Trump Org Probe Heats Up As More Staffers Testify

As Manhattan DA Cy Vance prepares for his retirement this December, The New York Times reports that prosecutors are weighing tax-related crime charges against Trump Organization COO Matthew Calamari Sr. His son and fellow Trump Organization executive Matthew Calamari Jr. recently testified under oath before a grand jury, possibly helping prosecutors get a little closer to the evidence they need. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Gone with the wind Yes! Throw in your Black and white distant relatives that protest against your racist relatives to stop killing them.

    2. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

      Arrest joe Biden for treason

  1. Oooh sounds like the walls are closing yet again. These walls must be exhausted by now, they’re always ready to “close in” but nothing ever happens

  2. The staffers should have been questioned right from the beginning.
    Each and every one of them will have dirt on Trump.

    1. @Jerry Beloin Fauci and Pelosi weren’t and never will be president. They can downplay whatever they want. It was all on trump, and he FAILED!

    2. @Jerry Beloin Yes, he was playing golf while people were dying. No BS. And what happened after the election? Did he abandon his duty as president?

    3. I think they are being very cautious, careful, and deliberate, it’s taking so long and I am frustrated but I hope to god they get them all, it is looking good

  3. Now if Trump didn’t have anything to hide, then what took him so long to show his taxes? Now I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that he’s guilty as can be.

    1. @Frederick Vanpelt these ppl either dont live in the country 9/10
      or the random crazy 1/10 that actually lives in the US
      is usually someone that is so old they have no idea theyve been duped by words
      or very young and no idea theyve been duped by words

    2. When things were at their very worst:
      2 Suns, Cross in the sky, 2 comets will collide = don`t be afraid – repent, accept Lord`s Hand of Mercy.
      Scientists will say it was a global illusion.
      Beware – Jesus will never walk in flesh again.
      After WW3 – rise of the “ man of peace“ from the East = Antichrist – the most powerful, popular, charismatic and influential leader of all time. Many miracles will be attributed to him. He will imitate Jesus in every conceivable way.
      Don`t trust „pope“ Francis = the False Prophet
      – will seem to rise from the dead
      – will unite all Christian Churches and all Religions as one.
      One World Religion = the seat of the Antichrist.
      Benedict XVI is the last true pope – will be accused of a crime of which he is totally innocent.

      “Many events, including ecological upheavals, wars, the schism in My Church on Earth, the dictatorships in each of your nations – bound as one, at its very core – will all take place at the same time.”

      “Arab uprising will spark global unrest – Italy will trigger fall out”

      The Book of Truth

  4. It’s absolutely amazing how fast they’re working to investigate Trump. He’ll be dead for 10 years at this rate.

  5. There are seemingly two sets of laws in this country: one for the wealthy and well connected, one for the rest of us.

    1. @Cid Sapient wouldn’t “Cid Simian” be more apropos? Ironic that you are literally engaging in the same defamation you are accusing others of doing. Have a swell day!

    2. @гарненькадівчина puellam servum ad dominum yup looking at the trump admin and dont see ppl calling others subhuman
      dont see them wishing death on random strangers
      i see that a lot on msnbc

    3. @CiteAsourceOrSTFU hey yea lol i just woke up so i didnt get this
      u are case and point… thx
      “wouldn’t “Cid Simian” be more apropos?”
      i dont agree with u so im subhuman lol
      some might call u a fascist…
      i just call u a leftist

    4. @Cid Sapientyour kidding right? look at tapes from 1 6 2021. They Republicans thugs are chanting Hang Mike Pence and shouting for death of Nancy Pelosi.

    1. You’re brainwashed Lindsey. Move on. The border, inflation, high crime, Afghanistan… Trump is NEVER going to prison. The left wing media promised you there was Russian collusion and he was going to prison…Guess what, NEVER happened. Full you once, shame on MSNBC, full you twice, shame on you.

    1. If IRS couldn’t find any wrongdoings from your tax then you want government checking you more. Taxes are private.

  6. Boy, I bet it makes Watergate look like a walk in the park, in Jill’s perception. This is real mob stuff. Love Jill and Danya’s analysis. Thank you.

    1. @Andy N Well, didn’t he say he was going to release the info on aliens? A good probing would be right up his “alley” 🤣

  7. Feel that warmth, Trump?? Those are the waters of Justice, heating up all around you. it’s only a matter of time now before your goose will be fully COOKED.

    1. The point is: They did get Capone. It took time, and he wasn’t convicted of all his crimes, but they did eventually get him. Same will be true of Trump.
      Trump’s legacy will be the same as Capone’s, too: He’s a miserable, worthless piece of trash who won’t be missed when he’s gone.

  8. Until these criminals are taken to task for their crimes, nothing will change. Until a congress person or #45 is charged and convicted for the 6 Jan COUP attempt, they will continue to be a threat to our nation.

    1. @Brittany Jordan poor thing. Nothing substantial to add. It’s ok. We gave up on expecting intelligent comments from the maga death cult

  9. Everyone else would have been arrested and jailed awaiting trial with SO much evidence, allegations, and known crimes on their name. Why is Trump and the GOP criminals still allowed to be free and committing crimes all the time.

    1. Same reason Hillary can destroy public records, and ol bill can pal around with epistein, its almost like they cover for each other’s crimes

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