Trump Pestered Acting A.G. With Near Daily Calls About Stolen Election Theories: WaPo 1

Trump Pestered Acting A.G. With Near Daily Calls About Stolen Election Theories: WaPo


Devlin Barrett, national security reporter for the Washington Post, talks about new reporting that Donald Trump called acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen almost daily after his 2020 election loss to pressure him about stolen election theories, and the likelihood that notes taken of some of the calls will be turned over to Congress. 
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  1. I expect nothing less from a crook who defrauded thousands of students with his scam university.

    1. Incredible how he got away with that too.
      Money seems to be what’s primarily important in the USA.

    2. @Fat Freddy’s Cat or let’s not forget during that same time when he built Trump casino down in Atlantic City and not paying some of the construction companies that did the work

    3. @Natasha Jean Or all the counties and cities for which he paid nothing to have his rallies in! Hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, police presence and so forth, all over the states!!! And they still took him in (as the snake he is – the story which I think he liked because it reminded him of himself),..

    4. And his fraudulent claim of donating to the Vets…never did it at all until he was shamed. Milked the false goodwill for months before being exposed.

    1. They just claim he was exercising his freedom of speech or that he was pursuing what he believed was best for the nation and that there actually was fraud and by seeking to overturn the election he was doing what he saw as best for the nation. It’s all bullsgit. They will never actually charge that pos for what he did. The laws are only used against “We the people”. A total sham of justice.

  2. If this is not pressuring the DOJ to help Trump interfere in elections what is? Why has Trump not been prosecuted for elections interference?

    1. @John Andrews they want more than enough evidence so he can’t wiggle out of anything by claiming it was not him that told people to break into the capitol and threaten pense and pelosi with being lynched.

    2. @Unconventional Warfare because the interference he wanted investigated had already been proven over and over to have never happened.

    3. @Some Guy TRump did that after the initial ballot count but before the final audit and certification by the state of Ga.

    4. @Unconventional Warfare there was evidence, it was presented and found inadmissible as there was no basis in FACT.

    5. @Unconventional Warfare If there was so much evidence, why did Giuliani back away from calling it fraud once he was in court?

    1. The founding father’s never conceived or imagine that the American Populace would ‘dumb-down’ through the years and accept such an obviously narcissistic charlatan, but they have a predisposition for gullibility, and believing in immediate gratification.

  3. Id pay a hundred dollars to here recordings of those conversations from Trump, “Hi Ron, wat you doing? Good good. Hey Ron, I need 30,000 votes from six states, you’d be like Lincoln and batman rolled into one if you succeed. Come on Ron, its only between you and me and the dinner crowd at Mar Lago. Come on Ron! RON? You still there??”

    1. Really, if you haven’t read the Axios series Off the Rails (detailing the actual conversations taking place in the White House between the election and the attack) you should. The people that were there have talked to Jonathan Swann.

  4. If trump trys to block the committee from getting the notes. It’s called OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE

    1. @Ash Roskell Hasn’t happened to Drumpf during this whole time. And Drumpf demanded the questions ahead of time. Then, he refused to testify. I bet these treasonous politicians will do the same.

    2. @Jason M We shall see. But, until they actually jail some of them, I bet they’ll refuse to testify, or deflect and not answer the questions at all.

    3. @Jason M They’ll probably try to invent some sort of ‘Congressional Privilege’ they could grant themselves. Sounds about Right. Far-Right.

  5. You know this dismantling of DT is done soo meticulous, it’s almost like a flower blooming. Beautiful…

    1. @evan doe Author Gwenda Blair researched the Trump family origins, and identified Hanns Drumpf, an itinerant lawyer, who moved to Kallstadt in 1608. The spelling of his last name had changed by the end of the 17th century.[3] Another early Trump ancestor that can be identified as using this alternate spelling is Johann Philipp Drumpft (1667–1707, parents and place of birth not recorded), who married Juliana Maria Rodenroth.[4]
      In 2011, the International Business Times repeated a verified claim that Donald Trump’s paternal grandfather Frederick Trump changed his name from Drumpf to Trump, possibly to avoid anti-German sentiment popular at the time.

    2. @M. Lewis
      When they bury it they should dig it’s grave fifty feet deep because it’d be good deep down

    3. @evan doe
      Because NOTHING he does or could ever do will affect your undying love for him and dedication to his cult?

  6. If the former guy had won his election, AG Barr would still be at DOJ doing the formers’ dirty work. Prosecute all of them.

    1. @Chris so why didn’t Sessions or Barr prosecute this clearly illegal behavior? Are you saying that Trump is so incompetent that he appointed deep state agents to be his AG?

      Sounds like you don’t really believe Trump hires “the best people”.

    2. @Chris You’re not a judge. It’s over. Clinton got what was coming to her. Get used to it.
      The world was shocked by the subsequent investigation. Shocked but not surprised.

    3. @xiaoka Trump’s biggest mistake was not making Rudy Giuliani AG. So yes, Trump made some mistakes like all humans do. Giuliani would’ve been Trump’s attack dog like when Obama had Eric Holder as his attack dog.

    4. @Deanna Maria What laws did he break? Just because you assume laws were broken because you hate the man doesn’t give you the right to just look for something. You call him a criminal but you have not found anything. Tell me why you want the man dead? Why do you have so much hate towards a man that wanted to help fix the US?

    5. @Deanna Maria Meanwhile Democrat Eric Swalwell can have a sexual relationship with a Chinese Spy and Democrat Diane Feinstein can have a Chinese spy as her driver (Most likely her Chinese handler) but barely any coverage or investigations about that.

  7. It’s a blessing that Biden had such a landslide victory. This orange clown might’ve seized power if it had came down to a single state.

    1. @mimi murphy Having Rallies- visiting the Texas border- pretending to be President- yes lying and whining-

    2. WE all did that. Probably with the help of the Lincoln Project and the Meidas brothers. And others. Let’s keep up the good work guys! There are alot of sneaky republicans I’m embarrassed for in my own state.

    3. He could only seized power of we he citizens had allowed it. We need to put pressure on the Republican party now to get. did of his cronies , they all need too be voted out of power

    1. Hilarious coming from the same people who pushed the Russian collusion conspiracy theory. You Democrats pretend like you didn’t try to do everything in your power to overturn the 2016 election.

    2. This just another story that the Fake news will have to walk back. Does the rock you live under have a door?

    1. @J B Really, hey I need to sell some of my properties in the Okefenokee estates, interested? No? I also have this bridge in Brooklyn.
      Sad part is they probably think I’m trying to sell them something.

    2. Oh I think many gave up their freethinking willingly and enthusiasm. They thought they would end up as head of a new world order, but are now sweating whether or not they will go to prison.

    3. Five of his Cabinet Secretaries didn’t need breaking, as they were already criminal flunkies whose criminal referrals to the DoJ Barr had already dismissed to serve Trump and Barr’s favorite idea, the “unitary executive” in which whatever the GOP president does is by definition the law of the land.

    4. Good to know you’re one of the people who want America last. Looking forward to covi 2.0 going into 2022 elections . How’s inflation working out. It’s 100% democrats fault

    1. @ryan morris for whatever reason I’m not able to post a link from the Federalist. I saw agents provacoters at the capital on Jan 6. is the title. Pretty much verbatim of what my friends who were there told me happened that day.

    2. @Derek Franklin so you are telling me you believe in Make America Great Again slogan trump used it would have been great if it was real but it was all about make trump great again and have ultimate power over everything and stomping on toes while he did it this is America man not North Korea

    3. @James Smith not for America. Think socialism for the world and we working Americans will have to pay for it.

    4. @James Smith it’s globalists like Bush and Clinton that brought China into the trade partnership. If you are old enough then you remember what happened to America’s industries after that. That’s what daddy Bush was talking about when he said “we are entering a new world order”!

    1. @Jason McDonald; Oh I don’t know, perhaps being in that particular military theater at that time, and things were not finished in Vietnam until the traitor was drummed out of office and President Ford came in to pardon the bum, and tidy things up.

    2. @Guy North the last remaining troops in Vietnam withdrew on March29,1973. Nixon resigned on August9,1974. You are a liar.

    3. @Jason McDonald; It was January of 1973 that they ended offensive operations, but it took until the fall of Saigon late in April 1975 for President Ford to pull all troops, and advisors under the largest evacuation by helicopter ever! I have no need to go back and forth with some moronic child.

  8. Any other American would have been in Prison months ago for a fraction of TRUMP’s crimes.

    1. Correct. And, any other American cannot simply refuse to testify, let alone demand the questions ahead of time.

    2. He stole so much money and yet he broke why cause stolen money doesn’t last long when you owe it all he’s tumbling down

  9. I think mr rosen has earned a big fat subpoena from the DOJ or congress for his notes and testimony

    1. @Gary Katzenmaier Honour, if you’re not an American, given than only you people use that variant, as far as I know.

  10. Anyone who had to work with him in government, no matter what party, is probably relieved that he is gone. Seriously, it sounds like dealing with a spoiled child throwing a tantrum 24/7.

    1. A tantrum they wanted to indulge because they want the same thing he does: permanent GOP rule and total impunity for Party members.

    2. Rather a demanding leader than dementia joe saying people are always asking why he’s going outside or not closing doors. Or didn’t you catch that part of his townhall

    3. @Judith Bradford Facts. They’ve crossed the Rubicon in the days following the insurrection. They are now 100% committed to an autocratic one-party fascist system with the dem party made illegal, imprisoned, or enslaved. The GQP = the GRU = the American Nazi Party. They’re one and the same.

  11. To think he ran the country no less like he ran his business, into the ground and then walks away to become a problem elsewhere, well done America

    1. @Hey Yo do the math. The votes say that approximately 75 million agree with agent orange’s absolute disregard for democracy, their fellow man, robbing people of their right to vote, the constitution and the rule of law. Not to mention voting in someone whose strategy for building wealth included robbing their own charity, robbing their inaugural fund, serial bankruptcy, screwing the taxpayer, serial lying about his assets, serial lying to diminish his assets and everyone else he could. Over 81 million people came to their senses and overruled the coronation of the pretend king for another 4 years. Anyone with half a brain knew that wasn’t going to end well and that another 4 years of the drumph monarchy would have torn America apart, as well as perpetuating America’s reputation as the laughing stock of the world. Those 81 million or so people voted for the rule of law, maintaining the constitution, everyone’s right to vote, law and order, assisting people and companies in their time of need, national infrastructure, assistance to those in need during these covid times, for kindness and the willingness and promise to do better, for humility, common sense in government, against tyranny, one man rule and coronating a pretend king and his crime family. Those 81 million and their families may have saved America from turning inward on itself and reverting to times of old. America is only one bad GQP government away from making the stories behind movies such as The Purge and Handmaids Tale some sort of ongoing reality. And what a horror story that would really be.

    2. @Hey Yo Clean up in aisle 4. That orange-red kool-aid is leaking out of your trap, dribbling down your chin, all the way onto the floor. You’re making a mess, but what else would you expect from a drumph supporter?

    3. Whelp. Some people tried to warn voters that Trump wasn’t aware he couldn’t ‘declare bankruptcy’ with America when things didn’t go his way. Those voters wouldn’t listen.

    4. @Hey Yo how da faq did trump get 70 million more like 30ish can’t be that many traitors to this country that voted for tRump audit the red states tRump won you will find the fraud

    5. @HughMorris69 If You believe that Quid pro quo Joe received 80 million votes then you are without a doubt related to Low IQ Maxine

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