Trump Presents Americans With Split Screen Of Calamity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Mr420Spy As a Russian ambassador I’m going to have to wean you off Rachel Maddow and MSNBC slowly. I know for liberals Rachel can be as addicting as heroin. But us Russians we have a cure for this liberal disease and it has nothing to do with gluing your eyelids open and sitting you in front of Fox news for months on end
      If you’re curious just ask. If you’re worried about foreign interference Don’t be just ask the DNC how good Russians are at covering our tracks. With kind regards love your uncle Vladimir.

    1. @Fred Peterson The Mueller investigation yielded more in recovered assets than it cost by the millions. More nonsense spouted by idiots. Look it up, jack@ss.

    2. @Fred Peterson Give up. People who support him are traitors, greedy traitors, morons, or the brainwashed yokels. Choose your category and take responsibility for electing a national disaster. He is not Christian. He is not a patriot. He does not care about his fellow citizens. He is happy to cheat, lie, and steal while calling all of it “smart business”. Take responsibility for aligning yourself with this man and stop trying to pretend he is not some sort of monster.

    3. @Ryan Donahue I said SINCE Trump took office, not before. Name the crime since he’s been in office. The talk of impeachment started before he took office by the way, meaning the commies you support were attempting a coup of a duly elected President regardless of what the people wanted. But leave it to communists to do these things.

  1. The House did the same thing with the rules during the impeachment hearing. Shut it. The house never mentioned voting on an extension of the Patriot Act which Dems had no problem voting to extend. Shut it.

    1. @Marcus Guzman
      I really hope that your comment was a joke cause if not…I have no faith in humanity

    1. I love how the russian troll-bots use american references in their insults to seem legitimate. We know you’re a russian bot. #pravda

    2. @Carolyn’s RV Life, the fact that you look at our press as free when they repeatedly lie and have to backtrack, tells me all I need to know about you. You have drank the Kool aid and are poisoned beyond hope.

    3. @Carolyn’s RV Life I actually know who you are. I’ve watched some of your video’s, all excellent & very professionally done. Of course, you may be right about this poster being some kind of Russian bot but believe me, there are Americans who are entertained by Rachel Maddow in ways she wasn’t intending.

    1. She is that slow with this whole impeachment and all those hoax getting them really tired of trump doing the job for the country

    1. Like the sources that said 30 Americans were dead? MSNBC unsuccessfully tried to encourage a war. You’re thanking them?

  2. 3:21 who’s there buddy I think what you meant to say is, “this air strike launch against the bad Iranian general”, who we killed.. not Iran sounding like we bombed their entire country all of a sudden..

  3. What is this mysterious splitting screen, and how can we possibly keep up, with these “multiple things” happening?

  4. OMG! This woman is still on the air?
    Just goes to show some have no shame even after everything that has happened and everything that she says is personal opinion instead of the news.
    Years ago it could only be the weatherman that could be wrong 95% of the time and still keep their job.

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