would think of DonTrump? “Infamia!”, not to mention, “Stupido!”

  2. “As soon as”?
    I am getting very old waiting for something to ACTUALLY happen.
    Words, words, words and nothing more.

  3. Lol: The look on their faces, especially weasel-burg at 1:28…lol…good, let him feel the rage everyday as he bumbles around his cage…the one he built for himself.

  4. They said a fortnight ago “There could be charges next week”, This is gonna play out like Trumps Welfare Plans. “Coming In August”

  5. Alan is a liar?
    Alan is a criminal?
    Alan is Secular/Non Secular?
    Alan will do …?

    Choose your Own Adventure!

    1. He always pays his taxes ahead of time, and more than is owed. I can tell you’ve done your research, brain-dead narcissist.

    2. @Josephus S Excuse me? Do you even read? He has paid more than is owed? Oh I see – he must have said that and of course being of a cult following mind, you believe him. Well let’s just see what they have on him. And Mr. Josephus YOU should not be calling someone a brain dead narcissist as your believing in a narcissistic criminal like trump shows how alive your brain is (not). Cheers.

    1. yeah, but even if the trump org is charged & convicted of tax fraud, HOW does that translate to punishing individuals like trump and weiselberg?

    2. For what? What crime did Trump commit? I can rattle off a dozen crimes Biden has committed. What did Trump do? He was spied on and investigated from his campaign through his administration and they never found any evidence of crimes. You’re just brainwashed by the liberal media. Open your eyes.

    3. @J Glenn You’re a typical Trump supporter who turns a blind eye to the evidence. You people are like the Neo-Na2is who say that the Holocaust never happened. Discussing facts with Trump supporters has taught me that you fools are not worth the respect of a conversation.

    4. @Terry Adams I agree with a majority of what you said my only question would be are we to ignore the problems arising out of the presidents family and business dealings I believe we should hold all of our leaders to the same standard no matter what party

  6. While the exact criminal charges are unknown, they are suspected to be involving tax evasion.”

    1. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde
      One, suspected, which is code we made it up
      Two, we have this dept, what is it called, oh, the IRS…WTF is NY AG doing in regards to taxes when we a whole dept that is taste to DO THAT VERY THING!
      Go put on your mask, liberal, the experts said so..

  7. Someone send me a text when it actually happens …acutally, don’t bother until trump is IN JAIL !!!

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