Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg Surrenders | MSNBC 1

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg Surrenders | MSNBC


Allen Weisselberg, Donald Trump's chief financial officer, Allen H. Weisselberg, surrendered on Thursday to the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

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Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg Surrenders | MSNBC


    1. @M Ware law and order you mean the law that only solves 2% of its crimes what a joke

    2. @John Smith No this person can put numbers and words together, It can’t be William H, William H 2021, or William H music , or the other dozen…All he knows is LBGQT….

    3. @may wilson Timmy Truth is another one of his account. I am not sure what to think, but it gets old real fast. I find them very annoying. Makes me want to vote Democrat even more.

  1. Let’s keep pulling those threads and seeing what starts to unravel — i.e. follow the money!

    1. @evan doe They tried 3 Times. But couldn’t get it done. Because the didn’t find anything. On him.

    2. @Mondfischli From what I understand, Mueller, “32 million Investigation. Was bace on a he said she said Doses, Found Nada.

    3. @Shiloh Saves Manaforts restitution almost paid for that and if Rosenstein hadn’t stopped Mueller from going after the money, Trump wouldn’t have survived even the first impeachment – my opinion.

    1. @David Goldman whomever breaks the law should be found responsible. It’s money that can be used for the People.

    2. @David Goldman Because Tre45on took the Republican Party hostage and they’re complicit in his crimes. He did say he switched from being Democrat to Republican because Republicans are sTuPiD. His words not mine.

    3. @David Goldman How about you just take care of that yourself, tough guy! Or is it too much fun for you to be racist and misogynistic at the same time? Let me guess, your headboard has the Confederate flag hanging over it!

  2. Paraphrasing Donald ‘I think ‘he is going to go through some things’. Tick, tick, tick Donald.

    1. @It Was A Good Idea At The Time too bad they won’t come for John podedta, why is that exactly?

    1. @Paul Burley Well, the years of America under the trump administration were UN exceptional in every way. More like unacceptable & almost unsurvivable. It was actually disappointing & embarrassing to find out that there are enough ignorant, racist & selfish people in your country to get a person like trump elected to PRESIDENT in the FIRST place and NOW, despite trump having LOST the popular vote for the SECOND time & despite 81 million of us rational Americans telling trump “YOU ARE FIRED”, the clueless fools want him to be president AGAIN by saying our votes don’t count & the election wasn’t accurate despite multiple counts & audits & NO PROOF of voter fraud despite over 7 MONTHS of looking! Then trump encourages his delusional cult followers to attack their own Capitol & our fellow Republicans don’t want to do ANYTHING about it so it will probably happen again. Imagine JT doing ANYTHING trump did & what would happen in Canada! You must be relieved though; it must have been like living over a meth lab run by heavily armed mentally unstable toddlers. Anyway, had to vent, sorry. The only thing keeping us sane down here was the idea that we only had to survive 4 years of him & the idea that we could run to Canada if….

    2. Al Capone went to jail for tax fraud. Add time for Trump for his other crimes. Trump did genocide in ME and here by denying COVID is a flu and would be gone by April. Part of his Big Lie to destroy Americans.

    3. @Michael Reid He never got paid Like Most President. For his Job. and brought back jobs. Lowed taxes, Food – Gas Prices was down. NO Open Borders, People had money in their Bank Accounts. What has Biden Did?

    4. @Shiloh Saves well for starters Biden inherited a Pandemic and got it under control. This something Twizzlefuck laughed off and said it was like a cold. Yea a cold that almost killed him.

      Then Biden has gotten Funds to people who need it, as well as get the Louise economy he inherited back running on all cylinders.

      Even the stock market rose when Biden got elected as well as took office. So yea, what has “sleepy Joe” done?

    5. @Shiloh Saves you admire him for the smoke and mirrors of donating his salary, while he stole millions.

      Fact: he illegally funneled business to his hotels. He even was so low as to charge the Secret Service for Golf Cart Rentals and drinking water!

  3. Does anyone else remember all those fake stories pushed by Trump’s followers that Clinton was going to be arrested “soon” for “crimes”? The delicious irony.

    1. @Bruce Wagner Trump deserves jail. That’s why people want to see him in jail. OT orhis business corruption but for his corruption while in office. But he is the kind of pond scum that’s happy to throw others under the bus to save his own skin. It’s unheard of that a President as so many of his staff and colleagues jailed or indicated. But here we are.

    2. Clinton is linked with epstein…big time..his crimes will be about kids…it is coming…associations can be a bad thing…gillian maxwell has the dirt and i wish the media would ask where is her trial and start naming namres…but they wont because they already know whos going down..

    1. @TruthSeeker08 yeah; there was supposed to be some “event” that was to occur that would show trump as the TRUE winner… that was 3 months ago that was supposed to happen, before that it was December, before that it was august…..

    2. @maria schultz yep, the party who didn’t try to start a coup is the one we should worry about…. Here’s your sign…

    3. @evan doe yet you have come up with several defenses for the crimes the last one committed? You see the issue?

  4. I have a feeling, Allen weisselberg is the last person ever, that trump calls, “a coffee boy”!

    1. Donald about Donald in the end: I don’t know him at all. He just showed up in my mirror every day …

  5. When will any of these people learn? When you keep company with TRASH, eventually you will end up in a landfill.

    1. Grandpa always said if you mess around with a turd, you are bound to get some of it on you. Trump and his team are exactly the kind of turds Grandpa was talking about.

    1. Right. “Allen Weisselberg? Allen WHO? I never met the guy” Allen is about to learn the hard way, he chose this path though so screw him!

    2. @Bianca Culpo Weisselberg seems like a smart guy. I wonder how many secret folders and encrypted backup drives he brings with him?

    3. Allen is the ‘real boss’ – is on the way.
      “It was him all along”.
      “I was duped by that criminal ! I’m the victim here.”
      Classic Trump.

  6. Well done!! Trumpf will be wishing he had never assumed the Presidency, he’ll be thinking it was the worst mistake ever!!
    He deserves it! As does his kin!!

    1. He was looking for publicity and never thought he would win. His stunt backfired on the whole world. He’s after money & power, and they are both after him. Gangsters should stay out of the limelight – big mistake to go public.
      Whatcha gonna do when they come for you ?
      Pigs get fat – Hogs get slaughtered.

    2. @Rod You start with the most obvious and stupid mistakes and then you work your way up the ladder. I’m betting Weisselberg ain’t laughin’. As leader of “The Weasels” said in Roger Rabbit, “You could die laughin’. “

  7. Just as a reminder, Trump hires the best people…Weisselberg, Manafort, Giuliani, Flynn.

    1. @evan doe
      I gave you a chance and you wasted it. I have no reason nor desire to continue to try to find out whatever it is you can’t seem to communicate to me or anyone else on this thread. If you don’t like being called a troll, perhaps you should stop acting like one. Have a nice day.

    2. @dozzer009 I gave you a chance to redeem yourself from doing nothing but attempting to insult people. Did you have an actual point in commenting here or were you just here to harass?

    3. @Thomas Bonse HMM: Sounds like China, Rat on you neighbors if they don’t think like the Regime, And you don’t like the Truth. .

    4. Just as a reminder…

      Breaking news. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are bringing down Cyrus Vance Jr., yet another irrelevant lying babbling satanically inspired deep state operative, TO ZERO for this false attack.

      Can you say Michael Avennati everyone?

      You liars never learn.

    1. @Fred Azbell keep telling myself what? If you want to converse, you’ll need to provide complete sentences….. Especially if you just chimed into the conversation.

    2. @evan doe i was confused if you were serious. Now i know you are just another of those conservatives, who impede progress and yet live luxuriously on the hard work of people who made the world a better place. If it were for people like you, we’d still have slaves, lynch people for their sexual orientation and teach kids that the earth is flat

    3. @evan doe

      What does that even mean?

      Conservatives are what they do.

      Conservatives don’t hide their crimes from anyone.

      I know who conservatives are because I see them all over the place.

      Conservatism is a cult of lies and hate.

    1. @Theresa Kalsch You are correct with respect to this case. As a state case even if Trump were President he couldn’t issue a pardon.
      President can issue pardons for Federal crimes.
      Governors can issue pardons for state crimes.
      That’s why Giuliani’s son wanting to become NY governor all the sudden was almost funny.

  8. This lackey is going to believe promises from a man he’s seen break every agreement he ever made

  9. “Weisselberg who? I don’t lnow the guy. I hear he’s a nice guy but never met him.” Donald Trump

    1. “Many people say, he’s the ‘real’ boss behind the scenes though. Why don’t you go after him instead of me. I’m just the front man. What would I know ? This is disgraceful !” or something to that effect.
      Devious Don – King of the Con – Rambles on&on.

    1. just give enough time and sucker Weisselberg is going to be discarded with the quote I never heard about him.

    1. And don’t forget those in his admistration like Ryan Zinke, and Scott Pruitt who resigned because of Ethics Violations. And the head of Fema. I think there were a couple more. Trump admistration had more resignations over Ethics Violations then the combined admistrations of George W. Bush and Obama.

    2. Ask the brave tribunal witness and please start paying attention as if your life depended on it, literally

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