Trump Pardons Steve Bannon According To NYT Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Pardons Steve Bannon According To NYT Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With just hours left in his presidency, Trump issued a pardon to his longtime ally Steve Bannon. New York Times Chief White House Correspondent Peter Baker joins to discuss. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Trump Pardons Steve Bannon According To NYT Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Patrica omas exactly, he just got a literal get-out-of-jail card. What accountability has he had to pay for his action to keep him away?

    2. @SuperSpyKindaGuy Sanders : He’ll just go back to doing deals ( and crack by the look of him ) on some Chinese, or Saudi billionaire’s yacht. As always, follow the money.

    3. @Sean Bidenwon-Trumplost I fear not 70000000+ voted for this person and most of them think the election was stolen all you need is Trump mark 2 and your off and running

    1. @RAIDERxNATIONx818 So fake Trump Supporters, will be there to trap you. I wouldn’t worry about them, I would be worrying about being arrested by the FBI.

    2. Dude it’s a figure of speech for firing someone whats next going after someone for saying “heads will roll”

    3. @RAIDERxNATIONx818 No one believe conspiracy theorists. Just stupid people without the basic education level. So please, go back in the void you belong. Bye.

  1. Ummmm….issuing a pardon to someone who has not yet been convicted? Kind of says….”I know you’re a crook, you know you’re a crook…let me help the rest of the world see that you’re a crook”

    1. @Laura Morrow the evangelical Christian’s who donated already suspected it. They didn’t care. Seriously! Some said having Trump fight for their religious rights, like ending the law which makes the homophobic christian bake a cake for a homosexual wedding was worth it – and more. They also said getting 3 conservative judges on the supreme court was a big win too. They were a little disappointed about roe vs wade not being overturned but he’ll do that in 2024.

    2. I am hoping the innocent teenager, who had to shoot in self defense when attacked at a riot , is pardoned by Trump.

    3. @Mary O’Hare the young man from Illinois who came to Wisconsin (his mother drove him) to protect businesses from looters? He shot 3 people and killed 2 of them because one guy threw his skateboard at him so he would stop shooting, that guy??
      Yeah ok. You’re one of those evangelical Christians right?

    4. Tyrump ??
      A Global “tri-bunal” was being considered for tyrump.
      (International Ctiminal Court !)

      — Then the us people, voted him out.
      — Then he IS REFUSING to leave office !

    1. @Curtis Sherwood lol sure.. and Elvis is alive… and TRex walked together with cave men… Lord: all of you guys hillbillies are so so brainless that it is actually amusing…

  2. Wow. The former federal prosecutor already said those that will except pardons means they admit it they’re guilty and stil be tried for their crimes. He stated it will backfire. There was a case in the 19 something. He has documents to prove it. No one is above the law.

    1. @Tracie Lansing No, the pardons don’t apply to state charges and the state of new York can still file charges on several matters.

    2. @Big Boomer I doubt anyone will care, he could be made to pay the money back by taking the pardon is he admits he was guilty, some of these clowns will pay a toll

    1. @richard day it’s why the Supreme Court had to hear a case to decide if someone can REFUSE a Presidential pardon – you can’t pardon someone who has not committed a crime, because a pardon is the mechanism for setting aside the PUNISHMENT for a crime – which means accepting it is an admission of guilt.

    2. @Michael Johnson
      Nonsense. There’s examples of innocent wrongly convicted. Pardon do not equate one’s guilt.

  3. Is it just me, but is Bannon hiding his true heritage
    God I hope not..
    Once again, a lying monster getting away with crimes

  4. Or… trump is trying to avoid another Michael-Cohen-turning-and-giving-evidence-against-him-type situation (duh)

  5. Bannon has close relationship with a Chinese fugitive Wengui Guo who, as a forgien criminal, together with Bannon, claimed to have been involved in the insurrection. Steve Bannon needs money bad. He is a shame to America.

  6. “He sees someone like himself” – so….someone who lied to the American people and stole from Trump supporters to never build a fictional wall. Got it. Thanks.

    1. Your comment is one-dimensional. Of course that Trump sees Bannon as someone like himself. Bannon was under investigation by the non-Trumpian part of the government – and Trump, himself, was impeached, too (and still faces a number of criminal investigations, rightfully). So, that’s one point: in their own eye (and in the eye of their supporters), Trump & Bannon are both “victims” of “deep (liberal) state”. (Except, Bannon, I believe, is far less delusional about this than Trump.) The other commonality between the two: right-winger ideology. Both men are nativists & nationalists; Bannon – ideologist, Trump – adherent. Regarding the lying part: there hasn’t been a more distrustful and insincere (“fake”) American president other than Trump, ever. Every instance of flimsy altruism & expression of humanity, each (of few) supposed call for national unity in Trump’s speeches, prepared remarks and “damage control” post-tweet public statements were 100% pure demagogy, i.e. lie; this debate could be won even in elementary school. (And, somehow, you opt for sarcasm, even cynicism, here…) It’s either precisely that, the demagogy, or the man suffers from severe “political bipolar disorder” and “ideological multiple personality disorder”; key words: “disorder”, “multiple”. Finally, as for the “someone who lied to the American people and stole from Trump supporters to never build a fictional wall”: Dude, are you asking for empathy for nativists who were skimmed by other nativist, while the state subsequently filed charges in court (regarding the same activity), and Trump finally pardoned his “good man, old buddy” Bannon!? A strange thing to ask in such circumstances…

      The third common “quality” between the two men emerges in comparative analysis: opportunism, apparently, with Bannon being a sleazy thief (and, also, a neo-fascist, the one “specimen” not even European brethren would accept); and Trump being the master of the “slandering deceit” and the art of “grand theft”. So, let me end this – in my version of sarcasm: “no, really; it’s preposterous to bring the two old acquaintances in (alt-right) high crimes & misdemeanors – in relation to one another…” §

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