Trump Org Was ‘Rotten To Its Core’ Says Deputy Assistant AG 1

Trump Org Was ‘Rotten To Its Core’ Says Deputy Assistant AG


Harry Litman, former deputy assistant attorney general, explains the charges under the New York law, “little RICO”, that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance could be considering against Donald Trump’s businesses.

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    1. @Nice Try
      There have been *international* networks like BBC reporting from INSIDE the house incl. interviews with these radical trumpists. WE all watched it. Better stick to FACTS.

    1. @Troy Cote They’re all crooks in some shape or form. Politics is about the individual and his/her rise to power. It is not about the people and never really has been.
      Don’t get in a twist about something you have no control over and never will have.

    2. @david hale
      So, how is Biden doing?
      Millions of jobs lost.
      Gas prices soaring.
      You had energy sufficiency, you gave it away.
      The border is in shambles, while the VP wont even go look.
      Tensions are regenerated in the middle east, war is imminent.
      Members of the democrat party support annihilation of israel.
      A leader who mumbles and bumbles.
      Taxes going up and up and up.
      Your rights and freedoms are being given away.
      Are you dillusional?

    3. @Lawrence Smith
      Biden doing well
      Gas price up – Summer time/ Plus people excited to travel again sfter pandemic
      Called “supply and demand”
      Border is great : Takes a while for new policy to take effect.. That includes training / background check. New citizenship pathway is still being implemented.. Plus, migrant children was a result of Trumps zero tolerance policy where family were separated from their kids.. Adults were forced back out while kids stayed. Border reform is slow because kids are prioritized.
      No one wants to destroy Israel.. Its either you’re on Drugs or extremely gullible..
      Taxes are going up for people that makes 400k , corporations and companies… I make less than 400k and my taxes stayed the same.. I doubt you make 400k+; so stop lying about tax going up..
      My rights and my freedom has been the same for the last 30+ years.. Im not in chain or shackle..
      Millions of job lost is because of pandemic / Plus, we are still in Trumps economy..
      Its only been 4 months my guy.. If we put pandemic into the mix with job opening during Biden 4 months..
      That would put you into 200 million job open during just this 4 months. I am not a MAGA ; so I wont be that type to say “See Biden created 200mill job blah blah”. Those are just jobs “reopening” because most lockdown is done..
      Blame Trump.. reversal is not immediate dumb dumb..
      Complain in 2022 ; thats when the economy is 100% under Biden..

  1. I’ve been saying that this ‘family’ needs to be dealt with using the RICO act. So much corruption and greed and as we have seen, they have no shame!
    Take them all out!

    1. @John Godley Many of our loved ones die because medical care and prescriptions are too expensive.

    2. @Ronnie Mathews Ha! China Joe? Trump is the one paying taxes in China from a secret Chinese bank account for secret dealings.

    3. You said: “…and as we have seen, they have no shame!” I disagree; I think they have a little bit of shame, or why would they hide their meeting with Russian officials at Trump Tower? Then make up lies about the purpose when the press got wind of it? I think they were a little bit ashamed of being traitorous scum. Or, at least, I hope they were! But I agree with you that the RICO should be used against them!

  2. In Trump’s case, “the way of doing business” was inherited from daddy and made into a grandiose monster of greed and corruption by the favorite son.

    1. Don’t leave the Kushners behind….follow the money….these people are money launderers and tax cheats….it’s the American Dream! No?

    2. Grandpa made the fortune running a restaurant and brothel in the Yukon Territory during the gold rush. Seems to be a family tradition.

    3. @Lon Pearson, he wasn’t the favorite he was the one that decided he could be a gifted and daddy decided to give him the reins.

    1. After watching a Netflix documentary on Trump w/many of his former employees in upper management, including one if his COO, it is very clear that as soon as the trump organization got a hold of any property or enterprise, he DEMANDED that the books “show and by whatever means needed”, X amount of dollars on the bottom line with complete disregard for the actual numbers. We’re talking tried digit millions. His father was definitely as immoral and nearly as corrupt operating just far enough inside the law to be legit. One thing Fred Trump did was go to his bank, withdraw $3 million in cash, take it to one if DJT’s floundering casinos, use the $3 million in cash to buy $3 mliin in chips that “he swiftly put in his briefcase before walking out and going home with no intention of ever using the chips. This amounted to an illegal, off-the-books $3 million dollar loan to his son, DJT. “. So, this video’s segment is about the Trump Organization being corrupt to its core, and it does appear to be.. It appears that the actual Trump family is also rotten to it’s cure. Some may say even more so.

    2. besides our economy, or crime, or jobs, or any wasteful spending , letting other country’s have our money, or letting bad trade deals keep us down ,or not listening to the china ran CDC , I mean he was right it is the China man made virus, but sure , he is responsible for getting the vaccine to us so quick, imagine if it was Biden who would do everything to keep us locked up , and see ppl die , not trump , warp speed he did , funny Biden wants credit but wishes it ever happen. ya everything but him being president has been rotten cus ling MEIDA said so lol you right lol

    3. @Dennis Lindqvist no usually the kids come out and say something to get revenge and get money from rich parents at minimum , but very dem of you to make up stories.

  3. Better use RICO bc he thinks he has whiteprivilege and all kinds of privilege and so does consigliere Rudy G.

    1. That’s kind of disrespectful to the Mafia, comparing them to Trump. At least they’re competent.

    1. Even when I was a kid growing up in a small city outside NYC, reading (before the internet) all the articles about Donald Trump – I knew he operated like a crook. Everyone knew- that’s why NO ONE voted for him in NY.!

    2. Trump’s father was a crook and then he taught his own children to be crooks. Sad.

    3. @Sasha Lyn Amazing how far Loser Boy got…..and he taught his own kids all his tricks too.

    4. David Flynn
      The difference was that Fred Trump was a crook who made money, and the Donald’s a crook who’s consistently lost money.

    1. @USA Rules Trump said, he kept his promise! He built the wall! But the solution was an illusion: Where did the f*cking wall go???

      Had WITCH APPRENTICE TRUMP attempted to put a spell on covid and wish it away, but by mistake the spell now hit the wall?
      And the wall disappeared, like a miracle, it magically disappeared?? And no one was there, to STOP THE STEAL??? Dang.
      How much did MEXICO pay for it?

    2. @USA Rules there was NO solution at the border, trump had NO people there to do any kind of processing, that is it became a crisis which is NOW gone.

    3. @Siddy Sid
      How many people die from the flu who don’t have co-morbidities that make them susceptible? Almost none. Having a pre-existing condition that makes a person far more likely to die from a viral illness is very different than having something else entirely that kills them. Unless you want to argue that asthma and diabetes are suddenly killing far more people than normal? That’s a well debunked argument and you’re a fool for even trying it.

    1. @Dylan Johnson – Dylan, sorry to disillusion you, but he has been committing crimes with impunity since the 1970s. The law is different for rich folks. He’d have continued to get away with it if he hadn’t painted a target on his own back by running for president. He did actually get caught for conning students at Trump University and was made to pay back. Justice is catching up with Trump. It’s the only reason he was so desperate to stay on for a second term, it would have extended his immunity.

    2. @Mary Lynne i don’t believe you but okay im not trying to say that isn’t true
      i just don’t ”believe” it’s true

    3. ​@Dylan Johnson are you sure about that?
      He defrauded 7000 people with his Trump University scheme & after dragging the people wronged in a lengthy litigation he finally settled for 25 million or is that false?
      How about being made to pay 2 million for “misappropriation” of charitable donations made to Trump Foundation & him & his children being barred from ever being at the board of a charity ever again? That false too?
      How about paying off Stormy 130k through Michael Cohen to keep her mouth shut about their “relations”?
      Cohen did his time but Trump couldn’t be named as a co-conspirator cause of his presidential immunity. Not the case anymore
      How about tax evading for decades?
      The sexual assault on Jean Carrol?
      Remember he’s no longer immune
      Next time do your homework that’s only a few of his legal issues, plenty more pending

    4. @Dylan Johnson – it really is true Dylan. He was an unscrupulous landlord (slumlord) in NY back in the 70s, who learned from his father to work hand in hand with the mob. In those days the mob ran or controlled pretty much all property business, nothing much got bought or sold without their say-so. He learned how to con people, and would use truly awful tactics to get residents out of a property he wanted to sell. Everything was about money, always.
      I’m sorry, because you seem nice, but in the coming months and years you are going to learn a lot about Trump that you probably don’t want to accept as truth. His criminal past started many decades before he ever thought of running for president, and is finally catching up with him. Politics aside, Dylan, he *really* is not a nice man.

    5. @Mary Lynne i appreciate the compliment of you calling me nice and you seem like a nice person yourself and i am not saying trump is good or perfect so until he is proven guilty by legit hard evidence that turns out to be really true i will agree with your verdict until now tho
      i think we should give it more time because who really knows what’s going on god is in control… and remember this
      ”INNOCENT” until proven GUILTY.

  4. May they finally get what they have been dodging for years! Set an example of what happens when a career con man tries to overthrow and sell out our country and constitution.

    1. @Crypto Caddie we talking the Dictator in chief that sent is cult followers to attack the Capitol. Anyone that deny this fact is clueless.

    2. @No Name I agree . And who attacked and held the Wisconsin government ? How long did they occupy the place in Wisconsin? Hmm Doesn’t sound like Trumpers to me there. Do you think it was all public Trumpers in DC as insurgents ? Is the lands of make believe in just Anaheim and Orlando ?

    3. @Piercey Pridemore living in denial huh. The second coming was a fraud right or do you still believe that Bs. So messiah trumpinsky didn’t fully deliver what was expected.

  5. They just need to bring this companies down and they need to charge Donald Trump with a RICO charge.

    1. @Trish Magner because Trump is a crook. And anyone that can rip off the u.s. military is the worst. I’m one of the veterans he steals from. And if you have to ask such question, explain a lot of your morals and how you think the Constitution and democracy should be.

    2. He was the president duh..
      President in the US don’t go to jail for their “mistakes” and have some chit they call statue of limitations which means, you are not part of this club ok?

      Good luck

      How old are you?

    3. @Trish Magner Assets of a RICO entity can be seized, which allows the State to take over the proceeds of tax fraud and pay off people wronged by the entity (such as stiffed contractors and suppliers) — and to assure that profitable assets can be sold to organizations with more credibility (let us say Warren Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway).

    4. They only need to find three crimes for a RICO charge. They’ll find three in the lobby of Trump tower alone.

  6. Please remember that Hitler had his minions swear an oath for loyalty to HIM, not Germany or its constitution, does this sound familiar?

    1. LoL..that literally sounds like the current administration..I’m glad you pointed that out..look at all the countries that turned to socialism..they are promised equality to all.. instead they got big government and ppl starving eating scraps in the street..can anyone name one good thing this administration has done in the last four months?or four years.. This is just keep your eyes off the crappy job that’s being done by Joe and Kamala..

    2. Yes David Ramirez. They reversed a lot of Chump’s bad policies. Got the vaccine distribution program operating properly and thus fast-tracked a return to normal life for the whole country. Made science and experts acceptable again. Regained the respect of other countries that Chump trashed.

    3. @David Ramirez
      You’re one of the cult! Why don’t you tell us all what socialism is? What’s that? You don’t know? If you did you wouldn’t be repeating the lie that Democrats are Socialists. All you have to do is observe the world and see for yourself that Communism and Socialism are failed forms of government. The current administration is trying to bring this country back to Democracy after your dear leader failed to throw it over.

    4. And on Jan 6th Trump tried to stage his very own “beer hall putsch”. Only at the last moment his cowardice got the better of him and he got in his limo and slunk back to the White House leaving his base to take the heat.

    5. The Reichstag or Parliament buildings were burned by the social democrats and their opposition blamed.
      Trump had a million people marching demanding an answer on election fraud.
      Psychology 101, how to create a diversion so that question was never addressed…and it wasnt.
      I have seen the fraud, its extensive and mainstream censores it.
      You are not allowed to see the evidence.
      Facial recognition software identified many rushing Congress as Antifa and BLM members.
      Video evidence clearly shows security waving in protestors, just before the Electoral college vote, convenient.
      Who gained by this, it wasnt Trump.
      Who controlled security around Congress…….Nancy Pelosi with more armed security available then protestors.
      No one ever showed Trump inciting anything..there was no evidence.
      Trump had a million marchers, and all this did was to redirect what they were there for.
      This was a setup to blame Trump while diverting the most important question that can be asked in a democratic country…a fair vote.
      Once again i have seen the evidence, if you havent bloody well ask yourself why?
      Brownshirts roamed the streets intimidating in anarchy – Antifa
      While the event at Congress was condemned, looting and rioting by Antifa and BLM was supported by democrat leadership as peaceful demonstration.
      BS, police stations were burned and this was supported in every democrat run locale.
      If Trump federally tried to stop it, he would be called a dictator.
      By allowing each state to control what Antifa did, he was called weak.
      Democrat / media BS
      The media was state controlled. When Germany attacked Poland, the media called Poland the aggressor – who does the media back 100%, it isnt Trump.
      If you didnt notice every news station except Fox walks lockstep all the time, in every case against Trump.
      Where Trump was blamed for everything that moves, we now have a bumbling tyrant in the White House who is destroying the country.
      Fox News is owned by a leftist family Rupert Murdoch.
      Look it up.
      All mainstream media is owned by leftist supporting individuals.
      All corporations donated heavily to the democrats.
      All support mass censorship on all media platforms.
      Did Trump ever do this?
      When Newt Gingrich was being interviewed on Fox, he spoke of how George Soros, the singlest largest donator to the democrat party was actually funding BLM violence, the host said his name could not be mentioned.
      It wasnt about this is true or not, it was you can not even speak his name.
      Mainstream is corporately owned.
      These corporations have grown so large they rival governments in influence and expenditure.
      They literally own everything, using their assets to get what they want?
      Trump represents change and they dont want change, so they have attacked him using their assets and their army…you

  7. “Trump Org Was ‘Rotten To Its Core’ Says Deputy Assistant AG”….
    And it still is “rotten to its core”…..
    But nevertheless – wholeheartedly supported by 99% of Republican Senators, equally rotten to the core, under the most despicable, shameless leadership of Mitch McConnel.

    1. Birds of a feather. They are scared shitless of Trump. Make me wonder what rottenness is in their closets.

    2. @Dreampossible Trump has never paid taxes in the US, but pays taxes to China. Trump’s clothing line is made in China. Try again, princess.

    3. @Dreampossible Give it a rest! Sleepy Joe is all you people have when confronted with trumps massive corruption! The whataboutism is just grasping for straws

    1. You just know that when Trump gets told about “Little RICO” he’s going to think it’s a new neighborhood in Manhattan near Little Italy.

  8. Says a lot when a guy who’s lived his entire life in and around NYC is hated by it’s residents. Even THEY know how corrupt he is.

    1. @Road Runner
      No, Hunter made millions because of his connections. Same as Bush, who was essentially bought and paid for by the Saudis. It may not be ethical from most people’s standpoints, but it’s not illegal to get a high paying job because you have political connections. It always amazes me how Republicans will condemn Democrats for doing exactly what their own Republican politicians (and their families) do. It’s odd how it’s only bad when Democrats do it.

    2. @Road Runner Not until his guilt is proven and he is serving prison time. Hopefully in a NY state prison not a Club Fed federal prison.

    3. @Jim Kiley Well, if you couldn’t pull off the Russian collusion while in office after millions of dollars in lawyers fees and the entire media apparatus on your side, I doubt you’ll pull off federal prison now that he’s gone. But, keep working it.

    4. @Road Runner I’d really like to make a thoughtful reply to your comment but after reading it several times none of it seems to make much sense. Are you saying that because a sitting president survived impeachment its unlikely that the court system will get him now??
      That doesn’t track.
      As he is no longer a sitting president the court system CAN get at him and CAN convict him. He no longer has the office of president or a political group of elected Trumpanoners (formally Republicans) to cover this posterior and protect him from the consequences of his criminal behaviors.

    1. C Gee
      Ivanka married a man who ran his business the same way her father does his. She must have felt right at home.

  9. Why doesn’t federal office have vetting to be eligible for election? We could’ve avoided all this death and anarchy..

    1. @Blue Bishop
      For a long while I’ve wished that every presidential candidate had to pass the most in-depth security investigation the FBI has before their name was allowed on the ballot. Had that been required we’d never have been subjected to someone like Trump.

    2. @Pattherealist Democrats are actively seeking to ensure they do. They love that criminal vote. They identify with it and embrace it.

    3. @Road Runner Let’s put you in jail for a week. Can you vote afterwards? Should you? Have you paid your debt to society?

    1. I forgot about Scotland’s case. Oh well, it DEFINITELY couldn’t happen to a more deserving crook.

    2. We can not give upon the investigation into trump and his people just because the GOP is unwilling to find his many crimes. I hope everyone that has a case takes it up and fights for justice.

    3. The problem with that is the Scottish parliament is still faffing around over the requested “unexplained wealth” investigation into how trump managed to purchase his two golf properties for cash – businesses which are still haemorrhaging money.

    4. @Spencer Calvert
      If everyone who’s been cheated by Trump filed a lawsuit, it would probably take longer than Trump’s life expectancy to go through them all. That’s why he was able to stiff so many small companies…they didn’t have the wherewithal to go after him legally and he counted on that.

  10. “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.”
    – Proverbs 10:9

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