Trump Pressing Officials To Falsify Vote Results | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Pressing Officials To Falsify Vote Results | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Trying to defy the 15th amendment and interrupt the democratic electoral process seems like TREASON to me.

    1. Dr’s agree that both Rudy and DJ Trump should be wearing their mask, as underwear. When asked, Dr’s said more crap is coming out of their mouth, than their rear end. They should be wearing a diaper over their head, instead. We recommend a pacifier inserted in their rear end as cry babies and mask pulled over it to protect the public from further Trump virus infestation.

    2. I agree!!!
      Rigged election is a fact!!!! Tons of evidence are everywhere!!!
      China CCP added numbers to Biden’s 80 million numbers!!!!
      So corrupted Biden as the Biden family took billions of dollars from China CCP.
      Now more and more Biden supporters want to know the truth!!!

    3. @noelia morales The fact is that Joe Biden is not a president-elect, yet!!
      Joe Biden is just president-elect-wannaBEE or president-elect-Beggar!
      Biden can be elected as you wish
      even if the Biden family are alleged to be seriously corrupted with China CCP.
      Imagine that Corrupt President Joe in white house and his son Hunter in jail???!!!!

  2. It’s illegal to pressure a voter near a polling place, but not strong-arm the officials in charge… wtf

    1. @Ash Roskell I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you. Being a felon does not exclude you from running for public office, just voting. It says something about our democracy that we make no laws rendering a person ineligible for elected office if convicted of a felony.

    2. @Sungravy Nah, he can’t. Can’t be the judge of your own trial. This was established back with Nixon who asked if he could pardon himself. The ruling from the supreme court was that he couldn’t, so he resigned three days later. Trump can pardon just about anybody *except* himself. Which is probably why he’s so super desperate to try and overturn the election.

    1. @Haawser ++ Hugo Chavez, Bugs Bunny, The cheese left on the pizza. They are all in on it. They have affidavits.

  3. Americans should reform their electoral system and bring it to more democratic and modern systems. Now they look like in a banana republic.

    1. @Ray Hill I get why people believe that and it makes somewhat sense, but their going to still need votes else where…so campaigning in those few states would be a priority but reaching out to all the others would be a factor also…you have to remember even though a state might be consider red or blue each vote would count and if you look at this year statistics alone it shows a close margin amongst some states. If every vote determined the election than its pretty much the voice of nation base off what the voters as a whole felt about the candidates

    2. @Lordpianz this is a representative democracy. Not a pure democracy.

      Also this is literally the UNITED STATES so the electoral college guarantees full state representation and participation.

    3. @Ray Hill its a problem, because even through it represents the states it doesn’t actually represent the people….every vote should matter …just my opinion……i like the elactoral collegr to the point of state representation when dealing with passing laws, reform, etc..but when it comes to leadership every vote should matter

    4. @Lordpianz your vote does matter but it’s representative and proportional. Like the House of Representatives. Some states have a lot and some have very few due to population. But all states are evenly represented in the Senate.

      The system of checks and balances is designed not to work quickly or efficiently to prevent some one or group from seizing power.

    5. @Ray Hill i completely understand why the electoral college exists and why we need it…when determing major events such as presidents and senate seats i truly believe it should be majority wins … ….that way there’s no questions or orange man trying overturn the final election results which hes completely failing to do… but this elections pretty much shows this system is broken and needs to be fix …yes there was fraud it exist in every election but not enough to change the overall results

  4. If there isn’t any legal response for this corruption, this will send the message that this ok. We need to prosecute this monster.

    1. No, we follow the Constitution.
      The ‘steal’ has been stopped.
      Texas Goes Straight to the Supreme Court! Here’s what you need to know.
      /Bluer Collar Logic

      Texas Just NUKED Democrats From Orbit With SCOTUS Lawsuit Calling Election UNCONSTITUTIONAL
      Tim Pool

    2. Texas AG Ken Paxton is full of it with his trash lawsuit attempting to sue 4 OTHER states on how they conduct elections in their state!! Its not likely to stand on court, and IF the SCOTUS does decide to entertain this case, ITS going to be an ALL OUT war in this country! The people of Pennsylvania,,Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and across the country won’t stand for it!!

  5. “Stop the steal” was right, just aimed at the wrong people. Stop Trump and Rudy from stealing the election results while the GOP remains silent.

    1. You can report Trump`s phone calls on GOP homepage, where they are seeking witnesses for election fraud.

    2. And apparently we need to stop the state of Wisconsin from overturning our votes for Biden. It’s my understanding the Republican Senate is refusing to certify our votes.

    3. Sadly true. I hoped it wouldn’t go that far – but the point at which he lost the legal cases and started trying to strong-arm states into throwing out all the votes and just declaring him the winner – at that point it did become an attempted coup. Thankfully a very disorganized and ineffective coup. This kind of crap should not even be possible, there should be no going around the courts and subverting the vote – we need better election protections.

    1. @Chris C you do not like facts or evidence. When you are confronted with them, you say they are neither. No matter what is brought to you, you fight against it. The same way when people say God exists, you say where is the evidence, prove it. I say to you, behold, it is even at the door.

    2. @None Given it’s all fake news. Republicans have it out for Biden. Biden won the free and fair election. Zero evidence of voter fraud has been presented.

    1. @vincent lattuca oh please just because he did the lies you just mentioned its okay for him to overturned the election? The USA elects a president every 4 yrs one will be the winner and the other one will be the loser. Trump lost he needs to accept the results and move on.

    1. @Hugh Parker”The people have spoken”

      Oh, you mean the legitimate voters, or the people who pulled out suitcases full of ballots after their station was supposed “closed for the night”?

      Your side is a crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and everybody knows it.

    2. @vincent lattuca LOL, extensive training and testing in objectivity. You crack me up. You’re ignorant of your own ignorance. Trump’s heart is with himself, not the US. He only cares about himself. Your comments show that you have been convinced to believe conspiracy theories. You need to revisit your “extensive training in objectivity” notes.

    1. The doofus in Texas, who’s been under investigation since 2015, is only kissing up to get a pardon.

  6. Let’s be honest his whole presidency has been one whole circus. From the election to now. I’m not surprised or shocked.

    1. ​@Sheep #5491 Michigan ruling on Kracken lawsuit :
      “In fact, this lawsuit seems to be less about achieving the relief Plaintiffs seek — as much of that relief is beyond the power of this Court — and more about the impact of their allegations on People’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government,” reads a portion of the 36-page opinion.

      “Plaintiffs ask this Court to ignore the orderly statutory scheme established to challenge elections and to ignore the will of millions of voters. This the Court cannot, and will not, do. The people have spoken.”

      Pa ruling on Kracken lawsuit:
      U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten dismissed the lawsuit brought by former Trump attorney Sidney Powell in an attempt to decertify Georgia’s election. He said overturning the election would have amounted to “judicial activism.”

      “They want this court to substitute its judgment for the 2.5 million voters who voted for Biden,” Judge Batten, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, said in court in Atlanta. “This I’m unwilling to do.”

      Nevada ruling on lawsuit:
      presidential election results

      A Nevada judge has denied a lawsuit filed by President Trump’s re-election campaign to toss out the results of the 2020 presidential vote.

      I inclined to take the word of judges over a youtuber.

  7. It should be a law against how many times a person should be able to file lawsuits for the same article. They are otherwise jamming the courts with frivolous lawsuits.

    1. @Lady J Faithful was it Planned Parenthood that hit your head and tell you to say “bye”…?? I guess you didnt expect that one

    2. @Juliana Mfleg 😂That’s right, no evidence. 🤦 Now you get it. 👍 Only that you’re saying there is, just like trump and all his thinking they’re going to get paid lawyers. 😂

    1. @Paradise Adams The opposition has never honored rules , laws or the constitution.
      Even their policies – almost ALL are unconstitutional.
      Citizens have the right to be heard in court and there are specific procedures to do so.
      What is he doing that is unconstitutional?
      I’ll wait.

    2. @Steph J What JB said and what has been thrown out of every court, Supreme Court as well are two different things. One being what was said, and the other being no evidence of an attempt by the organization, no matter what JB said. If this is what you call “discernment” on your part, then yes, mentally challenged is an apt term to use.

    1. @SUN STAR mail in ballots are NOT open to fraud, they are safer than any other voting system. Dominion is NOT headed to the supreme court, and those same witnesses have been debunked several times over. If those cases were true they would not have been thrown out of court

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis …the reason why other Countries have not followed the USA is because they see the anomalies to Corruption.

    1. @Bernard Williams are you can’t handle the truth about Trump that he’s a liar he shows no respect to anyone the only one who cares about is himself he has divided this country big time if you can’t see that you are really blind it

  8. Don’t charge him now, he will pardon himself. Charge him as a person when he is not the POTUS and can’t pardon anyone.

    1. Blanket pardons exist. He can say he pardons an individual for all crimes related to x, or all crimes committee between 2016 – 2020. Let’s just hope self-pardons are ruled unconstitutional

  9. We’ve been feeding this leech for 4 years. Now he’s pushing for lifetime residency at club fed Leavenworth.

    1. What a beta you are.
      You wish this because you are such a loser, it makes you feel good to denigrate an alpha.
      He’s STILL gon be yo president.

    2. Yeah, a “leech” who took a dollar a year as his pay. That’s some stupid leech.

      And I also hope that the riots that will continue after Biden takes office end up burning your city to the ground.

    3. @Steph J Say what you wish about me but it doesn’t change the fact that YOUR LYIN’ KING is a piece of S#!+. He was born one. He will die one. He has ALWAYS been one. He has also been impeached and this will follow him, and the traitorous senators who lied when they swore an oath to do justice, through eternity. If one wants to catch tRump !ying, one only has to wait for it to open it’s mouth. Yup, sounds like real alpha material to me. Like what happens to Alphabits breakfast cereal after a 2 day tour of a baby’s but. NOTHING BUT BABY $#!+!!!

    4. @Dirtbike Collins I have news for you and the rest of the human centipede who have your noses so far up THE LYIN’ KING’S /$$ that he can taste your snot, the one credit that I will allow tRump is he’s stupid like a fox. He didn’t take a dollar a year wage for your benefit of mine. He took a $1,599,996 pay cut during 4 years of “employment” for a tax loss write-off. Then, at the $206,000 per hour that it costs to fly and maintain air farce one to Florida in his first month as p resident, you and I spent $10,000,000 for HIS air fare to PLAY GOLF!!! OH, THIS POOR OVERWORKED EXCUSE FOR A MAN! BOO HOO! I, as a lifelong DEMOCRAT, (:get used to that word:), resent being forced to allow my taxes to be used for his enjoyment when he did only harm to my country over the last 4 years. Then, my tax dollars have gone for keeping him in the air for his FAILED 4 year long reelection campaign which has since turned into HIS REJECTION CAMPAIGN, and now his use of the taxpayer funded telephone campaign of conspiracy trying to get state REPUGNANTCON government officials to join his seditious plan to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States of America. I never had any use for REPUGNANTCONS in the past for anything but to wipe my feet on after walking my dogs but I must say in all honesty that I am gaining more respect for those who laugh in tRump’s face as they are hanging up in his ear. What a sad, sorry LOSER!!! Once a loser, always a loser dating back to his draft dodging days of the Vietnam war. I guess John Roberts was correct when he wrote Fortunate Son for Credence Clearwater Revival. What is my proof you ask with indignation??? NO ONE with a physical disability needs FIVE DRAFT DEFERMENTS!!! It sounds like big daddy warbucks fred tRump didn’t pay off enough to the draft board the FIRST FOUR TIMES AROUND! The fifth time’s the charm, I guess, huh?

  10. The DOJ “Memo” that a sitting President can’t be charged is not a Law. It’s just a memo and memos are revised with every new management.

    1. This memo has been around for a number of years and administrations. It really needs to be tested in the courts. Trump’s presidency has been an all on assault on our government, our country, and our people. The Republican Senators have done nothing but find a hidey-hole and twitch. We can’t trust these old-fashioned Republicans to pay attention enough to realize that they’ve been voting for a bunch of cowards. The last recession was severe enough that many programs got shuffled off onto the Federal budget. That means that it’s more important than ever that our system of “checks and balances” works well. We need people of good moral character in our government, not crooks.

    2. Which brings to mind the question: whom is controlling the narrative in the justice department? Seems a little lop-sided when boards are lifted and rocks turned over, all that seems to appear are snakes and spiders?

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