Trump Pressed On Russian Bounty Intel | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. tRump has used America as collateral to pay off his putin backed loans from putin’s personal bank.

    1. The trump campaign did not collude with Russia. Yet Russia did indeed help trump win as every American Intelligence Agency has confirmed. He sided with America’s enemy Russia in Helsinki. He owes Russia a debt. He’s repaying with American soldiers lives.

    2. @John Alsop U r pathetically funny. Who’s paying Lying Crooked Hillary Clinton’s spying and espionage debt to Russia Russia Russia, her lying corrupt FBI/DOJ/ CIA/DIA agents??? WHO??

    3. @75joev – And we must consider that #45✳’s been *fawning for dictators* since his ‘presidency’ began.
      In fact, let us ‘count the ways’:
      1. #45✳ smiled, *saluted* and shook hands…with the men *who murdered* collegiate Otto Warmbier.
      2. #45✳ smiled, danced and dined…with the men *who murdered* journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
      3. #45✳ posed, preened and puled…with the former *KGB agent who attacked our country* in 2016.
      *’Three strikes’* …and *#45✳’s ‘out’.*
      It’s *BEYOND* shameful…and yet *utterly* unsurprising, considering #45✳’s affinity *FOR* our nations adversaries. 😒

  2. Whenever D Trump cites for support “a lot of people say this,” he’s lying, and made up whatever he’s saying.

    1. The impeach president just indicated that since our CIA interfere in elections that’s its alright if China and Russia interferes in our elections. And 43 million Americans who worship the compulsive lying traitor continue to call themselves Patriots and they get upset with the protesters but don’t have a problem allowing a murdering dictator Putin put bounty on our troops in Afghanistan.

    2. @Whicker Boy I am sorry to hear you don’t understand but I can see your bigotry from your ancestors still in tact. So you are part of the next generation pale face blue eyes devil who speak with forked tongue.

    3. @nico1221 Velazquez 1 of my best friends n high school 50 YEARS ago was a full blooded Apache. He’d cut ur tongue out with his switchblade for saying that and shove it back into ur mouth.

    1. @Whicker Boy Watch “Former Republican Federal Prosecutors Speak Out Against on YouTubePresident Trump’s Obstruction of Justice” Yep vote for your crook…this is straight from the Republicans

    2. @wade stanton I take it that’s your idea of bait? Or is there a punch line?  Here’s one for ya:
      _A sexual predator, a racist, and a Russian spy walk into a bar . The bartender says, “What can I get you, Mr. President?”_

    3. @jones I have to make a horrible wrong a right. I will do every thing humanly possible to make this horrible mistake right. Watch “Former Republican Federal Prosecutors Speak Out Against on YouTubePresident Trump’s Obstruction of Justice”

    4. ​@jones No bait. Asking straight up. No joke, serious question. I’m concerned the pres is trying to foment a divide between the military and the lawfull protesters.
      These supposed riots don’t even come close to the violence that will occur when usa decides it’s the military stifling their constitutional rights. IMHO

    5. ​@wade stanton Good, thanks for not taking offense. Looked like bait to me. I think you are concerned about an impossibility, but I fear I cannot explain myself briefly. First off, the Gestapo are not military as I trust you know, they are Homeland Security, Border Patrol, etc.
      The military has made it clear IMO that there is no way they will support Trump in his unconstitutional pursuit of tyranny.

      Following the clearing of Lafayette Square and the Bible photo op fiasco, General James Mattis who resisted speaking any criticism of the POTUS even in his book about his experience as Secretary of Defense . . . much to the disappointment of many, myself included . . . . broke his silence and went against the long honored and long standing military tradition of staying out of politics and never criticizing the Commander-In-Chief.

      “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC retired four star general, did not mince words and if you need links I will provide them. He was followed by a chorus of esteemed (albeit retired) top brass who spoke in unison (Including Colin Powell) as to Trump being a threat to democracy and unfit for office. Some but not all who spoke were Generals Mattis, Powell, Milley, Patraeus, Allen, Clark, Myers, Dempsey, Honoré, McCaffrey, and Admirals McRaven, Mullen, and Former Secretary of Defense Perry.

      I believe at this point, beneath all the deranged narcissism and infantile insecurity, Trump knows he is finished. You cannot turn a democracy into a dictatorship without the support of the military. No banana republic, no North Korea clone as Trump would like. He is in denial to be sure, but the down side of this is that he is now a cornered New York rat with no escape and he will get more and more extreme in coming weeks as November approaches.

      Thankfully, since his arrogance far outpaces his intelligence, he will not be hiding his tracks. We need to strap in for a bump ride, but I believe that should Trump’s storm troopers go much further, such as killing two or three people, there is a tipping point where the military will step in and stop him.  

      No alt-right crazed biker and/or confederate nazi militia is going to do well against our military if it comes to that, and it might. Trump is a nutbar and he may wish to take us all down with him and start a civil war if he can, and he may have enough influence to do so when you look at what’s already transpired.  

      Our military brass has clearly stated that we should NOT count on them to step in as I described, however, they are not here for domestic disturbances and not here to fight our own people. National Guard and police are for that, but push come to shove, I believe we have capable patriots in D.C. prepared for whatever is coming, and I mean the above mentioned generals et al.  

      It will for sure get darker before the dawn, but in the end, this is still America, and we have to be the most egotistical arrogant nation on the planet, and I believe if you can get Mattis to break protocol and speak out as he did, that our watershed moment came and we can see a bit of daylight ahead.  

      The military highly values the support and respect of the people, and this was clearly stated by the brass, and will not be party to any oppression or allow the appearance of same. In the end, America has not yet begun to fight, and we look bloodied but we are not nearly beaten.


      Colin Powell

      James Mattis

      My comment on Freedom

    1. It’s like watching my professor for Medical Coding teaching World History and getting the date for when WW2 ended wrong. She says 1944 and I am like “Actually it is 1945.” I even showed her a paper clipping that says Germany Surrendered! and it stated the exact year 1945. It was really embarrassing.

    2. @Roy Singh I missed that one. I’m Canadian, but actually am interested in what goes on in the rest of the world… unlike Trump. I’ve never considered myself a brain when it comes to politics or world events, but next to Trump I am a genius!

  3. This president and his team can handle ONE ISSUE at the time. Oh so many things to do.
    [O] Competent
    [X] Incompetent

    1. Imjust HereJustSayin 1/5 of the World’s natural gas reserves are underground in Afghanistan.

  4. He pulled troops out of Germany today. He’s dung that for Putin to give the Russians more control and Putin to

    1. No, he did it to retaliate against Germany bc, in his opinion, they don’t pay enough to NATO. Besides, it’s a way to « punish » Angela Merckel, whom he hates. Here is a woman of power who stood up to him several times. That’s how petty he is.

    1. Captainquark2272 yes, it’s all lies from DT. FAKE NEWS IS SO CONVENIENT for him to point to. LIES LIES AND MORE LIES.

    2. Hey! Our Petulant Child is just learning to talk. Let him say what he wants to say…….We’ll train (not) him later.

  5. Reporter: Mr President, you’re lying.
    Trump: “Pee pee tape.” Everyone wants to talk about Russia. Look China…

    1. I’m thinking it’s probably more than pee pee tapes. Perhaps poo poo tapes, or animals…..?

    2. OMG….your bitterness is overwhelming. Sore loserism is painful. But only you would know.

    1. B Dub I’m sure you wish it was at this point because you Trump supporters are ignorant #Biden2020

    1. Carolina Blood The Democrats deserved that loss with her at the helm. If she had kicked out that no good husband of hers , she would had won. Why bother voting if the candidate wins the popular vote yet loose the election? That isn’t democracy.

    1. @Ken Albertsen I don’t think the military boots on the ground cheer Trump as much as they took an oath to follow orders regardless as to how insane the commander in chief is.

    2. Ken Albertsen Without getting too political (Currently serving)—I wouldn’t say it’s a fair assessment that fellow soldiers are eager to applaud and cheer for any of this. Of course there are 1.3 million serving, plenty of room for differing opinions—but I’ll quote Gen. Mattis “I have earned my spurs on the battlefield. Donald Trump earned his in a letter from a doctor”.
      You won’t see a soldier booing obviously, but I wouldn’t take that as a sign of endorsement.
      Side note that I think is important to understand and no one does anymore: as an officer I signed my oath to the constitution. Not any one president. I’m loyal to no man, only the ideals I swore an oath to defend. Just as I believe unconditional loyalty to any one leader is dangerous. Loyalty should be reserved for ideals, not people.
      Never trust someone who demands unconditional loyalty. Take all that as you will.

    3. My life-long republican husband served in Desert Storm, Kuwait and Afghanistan said the same thing. He’s voting blue in Nov. 🌊🌊🌊

  6. Vladimir Putin learned it’s cheaper to buy an American President and multiple Republicans than build a single nuclear weapon…

    1. That’s his m.o. He is a spoiled little rich kid brat, who always got his way and daddy to pay him out of trouble.

    2. Trump has the mental age of a 3 year old! If he can’t get his own way, he throws a temper tantrum! He’s been like this all his life! He’s just a spoilt brat that needs a good spanking from someone in authority who can finally put him in his place

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