Trump Raged 'Just Shoot Them' At Civil Rights Protests New Book Claims 1

Trump Raged ‘Just Shoot Them’ At Civil Rights Protests New Book Claims


A new book by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender reports that Trump wanted the military to 'beat the f–k' out of civil rights protesters including shooting them and 'crack[ing] skulls,' all things rejected by military leaders. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Peter Baker.
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    1. @Marc Walker crazy how skin color sexual orientation gender identity and religion triggers right wingers


    1. @Rick Keeton Getting charged criminally would make it undisputed. We need to make it official.

      Also, I would say that getting charged, especially for the insurrection and the Georgia Election Interference should also come with his Presidency being officially considered illegitimate.

      Doing things like having his 2016 election victory being nulled and voided, having all laws and executive orders being vetoed all at once. And having * and official explanations to key votes during his impeachment’s to acquit him as well as not calling for additional witnesses in the first impeachment need to take place. It would officially indicate that these votes were wrong and that he got later convicted on criminal charges after his Presidency. We need a once in a lifetime punishment to help stave any Trump like figure from coming up ever again.

    2. @Tanner Wilson You are wrong! The brilliant businessman Mike Lindell, publicly stated that President Trump is the best President ever. I would not want to argue with Lindell, because you will lose every time.

  2. Trump, a multiple draft dodger, trying to be a tough guy but expecting others to do the dirty work and his criminal bidding.

    1. @CJ K Because Biden had asthma, and Biden never said, as trump said according to reports, that those who died in the service were “losers” and “suckers”. And, that he didn’t want to go because Vietnam was “so far away.”
      trump was deferred 4/5 times for bone spurs.

    2. If anyone posts TDS or orange man bad they are Russian trolls! They are the ones that started those tropes!

  3. The world: “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.”

    MAGAs: “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s an extremely talented cat.”

    1. @Carl os so you got it off Fox. No need to look any further into the veracity of your claim, sweaty.

    2. @Jeff Nelson LOL following the MSDNC orders I see or Democrat memo:-

      “When you reply to a comment that disagrees with us, you must, without fail, refer to Fox News, Russia or Bot in your reply” LMAO so predictable. No wonder the other side thinks you’re dumb!! LOL

      sweetness xoxox
      ( I still love you and there is nothing that you can do about it xoxox)

    3. @Carl os That is the whole problem Carl you magats don’t have differing opinions you all have the same erroneous one. Who looks more dumb to others the one that grows with changing facts and realities or those, like you, that chomp onto your position like a bulldog on a steak with no intention of ever changing even in the face of facts contradicting your position? I say it is the latter. I am sure you will disagree though. Love me good if you are going to do it.

    4. Also Maga: “when I step out on my lawn and look around, I don’t see the curve of the earth, so the earth is 100% flat and I will die on this hill and take everyone I know with me, btw, hang Mike Pence”

    5. Rest of world:
      If blm domestic terrorists and insurrections are rioting,looting,burning and murdering,it’s a riot and they are criminals.

      WOKE cultists:
      If blm domestic terrorists and insurrections are rioting, looting,burning and murdering, they are simply protesting.
      Now that’s a laugh

  4. By pitting us against each other, blaming immigrants, blaming liberals and especially blaming people of color and Black people in particular – the plutocrats have divided us and gotten away with it.

    1. @Paul D Mooney III You got it backwards, bozo. Biden is into baby killing = NO CATHOLIC COMMUNION! If that’s not antiChrist, I don’t know what is. He also doesn’t pray – Donald and Melania DO! You’re the one voted to divide us! Putz!

    2. @Paul D Mooney III That’s what you think! Have you seen prices already! Even when they can’t find people, prices are already going up! With Obamacare, they hired people for less than 30 hour work weeks to get out of paying insurance. Now, they can’t fill the jobs! You are so blind to their games it’s not even funny – he even WHISPERS about it in a creepy CornPop way! Obamatyzed until your bleeding, eh?

    3. @millenniumman75 just like a republican to blame democrats for something their senators did. Like wtf are you even talking about? Obama made it required that you work at least 30 hours a week to be covered, republicans upped it to 40 because they hate poor people and families. And maybe they’d fill the jobs if they’d pay more than unemployment does, which again republicans hate the poor, so they want to get rid of unemployment, instead of demand better wages for their constituents.

      lol and ask trump his favorite bible verse, he sounds like a kid that didn’t read the book for the book report “oh the bible is great, just all of it, a tremendous book, the best book ever written.” You’re an actual IQ of like 4 aren’t you you crazy fuckstick?

    1. @GOD IS KING Sure, sure. Too bad for you they’re going to get away with it, while your fellow Trump insurrectionists, including Trump himself, will get completely fried. That must make you really, really angry, huh? Hahaha hahaha hahaha!

    2. @Stan Lee you are a full fledged WOKE’s people like you who are destroying this country

    3. @Big Picture Thinking a rioter WAS shot !#!! And its the democrats FAULT??? IT’S HER OWN FAULT??? SHE WAS COMMITTING A CRIME!!!! YOU SOUND LIKE TRUMP JUST LIE AND LIE

    4. @Big Picture Thinking C’MON MAN SNAP OUT OF IT, today is the 1ST day of the rest of your life!#!!

  5. Then he goes to Lafayette Square and holds a Bible, which says, You shall not murder. Wake up, Evangelicals, wake up!

    1. @theresaI wright
      A borrowed Bible, because the Donny Dementia version of the Bible contains zero passages!
      Oops, I forgot he likes to keep that private!

    2. And holds the bible upside down. A freaking genius! This moron can’t do anything right.

    3. @Annie I’m an evangelical, I will not be supporting a party that promotes CRT, hustles and baits racism, thinks gender is a social construct, need I go on? Now tell him which of the lesser evils I ought to choose from?

    1. @Mack Jr Bell To be fair, it’s about the same calibre as the original comment. But it’s still idiotic nonetheless.

    2. @Friend Potato isn’t as appealing, so I call Biden a potato salad, because that seems more visually pleasing. Trump is still a shoddy buffoon nonetheless.

  6. He’s deranged and yet believing in his own deranged rhetoric. why don’t we treat him the same way he wanted to treat others.

  7. So no one in his circle had the intestinal fortitude to ask him: What the absolute F#(k is wrong with you??? We are NOT going to shoot peaceful protesters!!

    1. @Jim Myers
      Melania tells him no quite often, ever since she hooked up with that Secret Service guy!

    2. @Jim Myers Man, I am so sad I called the police now. All they wanted to do was give me some bottles of flamable liquids to burn my store down with.

    1. Bingo. He’s the guy who got jealous of a teenage environmental activist with asperger’s, because she got on the cover of time magazine. Not being on twitter must be killing him.

    2. Yes. But most of all he figured if they shot BLM it would make points for him. We can’t just put this on Trump. He is merely an indictment of America. We have some dangerously ignorant citizens in this country who would cheer on the deaths of protesters and anyone who does not share their ideologies. Yet they dare to wave the flag. For centuries, Mainstream America refused to believe these types of people walk among us and it has been dismissed time after time. Now they’re shocked by how Trump could amass such a following. This is exactly why they are desperate to put him back in the White House. That insurrection was a preview to what might very possibly come. BLM weren’t just protesting the death of an unarmed black man. Let that sink in.

    3. @Leonie Romanes, agreed, Twitter was a day late and a dollar short in banning him but they finally got it done and like you said he’s got to hate it, he lived on the d*** thing.

    4. Jealous? He said he would be there with them, instead watched on TV saying they looked low class. Many of the jailed said they were expecting him to come to their rescue.

    1. Here’s Ash again, proving to the world that he’s a teenage bedwetter with an IQ of around 85.

    2. I just read in a new book about Jeffery Epstein that he dumped Trump because he was too depraved even for him.

    3. You are so wrong….it is embarrassingly sad. I can’t believe you trust this network for news. Biden voters are the laughing stock of the world. We are in trouble.

    1. That’s exactely how Hitler acted. Wonder if Trump feels his power slipping? Wonder if the Nazi Republicans have out Americans can’t stand them or Trump/Hitler.

  8. Trump should be in federal prison. We all understand this. Now, where’s our justice?

    1. We got justice today with Rudy losing his law license in NY today next it’s Trumps turn when the head of Trump ORG gets indicted by SDNY than flips for a plea deal it’s coming.

    1. “I don’t want my kids growing up in a jungle, a racial jungle!” – Joe Biden, Democrat

    2. @Conservative Interrupted “Just shoot them.” —*45, Republican , authoritarian, aspiring despot.

  9. Just remember, as depraved as Trump was, there’s millions of Americans who love him not despite his depravity but because of it.

    1. @Ash Roskell At this point I don’t even attempt to predict what the GOP and the Trumpian horde will do. I know I was a life-long Republican and have now switched to being a Democrat. I Never predicted that. I will not be voting for any GOP member in my state, district or municipality, nor anyone aligning their political careers to that orange, obese despot!!! That is all I can control, but I do hope people will actually engage critical thinking when they choose their elected officials! The only certainty is the uncertainty of the country’s path. I know I can survive whatever occurs!

    2. @Ash Roskell
      That number is getting less and less every day, because Trump does nothing but throw his own people under the bus!

    3. And they will still be around long after Dump has gone.And don’t forget the wealthy fascists such as Murdoch and co who want the end of democracy.

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