Trump Pressured GA Elections Investigator To ‘Find The Fraud’ In Separate Call | MSNBC 1

Trump Pressured GA Elections Investigator To ‘Find The Fraud’ In Separate Call | MSNBC


The Georgia Secretary of State office confirmed that shortly before Christmas, President Trump called the state’s chief elections investigator to “find the fraud,” and said the official would be a “national hero” if he did so. NBC’s Julia Jester reports.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Pressured GA Elections Investigator To ‘Find The Fraud’ In Separate Call | MSNBC


    1. @Rver SoCal yeah, how do you know that, chief? & when did you create YOUR account?? STFU about what I do & when I do it.

    2. @TV Junkie trump can’t even run again and the republican strong hold on the presidency and the senate ….is history. At this point anybody is better than trump. With people like bernie and Elizabeth warren I believe some things of substance can be achieved for the common man……but at the same time neither party will ever live up to all of your expectations.

    3. @S T I love the way you inbreed trailer park rejects like to pretend that you are laughing,when we can feel the hurt in your comments its priceless

  1. Yes! More! Everyone should come forward with their phone calls with Trump. Let’s have some transparency on what our Domestic Terrorist in Chief has been saying behind our backs!

    1. Unfortunately, it’s only limited to states that are single party in regards to recording phone calls. Any state that is a two party state, if they didnt tell Trump they were recording, they could be sued into oblivion

  2. You know he has had these calls with EVERY State he think he was cheated–apparently GA officials are the only one with enough spine to let the press know.

    1. @Brandon Wright to make you feel better, gop is finished. trump will split the votes. gop has lost A LOT of votes. it’s going to be democrat forever.

    2. I appreciate the release of the tape of Trump’s crimes getting out. Every act and his every word that led to the travesty of the attach of the Capitol by him and his followers to our country, government and citizens needs to be used in his punishment.

    3. Cynical Dude I hope there will be a new GOP. Biden democrats and leftists won’t find much joy in their marriage. Maybe a Lincoln Party?

    4. I honestly would never have guessed that Kemp would have turned out to be the one to do what was honest and fair as he is a staunch republican, the one who ignored ALL advice on dealing with the pandemic (including Trump’s.)
      He’s the one who closed us down for about two weeks or so then opened everything back up. He ignores letters from his constituents like Purdue did. And he’s also the one who allegedly withheld a slew of voter applications when he was SoS a couple years ago, mostly black voters, leading to the accusations that he was trying to suppress the votes back then.
      And Raffensberger has turned out to be pretty darned admirable in my eyes, too.
      I’ve hated Georgia since I moved here in 1973, but right now I am pretty proud of us.
      Good job, Georgia, for standing your ground.

    5. @Cynical Dude Let’s hope any Democrat president will always be on the side of their citizens and not pander to corporations or obsessed with money. Anything can change when there is only one party involved. That could lead to some unsatisfactory changes in the future, too. Balance is good, as long as politicians are dedicated and not deceitful, dishonest and work for the people. Unfortunately, there seem to be a number of politicians out there that are sociopaths and look out for their own benefit. Trump is one such person and one of the worst I’ve seen yet. A psychiatrist on one of the news channels said that Trump is a delusional psychopath. I believe him.

  3. Just because “no one is surprised” by his antics doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be made to pay for his excesses. He has thumbed his nose at the Republic and he must pay.

    1. @Charles L Jones Amen. And add fact that Obama killed Osama Bin Laden, most (if not all) his family, bomb as much of Al Qaeda’s hideouts as he could before going to the gym to play basketball with his friends. Meanwhile Trump lie about the pandemic Coronavirus, being impeached twice already cry and whine about his election loss create domestic terrorism to storm the capitol force an election change.

    2. @JOSE Morass yes we’re very happy that Trump will be gone forever regardless if he pays for his crimes or not so yes we’re ecstatic

  4. Investigator: “sir I found someone committing election fraud”

    Trump: “show me!!!! “

    Investigator: *gives audio clip of trump threatening and trying to bribe Georgia’s Secretary of State*

  5. Really? So now the trombies chant: ‘Find the Fraud’ instead of ‘Stop the Steal’ – Or ‘Hang Mike Pence’?

    1. @Richard Barber and “marry me sis”, “home sweet trailer”, “it’s gonna take more than a piece of paper to keep me from seeing you, darlin”…… wait, that’s more than 3

    1. That’s my theory. When he leaves office watch how sick he becomes, dementia, old bones, etc. Anything to stay out of jail and delay court dates…!

    1. He won’t be able to pardon himself. One of the basic tenets of law in this country is that no one can stand as his own judge. If he tries to pardon himself, it will be overturned in court.

  6. “Be you ever so high, the Law is above you” If America is to heal, not only must justice be must be SEEN to be done.

    1. Not only in America, but the whole world needs to see justice be done in America. So they will know America will not tolerate anything like we saw Wednesday. trump supporters showed how disgraceful they are. Maybe now America can start the healing process. Those who don’t want peace and harmony and still insist on trying to over throw our government can be weeded out.

  7. there’s only one reason why the GOP want him to stay in office, they want him to try it again, and this time succeed.

  8. What annoyed me was the eternal whining, the cursing to the DEMs, and false prophecy, which is a blatant sin. Nah, and the fact that Pence has been intimidated and blackmailed by Him.

    1. I’m not into the religious stuff at all, but, I understand exactly what you’re saying.
      And I agree with you.

    2. Tbh pence ain’t that bad, the thing is he constantly gets manipulated by trump to make pence look bad. Pence is actually decent.

    1. Oh, I can see he’s rotten to the core. I may not have gone to Trump University, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    1. @death21metal MSM and othere couldnt not talk about Trump for the last four years. A business built on pushing an agenda.

      Wake up.

    2. @uppgrayyed When you pressure someone to find fraud, and you both know there’s no fraud, it’s coded mob boss like language meaning, you’d better fabricate some fraud for me. That’s the problem.

    3. @Scott Lancaster Different phone call must not be on point.
      But same for that one. Trump was calling those guys out on twitter for a month, but somehow a phone call is a no no?

    1. You can find his photo in the dictionary under ‘fraud,’ ‘bully,’ ‘liar,’ ‘narcissist,’ ‘psycho,’ ‘tax cheat*,’ – – he is multiple personalities in one.
      *Don’t bother saying that he has never been changed, it’s a matter of time.

    1. I’d like a president that doesn’t take money for political access, Sniff and grope little girls hair on national TV, LIE TO YOUR FACE w/ tons of backstepping hYpOCrisy and someone who’s not gonna sleep in his basement for the next 4 years. IMPEACH SLYDEN RIGHT NOW!!! He can join his CRACKHEAD son in prison SOON!!!

    2. He had a dozen women accusing him of sexual assault. With video evidence. He refused to show his tax information. He owns half of Ukraine and helped oust its last president.

      He shouldn’t have been allowed to run. It should be made law that a candidate can’t have unserved felonies, questionable foreign interests, and must divulge their taxes.

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