Trump Pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone | The ReidOut | MSNBC

In a new flurry of pardons before his presidency comes to a close, President Trump has pardoned Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Charles Kushner. Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Trump Pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. Only question is will they allow Trump to get away with this complete obstruction of justice. You dangle a carrot in front of someone to do what you say and ultimately pardon them… CRIMINAL!

    1. @Joe Bloe um…. Youre not even AMERICAN.. youre a euro squatter.. you dont even BELONG in this country.. WE need to ship YOU back to your shanty hut in IRELAND boyo~ ASAP~

    2. Trump is getting away with it, just tak a close look who’s he’s pardoned and their connections. Connect the dots
      Another person to watch is Judge Barrett, she may seem have no interest in Trump’s dealing but dig deeper the who’s is the legal force protecting Trump’s insane criminal activities and keeping him legally within his rights. THEN ONE SHOULD ASKED WHY ISN’T THE 25th AMENDMENT

    3. Good for @POTUS! Now put the corrupt FBI leadership in their former place! Well, not now @POTUS, sometime during your second term. Dig everything up on them first.

    1. @Joe Bloe We need to ship all of the Trump Confederates back to Russia, or a black site off at an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean.

    2. Shame on the Dem media for making my Dem friends look so stupid…they bought the Russia collusion lie like 🦃🦃🦃

    3. @Education is key Shame on you, using a tag like education is key without actually ever reading any source material to verify your claims. Too bad it was the Republican Senate that determined in 2018, Russia did in fact interfere in the 2016 election for oligarch Trump.

  2. Pardon laws amongst others will be changed. I guarantee it. This is DISGRACEFUL. The law will catch up to all of them. They got O.J.

    1. You don’t know much. It’s joe biden who is the “big guy” or mob boss of his crooked family. I know he’s been taking illegal payments from the CCP and is still getting them. Traitors can’t be president. Just wait.

    2. @azac d by America you mean Trump Inc. You surely don’t mean America and actual Americans, he couldn’t care less. He would rather protect Putin and other autocrats.

    1. @Joe Bloe 🤔….. I’ll just chalk your statement up as PROOF of WHAT Trump supporters ARE…. DIE-HARD RACIST !!

    2. TRUMP is more danger than Hitler millions times …
      United States became a dictator country in the very first day TRUMP took office.

    3. Shame on the Dem media for making my Dem friends look so stupid…they bought the Russia collusion lie like 🦃🦃🦃

  3. If there’s a future investigation regarding whatever crimes they did, they must testify. Fingers crossed involves trump’s crimes 😏😁 #prisontime for diaper don

    1. @G S I agree Hillary should be investigated. But the trump administration is just plain crooked. There whole family screams SCAM. There evil people. And if you don’t see that then your a lost cause

    1. @Liz Vaili The fact you mention lie shows you have NO idea how propaganda works. Lying is very ineffective and risky. Most propaganda in the USA does not involve actual lying, she is one reason why it’s so effective. People like you have a distorted view of how it works, so I can do big propaganda and have you fall for it. Then when you are questioned, you will rightfully point out that what I said was 100% accurate.

      The key element in propaganda is MANIPULATION, not lying. Lying is mostly a tool of amateurs.

      What they do is something I talk about a lot on my channel. “Lying with the truth.”

      I’d recommend you learn more about how propaganda works so you can better recognize when you are being manipulated.

    2. Shame on the Dem media for making my Dem friends look so stupid…they bought the Russia collusion lie like 🦃🦃🦃

    3. @Liz Vaili Shame on the Dem media for making my Dem friends look so stupid…they bought the Russia collusion lie like 🦃🦃🦃

  4. Pardon all those he wants. He is just admitting that he knows that they are guilty of crimes. Accepting these pardons is admitting their guilt. Criminals, one and all. Dregs of society.

    1. @mokeish That’s pretty obvious. The problem is, all his hardcore supporters & allies have turned a blind eye & deaf ear. They believe everything he says & does.

    2. Trying to? Step outside your American bubble and see America from an international lens. Bread lines. Mass evictions. No healthcare. 13% approval congress that does nothing. 3000 dead a day. Do you need to see flames before you acknowledge our destruction?

      Funny thing in America our elite class hide the reality of America. Basically we are a 1st world and 3rd world country at the same time. People see the stock market and big fancy skyscrapers and Billionaires and millionaires everywhere and Amazon and Apple and Tesla and it all looks so shiny and rich. So blinded are we, that we don’t notice the millions struggling just to get back. The homeless. Functional countries don’t have massive bread lines…

    1. I would love for a Trump cultists to explain to me what swamp did Trump drain? That was his promise to them in 2016.

    2. John Zeigler The only swamp trump ever drained was in his diaper 74 years old and still not toilet trained He’s a joke to the world

    1. @It’s Yaboi Sorry neither, my hope it goes to people who need it! I don’t but have given that to people who need it! If you can, do it your selves! Americans help Americans!

  5. History will show trumps entire admin were complicit in the deaths, suffering, grifting, corruption of millions of American lives!!

    1. Shame on the Dem media for making my Dem friends look so stupid…they bought the Russia collusion lie like 🦃🦃🦃

    1. No just the lack of tools to combat this corruption within the constitution. Im literally shaking in my boots that congress have not exposed the Helsinki meeting with putin… now they have access to huge network within the our gov.. imagine all the precious evidence he’s erasing right in the Whitehouse servers. Smh… yeah putting 50 year mission of taking down nato has been reduced to possibly 10

    2. No it shouldn’t…it has been going on for years! I wish people would just try to do some research before talking. So, lets look at the facts, pardons handed out by: Clinton 396 (Clinton pardoned billionare fugitive Marc Rich after his ex-wife, Denise Rich, lavishly donated to Democrats…lol…also on his last day in office, Clinton pardoned his half-brother Roger Clinton, who was convicted in 1985 of cocaine trafficking), Nixon 863 (BTW – Ford pardoned former President Nixon in 1974 after he resigned during the Watergate scandal), Kennedy 472, Truman 1,913. Oh yeah Obama pardoned 212 people including the 35-year prison sentence of WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning, who was arrested in 2010 for sending to the secrets-spilling site thousands of documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pardons handed out by Trump including the ones today: UNDER 50. Just the facts folks, just the facts!

  6. do not think about the intent. he is releasing all the criminals in his gang of treacherous thieves. what a way to start a revolt against american democracy. ”stop him before it is to late” republicians grow a spine.

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