Trump Org. Witness: I'm Facing Threats Over My 'Beat' Interview | MSNBC 1

Trump Org. Witness: I’m Facing Threats Over My ‘Beat’ Interview | MSNBC


After speaking to MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber about the ongoing criminal probe into the Trump Organization, Jennifer Weisselberg – Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg's former daughter-in-law – says she is facing retaliation. Jennifer Weisselberg says the Trump Org CFO is behind a push to evict her from her apartment, claiming that it is retribution for speaking out. Melber is joined by former federal prosecutor Daniel Alonso, former SDNY prosecutor Nick Akerman, and The New York Times's Emily Bazelon to discuss how this could affect the ongoing probe and what this move signals about the Trump camp's mindset.

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    1. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

  1. I seriously worry about this lady’s safety. I would put absolutely NOTHING past Trump.
    I think she should be in protective custody.
    Trump himself admitted to cheating on his taxes. Remember? He said ” everybody should “!

    1. @Brian Scott despite editing his comment he left one mistake”its”instead of”it’s”.

    2. @fuff puff I’d love to know how you ended up on this thread it can’t be because of your algorithm!

    3. She needs to take a leaf out of Cohen’s book and stay in the public eye(on TV)i hope she had a chat with him!

    1. @New Usurname Who is “he” and why would “he” be rooting her? If you mean Alan Weisselberg, he is her ex-father-in-law. Jennifer Weisselberg is his son Barry’s ex-wife.

  2. Don sleeps with one eye open, he’ll try to blame everyone else.
    Think they’ll stay “loyal” and be willing to serve prison time for any wrongdoings for someone like that?
    Probably not.

    1. Ya, he thinks he’s the head of some mob and his “friends” will be happy to go to prison for him. Not! Just ask Michael Cohen (who wrote an excellent book btw).

    2. You mean trump sleeps with his diaper on ,hes so scared he soils himself ! He knows he’s in deep sssshhhhht !!!!

  3. Well that’s all good for her to come out, but I am worried about her safety, Lady I applaud you but please stay safe.

    1. Yes she needs to be under witness protection….her safety is very important because her father-in law sounds like a dictator….and a very nervous one to boot… like Trump he won’t dirty his own hands, but get someone else to do his dirty work….

    2. maybe she went on tv interview wAri, for protection…so everybody knows if anything happens to her who did it!

    3. @Angela Siegfried that’s one of the best things for someone to do in scenarios like this when working with officials investigating corruption of high up powerful players like the father in-law. Once the public is informed of the threats that the witness is receiving, the defendant would be idiotic to carry out any assaults or attacks as it would be too obvious that they were the ones responsible for it and therefore is too risky for them to do since the odds of them being caught and held accountable are too high.

      But in all fairness, the whistleblowers and informants who are cooperating and have agreed to work with investigators concerning possible corruption and crimes that Trump Org may have committed are lucky that this is such a high profile case with massive media coverage and public attention. Because if anything happens to them, all eyes are watching and everyone will know who to point at first as the public has been following this whole investigative process from the start and are very well aware of the defendants’ character, thought process, social behavior, economics, demeanor, mindset, values beliefs moral ethics and past behaviors.

      And we all know this wouldn’t be the first time Trump attempted to threaten people to prevent them from coming fourth and exposing shady corrupt acts he did. So there’s a high chance that Trump will repeat history once again and intimidate and threaten those with a lot of valuable insight and knowledge of all the criminal acts Trump and his organization have done and have agreed to work with investigators by providing them with information about what they know and have seen first hand. And We know there’s a high likelihood of him attempting to threaten the witnesses because of who he is and we know for certain that he has numerous times before in multiple different situations, which is something that most criminal investigations don’t have, but in this one we do thanks to his decision to become a public figure. So I really hope the investigators use this rare circumstance of having a large wealth of knowledge on how Trump operates and conducts himself to guard, protect and prevent the witnesses from possibly be victimized and seriously harmed by Trump’s and his associates tactics and tendencies.

    4. @Laura Ann I commented what you did, but in a more concise way – “If anything happens to her, it would VERY obvious who it was”

    5. I’m with you. Of course, if anything does happen to her it won’t be hard to figure out who is responsible. She’s very brave to take them on.

    1. @Angela Siegfried Didn’t Trump send a guy to hit her legs with a bat? She was ok, she ended up doing a fantastic ice skating performance and she got a silver medal.

    2. And there are so many women in the process of bringing him down and lowering the boom on him.

    3. @Lynnchotoo Cho Yeah, Look at all those Epstein pervs. Clinton, Roberts, NBC, CNN, CBS, executives= Who knows how many nuts visited his perv. Island?? Trump didn’t want anything to do with those folks…To much dogma causes brain rot…you should be careful what news station you watch

    4. @David Mackey lol, you must be kidding. pictures of trump and epstein are all over the internet.

  4. So if witness intimidation/tampering is a biggy then why isn’t trump in trouble for that(including tweeting threats while that person is testifying to Congress), and all the other ones, besides threats to the safety of and inciting violence against his opponents/perceived enemies?

    1. He’s had a bubble of unscrupulous enablers around him through out his adult life including the DOJ Billy Club bar, during his administration. First amendment rights have always been stretched to the limits with that condon tump….

    2. They did a ton of stuff of this kind and, thus far, nothing seem to be done about it. Remember Conway and Graham and the Hatch Act — not a peep about that. And Mitch, of course, did a ton of unconstitutional tings — nothing done about that. And his wife was starting to get investigated and somehow that was called off. One wonders what’s going on in our gov.

    3. It ain’t over yet , the wheels of justice are begining to roll. We don’t know everything the investigators have uncovered yet.

    4. It’s like so many things that Trump did while in office were overlooked, including the threatening tweets during someone’s testimony, because he literally did something six out of 7 days a week that was questionable.

  5. Typical bully picking on a women when things go wroung, I hope she sings like a trooper, take these cowards down.

    1. She’s been singing for a while now, as well as giving them a ton of paperwork I really feel for her – she’s a brave woman to do what she’s doing. She also appears to have lost custody of her children, so one can only imagine what she’s going through at the moment. Now to lose her home?

  6. Does Weisselberg realze he is wallowing deeper and deeper in guilt trying to defend the most dishonest fellow in the land?

    1. he is just as guilty and a lawyer who can’t claim ignorance of the law so yeah, he’s gonna both dig his heals AND provide evidence on Trump to lessen his sentence/ fines

    2. @Sheila Boston my mistake, I thought he was also a JD. But he’s not even a CPA. He is most likely a fiduciary in his role as accountant and CFO though. Looking up his credentials I see he went to college with my mom. They also were accountants and executives in real estate firms. My mother however avoided Trump like the plague.

  7. When you make a deal with the devil don’t be shocked when you get screwed over.

    1. Like they used to say, if you let the devil in the car with you it won’t be long til he’ll be driving.

    1. He’s already been caught doing that. Remember when the Ambassador to Ukraine was testifying on the stand and while she was doing that, drump was trolling her on Twitter in real time. While she was on the stand!

      His complete disrespect for the law makes me wish I was one of the judges the orange goof and his sycophants have to appear in front of.

  8. It shows the “Weasel” will go to prison for his Fuhrer. Just insane on Sooo many levels of history.

    1. @Jennifer McGoldrick I didn’t know that weiselberg wasn’t attorney. Besides if the da offers weisenberg a chance to testify in front of the grand jury that automatically grants him immunity from any crime he talks about. The fact that he is trying to scare his ex-daughter-in-law into being quiet tells us that he likely hasn’t flipped on Trump yet. Keyword being yet

  9. I really hope the DA has a protection detail monitoring her. The trump org operates like the mob.

    1. They operate like low class predatory sub human citizens. Impossible to make out human traits in them.

    2. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Manhattan District didn’t have protection for her. It’s just a nagging feeling I have.
      I hope I’m wrong about that though.

  10. Trump on Madoff family, 2011: “For these people to sit there and claim they had no idea what was happening with their father, who was right next to them in offices and everything else, don’t believe it, folks! It’s a scam!”

    1. What do you expect from a life long Democrat untill he decided to run for president All of a sudden he’s a staunch Republican who wants to, “oWn ThE lIBs

    1. Isn’t he already in NJ for the summer? He was at the tump tower a few days ago… Are we funding private jet transport to him and his spawn? They’ve already racked up a bunch of flight time with his extension for the brood… pos condon tump.

    2. @Joni M.L. I don’t think so but the Secret Service is paying $400 a night to stay at his hotel.

    3. He always makes sure he’s at a safe distance before he starts his garbage. He foments and instigates, dishes it out but can never take it.
      He is the definition of WEAK. And repulsive.

    1. Weisselberg’s going nowhere. He’ll squeal. I know a squealer when I see one. Donald on the other hand is going to prison.

  11. Now we get an understanding of how he creates fear. This is basic blackmail, This is simple punishment for opening your mouth. SPITE

    1. Ask the badass career military man and LIEUTENANT COLONEL Vindman and see what he thinks about retaliation for telling the truth. America isn’t a democracy, it’s a f’ing corporation

    2. Blaming the Wittness and Victims like these strong arming manipulations have merit is anti Democracy and lends false credence by interjecting that there is a specific reason.

    3. Not a simple threat if it is real … a profound threat. They are offering her a possible future of being homeless.

  12. I don’t understand how people can make threats and not be arrested. Should be easy to trace them.

    1. Should be right? Its also very easy to tell people youre being threated, that in the other hand, is hard to prove a lie isnt it?

    2. @Vampire Count well they usually come by some e form. E mail. Text. Should be easy to find. These people are dangerous.

    3. @Cptlsthipi Well, if its easy to find, where is it? Im sure it will be shown in due time though. Lets hope thats not just another lie backed by the mainstream midia.

    4. @Vampire Count well I don’t have it but why would I, snowflake? But it’s not hard to believe given the trump cult’s violent history. And just because the news doesn’t confirm your twisted biases it doesn’t mean they are corrupt. Grow up.

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