Trump pivots and tweets photo of himself wearing mask

President Donald Trump tweeted an image of himself wearing a face mask and indirectly called the act "patriotic" — a clear pivot away from his earlier reluctance to wear a facial covering in public.
"We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can't socially distance," Trump tweeted — nearly three months after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended wearing masks in public.
"There is nobody more Patriotic than me, your favorite President!" he added.
The image appears to show Trump wearing a mask with the presidential seal at his visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center earlier this month — his first and only time so far donning a facial covering in public after months of refusing to be seen doing so in public amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The shift to encouraging mask-wearing was primarily motivated by floundering poll numbers, a source familiar with the President's thinking told CNN.
For months, aides tried to get Trump to wear a mask, saying they could have "MAGA", "Trump-Pence 2020" or even the American flag printed on them. But he steadfastly refused and only wore a mask once in public.
But it wasn't until a meeting with campaign aides at the White House last week, where aides bluntly told him even internal numbers showed Americans didn't approve of his response, that Trump relented, according to an official who attended that meeting.

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    1. With Joe Biden be any better? Dedunding the police? Honestly next year and many years to come.

      I personally believe America Has Fallen and will decline as the years pass by and we will not be the superpower in the future I am very saddened to say that because I am an American.

      May God help US.

    2. conference Justice… i sure hope not, but never under estimate how stupid people are…trump is a clown. If he doesn’t he will be checking into the graybar motel

  1. *FACT:* _Trump insisted that the last five questions of his dementia test were “very hard.”_ True story.

    1. @Dementia Joe Fingers Mental illnesses are officially classified in a dense and dry book published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). This book contains 947 pages and lists hundreds of mental disorders; TDS is nowhere to be seen. Similarly, a review of scholarly databases such as MEDLINE and Google Scholar reveal no academic papers on this alleged syndrome. Officially at least, TDS is not a real, diagnosable, or treatable mental disorder. What else are the voices in your head telling you?

    2. @Dementia Joe Fingers Stop with the silly insults. We have already established that you are the one who can’t get his facts straight. I don’t know what Biden meant, I provided the quote to reporters in which he said he was tested proving your fact was false. Whatever else he said is not material to our argument. I do find you amusing.

    1. @Melissa Sullivan This president seems to easily forget that he isn’t in a movie and thinks any problem he makes will have a convenient solution. It’s the only reason to explain why he thinks tweeting out a picture of himself sporting a mask can undo the damage that has been done. He’s practically in his own world. A world where he believes himself to be the most charming and likable person there is.

    2. @A Heartless Harbinger – A class in Malignant Narcissism for sociopaths by professor Trump

  2. He’s not doing it to encourage Americans to be safe, he’s only doing it because it was political suicide not to wear a mask

    1. @Alisha Monique no one is saying he shouldn’t wear a mask, and ofcus we want him to wear it but at this point it is clear he is aware how it is damaging him for making it political and so it’s obvious it’s for reason that he doesn’t care about the safety of people but he cares for his political destruction and re-election. Let me quote some ones saying in a comment which is very true ” Wearing a mask at this time in the middle of a pandemic is like wearing a condom at a baby shower”.

    2. @Alisha Monique 👈🇷🇺😛🔻 Can the Fake Outrage Vlad because no one’s buying your Bullshtski here comrade. Fake Profile, No Content & Textbook Kremlin Diversionary Rhetoric = Russian Backed Troll.

  3. This is such a childish backpedal cause he sees that he’s losing in the polls. But it’s something, hopefully his idiot followers wear masks

    1. He wears it not for the polls nor reelection. Not even for health and safety. He wears it now because he believes the mask looks good on him. Assure you that’s the reason

    2. Oh oh, his supporters will have to make a decision without their “Jesus”! Because his followers also are personally responsible for many deaths, when they go to finally buy some masks, the retailer gets to punch each trumpanzee in one eye (your choice), and a swift kick to the crotch, regardless of sex. Also an individually numbered certificate that proves how late they were to finally helping out, with a picture of one of the 140,000+ victims. Ya know, so they never forget their part in the 2020 election. And how they did their part in spreading the virus. Like trump, just wonderful fucking citizens.

    3. @Stephanie Drake ….starting from last place and in reverse order. I honestly cannot think of any president that was more hated and accomplished any less than trump. William Henry Harrison, the 9th president, died of typhoid, 31 days after being sworn in. But he surely didn’t negatively influence the country as much as trump.

  4. He was really jealous of Biden wearing one. It’s too late. You already in couraged your fans it’s ok not to wear one. Your fake

    1. @Cathleen Mcdonald it is mind blowing. I literally keep waiting for someone to come escort him out. Like oh no sir you are not a president. Then like Mike Pence steps up to the podium and gently cough in that way people do regain order. Lol I guess I just so desire for us as a country to feel organized again. To get serious again. Like there is some adult in charge

  5. He can peddle beans from the Resolute desk but is embarrassed to wear a mask from the Resolute desk.

    1. One thing you need to know, almost everyone will eventually get Covid-19 or something worse, there has been a pandemic at least every one hundred years since recorded history. There is not a person alive that could have done anything about this pandemic. I believe that Darwinism refer to it as survival of the fitness. Just because some people don’t believe in hope, or faith they will get sicker. Many went with panic attacks which causes shortest of breath and were put in the hospitals treated as Covid-19 and eventually killing them.

    2. GoT fan 2320 see that sort of comment just validates why your country is in the state of disarray that it is…

    1. Well, a lot of the tests can be faulty, and when it increases the number of cases people freak out, and when they freak out everything gets worse.

  6. *Elect a clown, you get a circus. I’m not sure why anyone has been surprised over the last 4 years.*

    1. All I have to say is, if this were PRESIDENT OBAMA, doing all of this nonsense … (fill in the blank)…

  7. It’s not about the number of deaths he’s causing it’s the number of votes he’s losing. He’s so pathetically obvious.

    1. I’m almost certain that he was just briefed on something horrific about the virus. He now HAS TO start doing something. I fear to know what he found out that even he thinks will hurt his chances.

    2. @Alisha Monique they endorsed obama bush and clinton, so they always endorse the incumbent president. nothing new there. this is what you get when fox is your only news source

    3. @Alisha Monique you do know trump is racist though right not sure why you would support such a person

    4. meh G – it’s probably the republican governors telling him that their hospitals are busting out the seams and death rates were rising and they couldn’t hid it from the people anymore it was too obvious. Even trumpublican cant hide from this truth.

    1. I keyed on that right away. Self-aggrandizing as all get out.
      And now they will all claim that they were never against wearing masks,
      somehow forgetting all the footage there is out there to the contrary.

    1. VERY astute observation. You are right. Trump was not patriotic when he was refusing to wear a mask. Straight in your face, trumpie man. Right in your face. Clown!

  8. Oh he didn’t want to wear a mask “behind the beautiful Resolute Desk” but it’s okay to pose with beans on the Resolute Desk? Hypocrite!!

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