1. It is funny reading all the comments. Either you love him or hate him. Is there anyone indifferent about Trump ? 🤣

    1. @Nico Crestmere
      They don’t get that other wealthy people don’t do this kind of obvious tax fraud; they’re smarter than Trump and play by the rules in place. Trump didn’t. He went outside the rules and thought his wealth and ability to throw lawyers at it would insulate him. Because Trump is an idiot and does illegal stuff other wealthy people are smart enough to avoid, his followers think he’s being persecuted and singled out because they assume everyone else does it too. They just fundamentally don’t understand how anything works.

    2. @Jj Dillon
      ​The reason Trump was convicted is because Trump was stupid enough to engage in obvious tax fraud that pretty much all other wealthy people are smart enough to avoid. You’re assuming other wealthy people do the same; which is not the case. Biden has released his taxes. So have the Obamas. The fact that you think taxes are the problem (they’re not), just shows how little you know.

      Trump got busted because he was dumb enough to pull these scams. Most wealthy people and politicians know how to gain wealth without doing such patently dumb tax avoidance schemes; Trump just thought his wealth would insulate him and he could throw lawyers at it.

      Most of the people in Congress use insider trading (which is ONLY legal for congresspeople) to get wealthy. Wealthy people outside government have all kinds of ways they can legally game the system without having to engage in such obvious tax fraud. So they don’t need to engage in the kind of tax fraud that Trump engaged in.

      That’s why these whataboutisms from Trump supporters are so silly; they fundamentally don’t understand how things work and just throw out these attempts to deflect, not realizing that it’s idiotic.

    3. @American Paisa Returns of the top congressional people who have recieved the most from insider trading Pelosi is 4th. The top 3 are all Republicans. So if you’re angry about insider trading you should go after those Republicans first. But you don’t care about them do you. Your outrage is ONLY directed at dems. Your morals only exist when it effects democrats

    1. Give me an F
      Give me an R
      Give me an A
      Give me an U
      Give me an D
      There ya go. Enthusiastic enough for you?

  2. The only reason the tax code is so complicated is so that ALL the rich can slide through loop holes. Think about it. Flat tax. Period. How simple is that?

    1. @Crimson Kings we have to pay taxes. Even though the common people benefit from them in the smallest amounts they still help our school systems out.

    2. Simple is fine when everyone is simply receiving a liveable, good living. But for those living below, at, or close to the poverty line, there needs to be some compassion, and lower rates for them.

  3. Imagine how many convictions we could get if we did a full audit of the Federal Reserve, and the FTX/Democrat money laundering scheme, and an audit on every politicians stock trades.

    Weird how politicians making <200k/year end up being worth 10s or 100s of millions in less than a few years.

    1. Are you forgetting that the Republicans are FAAAAARRRRR worse? There’s a reason they supported Citizens United and have fought against campaign finance reform and lobbying reform for decades; things the Democrats have actually supported.

      But the indictment and conviction record speaks for itself. In the past decades going back to Nixon, Republican administration officials:
      317 indictments and 38 prosecutions that resulted in prison time (215 indictments in Trump’s administration alone).
      Democratic administration officials:
      3 indictments and 1 (ONE!) prosecution that resulted in prison time.

      Either the Democrats are incredibly skilled at hiding their crimes and the Republicans are complete morons at being criminals and get caught all the time; or the Republicans are straight up criminals and they get busted because they’re the ones doing the criminal acts. Considering that the Democrats are never able to get their agenda fulfilled (unless it’s something the Republicans want) and the Republicans have gotten their entire agenda fulfilled for decades and the Democrats constantly roll (bend) over for the Republicans or let the Republicans block everything they try to do, I have a REALLY hard time seeing the Democrats as some kind of criminal geniuses. The Republicans get busted so much because they’re the criminals.

      Unfortunately the Republican base is so naive and so completely uneducated about what’s going on, they always overlook the crimes committed by Republican politicians and always think the Democrats are somehow worse despite the obvious record. They completely overlooked the Iran-Contra Scandal, the fact that the Reagan Campaign made a deal with Iran to keep the hostages to make Carter look bad and get Reagan elected, the fact that Reagan paid ransoms to Hezbollah through Iran to get Terry Freeman and several others released, which Hezbollah used the ransom funds to bomb the US Marines stationed in Beirut. And that’s just starting with Reagan. The Republican base has been convinced by the politicians that Democrats are somehow corrupt for doing exactly what Republican politicians do on a far larger scale; but they continually ignore and overlook everything the Republicans do.

    2. True, but Trump did do the crime still so he should get the punishment. The Democrats make promises that they never act apon while embezzling funds, that is true. But Trump hoarded classified documents as an attempt to not get incarcerated. Sounds like a heaping pile of rules for thee but not for me.

  4. You censor the opposition and use the law as a weapon. One day you will suffer for these abuses and you will deserve worse.

  5. A billionaire becomes a politician. But when a politician becomes a billionaire that’s not a problem.

    1. @Finster
      You do realize that the Republicans are worse, right? You do realize that the Republicans have opposed campaign finance reform and lobbying reform for years and they supported Citizens United, right? The establishment Democrats like Pelosi are only going along with the rules that Republicans have created. Both Republicans AND establishment Democrats are in on the gig. That’s why people should support progressive politicians, who are the only people in Congress who support reform.

    2. Yes, a billionaire gave up his customers life to be ridiculed all day and lose half of his business. That only tells me one thing. Trump loves this country and wants things to change for the better. He has certainly showed all of us just how messed up the system is. Trump is just common sense. As soon as they started talking impeachment and republicans talked smack about him, you knew he was part of the club or the plan, so they tried everything to get him out. Many people are completely blind to this. Oh well, why’ll figure it out eventually. They’ll just pretend the didn’t ever hate trump.

    3. @keir farnum – You’re against the Citizens United decision? So you’re one of those people who thinks first amendment rights are lost when corporations or groups have had enough exposure and time to speak? That’s not how free speech works. Our country should be intelligent enough to evaluate ideas from corporations and groups, and then reject them if necessary. And that’s regardless of the financing that’s put behind them. If Democrats have chosen to dumb people down over the decades and make them incapable of discernment, that isn’t a good reason to take away free speech rights from corporations and other groups. It is also now much easier with social media for people with less financing to be heard right alongside those corporations who spend money on campaigns. At least, that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work. But Democrat operatives have been very busy lately trying to silence people with all their cronies who run most of the media as well as the largest social media networks (until recently, anyway). The fact that you think Republicans are worse is laughable.

    4. @The Great Outdoors You should, maybe not in history but that’s not what’s important.

      He’s multiple times richer then literally every current congressman combined

    1. @Metal Speed demon most of trumps legal allegations stem from his time when he openly was a democrat and clearly supported the Clintons. If you could read a little you’d take this as a victory for the republicans lmao

  6. So the “company” goes to federal prison? Lmao. Yeah what a win for your side. Smh. Let’s see them try to take a “company” and throw it in jail. Lmao lmao.

  7. Every politician needs to be investigated for lobbying and insider trading, as well as the big guy and his involvement in Ukraine.

    1. @Prince Questly me too! That’s one of multiple crimes he’s committed, Violation of the Espionage Act? Acts of Insurrection? Tax Fraud? and Manslaughter?(my personal charge)

      They have a laptop? WTF is on it?

      Nobody knows!

    2. @Peter Burbank you stuck you head in the sand when all the vids of human trafficing and other crimes were easy to pull up online , now you wanna know , look it up and not fake checkers , you even missed him fn his sister on video , of course how you guys ignored bidens daughtres diary cry for help from her dads forced showers for your agenda , it doesnt suprise me

    3. @john boone you didn’t say anything! You didn’t identify any crime to associate with anybody, and then you told me to look up an answer for you?

  8. 0:18-0:29 Not surprising considering he was one of the only two presidents to not make his taxes public.

  9. I’m not sure when the people in America, and from around the world, will come to terms that there is JUST US💰and then there is Justice⚖️..two separate standards of a system set up long ago😉👍🏼

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