Trump Rages At Twitter After Fact-Check Of His False Mail Ballots Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Rages At Twitter After Fact-Check Of His False Mail Ballots Tweet | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Tuhljin Tampergauge won’t happen, tos probably has arbitration. Better luck next time maybe?

    2. Because he brings eyeballs and clicks to Twitter. They crave that like zombies crave brains.

    3. @rizzo316 no deleteing Trumps account after How many times he has posted defamatory , false , slanderous, racist, masogonistic …and other statements all that could cause harm as that President? I dont have to give you a platform to make a ‘freespeech’ , you can stand on your own two feet and do it!

  1. It could stop if company’s quit using Twitter for sales ads….there is only 1 thing that guarantee a change…when somebody or a bussiness loses money …nobody likes their cash flow being messed with especially in these times

    1. It is a bit late for that the owner of Twitter has made over 20 billion dollars if everybody quit his family’s family family family family family would still be rich

    2. @Nic Moreno maybe I am misunderstanding your comment. Idk. Are you saying that the solution to Trump’s inappropriate tweets is for people to stop providing ad revenue to Twitter, instead of Twitter holding that lunatic accountable and preventing him from making these ridiculously offensive tweets about a dead women?

    3. Yes companys and individuals need to stop twitter because of their refusal to make things right for the family of this woman..the family asked and Twitter refused the lady has been laid to rest years ago and for this drama to pop up for political gain just tears the family hearts out and makes them relive their loss again…. ..sorry if i confused you

    1. @Darlene Smith

      ” What’s your point?! ”

      His point is the usual, that was what passes for a stealth post with racists.

    2. ” How I despise the limited barbarians who condemn what they don’t understand and the vicious who join the idiots to forbid what they enlighten. ” voltaire

    3. That’s why the media never talks bad about Democrats, and why Big Tech censors anything critical of the Left

  2. Imagine a friend or family member who lies compulsively, at least once every waking hour. Is that a person you’d trust or point out to your kids as someone to emulate? Even without other character flaws, the ability to be honest with others or yourself should disqualify someone from any leadership role. I wouldn’t work at a McDonald’s for a supervisor like Trump, let alone trust him to make life or death decisions for an entire planet.

    1. Karl Junck – Three years of Russia Russia Russia, absurd from the start, debunked entirely ages ago, and now destroyed further with declassified documents proving Democrats lied repeatedly since they had no evidence AT ALL yet told the credulous parrots in the media that they had solid proof, and the media still today pretends it’s a valid theory… yet you’re concerned about TRUMP being the liar here in this comments section of an MSNBC video. Hmm.

    2. @Tuhljin Tampergauge yes, sane people are concerned when the president lies ALL THE TIME.. crazy concept huh?

    3. Tuhljin Tampergauge why are you here bot?
      We can’t help your lying deflective, apathetic deplorableness .

    4. @Tuhljin Tampergauge maybe stick to your video games as you’ve shown common sense is not your forte.

    5. Free speech for all–yes that means for the President of USA! Move to China commie! Trump in Nov!

    1. @Red or Dead funny, I think maybe a year ago, I called CNN.
      My request was to speak to the fact checking department.
      And yes please DO THE SAME with fox.
      That was your response right.
      It is almost like Zany wack late night comedy.
      The poor female, I think, was like what do I do.
      She finally said the they don’t answer phones.
      CNN fact checking Department. Yeap

  3. Who thought once that getting rid of the president of the USA would become a national security priority?

    1. Chris Hick Its only Trumpettes that don’t want mail in ballots. That’s too much reading for them.

    1. @Joe Galati No, but it’s beautiful country, good people just like everywhere. I pitch in where Elizabeth asks in the down ballots when I get a chance. Maybe I’ll throw a few to McGrath(?) too.

  4. Twitter war with TWITTER about telling facts….oh boy Donnie you do keep it coming🙊🙉🙈

    1. Internet bill of rights
      Jack has now interfered in a election.
      Jack’s a naughty boy.

    2. @Michael Lowrey internet bill of rights, good luck getting any other government to agree on something Trump proposes

    1. @jose miranda yes it would , we should be safe and assume, when his mouth is moving, lies are spewing

    2. Agreed, news media needs to pretape all of trumps press conferences, screen them for accuracy. Present a balanced report.

    3. @ICU america hook him up to a lie detector with a buzzer that embarrasses him even he tells a lie

    1. NDFOOTBALL Trump voted by mail so if it’s good enough for him it is good enough for everyone else

    2. @Shin The left wants mail in ballots, wants to send the maximum number of ballots out (absent any verification of address and such) AND wants to allow ballot harvesting. Those three things in combination invite voter fraud.

    3. @NDFOOTBALL : nonsense. Voter ID cards are impractical, bureaucratic and expensive to administer. Who’s going to pay for this? Plus your belief that mail in ballots will lead to massive voter fraud is supported by what evidence? You also assume that all poor people are somehow devoid of morality and ethics and will do anything for a buck. If you want to see people like that look at the pathetic rich sociopaths that worship money. Coincidentally, they also don’t like mail in ballots.

    4. @NDFOOTBALL – You sound like you know who reason we’re in the position we’re in today!

  5. “I lost my job, the coal mine never reopened, my aunt suffocated to death from COVID-19… but I’m going to vote for Donny boy because I’m mad Twitter is fact-checking Donald’s bizarre and outlandish conspiracy theories”, said NoOne ever

    1. Clean king voter fraud by Republicans stealing mail-in ballots in North Carolina is the only verified case of mass voter fraud in the past 50 years. Republiclowns need to be monitored very closely for their systemic criminal activity

    2. The tragedy of Trump’s poor rural basers, is that they REALLY need help and are getting nothing. He’s even cutting their food stamps.
      But they’re compensated by getting all the racism they voted for.

    3. @JRG2733 they value racism over their own personal prosperity. That’s why the Red States look to Russia and love Russia more than America because they see a whites only paradise with a white leader for life… of course that isn’t true

    4. @Mathy Don No message is more visceral, powerful and cheap than saying to poor, ignorant people than that all their miseries are due to some other poor people of another color.

    5. JRG2733 ah of course, that’s why they don’t mind that Donald lies and didn’t realize-open any mines and didn’t do much for manufacturing (like the Foxconn scam)

    1. No better way to make your vote count.Trump would have called another fake national emergency to shut down polling stations. This is our insurance against his history of abuse of power.

    2. @ICU america actually no, the constitution clearly states that if an election isnt held then the current administration’s term will end on Jan 20, and the speaker of the house, Pelosi will become acting president.

      While a delay is possible it doesnt mean the president or VP term will be extended past 4yrs.
      the only way that they can extent their term is to win an election for a 2nd term.

      The only other way to change this is a change is the constitution, but that takes a supermajority of 67% in the senate, very unlikely.

      So the question is would Trump risk Pelosi becoming acting president. LOL no i dont think so.

    3. @OBAMA STOLE MY TOUPEE good to know, however his erratic behaviorwitnesses on staff are being asked by trump some odd questions. What can be done to stop the flow of mail during election? Can polling stations be placed out of state? Consensus is he’s cooking up a voter suppression plan. His campaign manager is ready to walk because trump keeps undermining his efforts, and blaming him for dropping in the polls.A breakup is cooking.

  6. So how many votes by mail, was there when Trump got elected?
    Sounds like the man knows something about cheating with mail votes. What knowledge could that be?

    1. He wants to stop the mail in votes because to many people will vote. By forcing everyone to go to the polls he can stop alot of people from voting. The republicans will take away polling place, have people there to intimidate voters, they can change your votes on the machine, they will deny people the right to vote. THAT’S WHY HE DOESN’T WANT MAIL IN VOTES, JUST TO MANY VOTES AGAINST HIM.

    2. @Italianmom closing polling places available for minorities was already done in 2018 in Kansas…among other places.
      Done by republicans to help republicans.

      Don’t misunderstand. I know there are a handful of decent conservative leaning citizens that can vote, but I increasingly believe that the politicians that associate with the same party that are irredeemable.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks this sort of fact-checking should become the norm for all politicians?

    1. @Darth Quantum Go for it. You don’t have to wait on twitter or anyone else to fact- check….Obama, Pelosi, Bush, trump or your grandma. Do it yourself.

    1. @Sir Ducky LMAO. Biased.

      I know Trump paid you to say these exact words, otherwise people with intelligence will never back him up.

      Let Twitter do their job. These things Trump ‘claimed’ to be true will be tested, one by one.

    2. Google User It is biased. The person who wrote the rules of twitter and is responsible for fact checking literally calls Trump and the entire White House Nazis

  8. The so called “president” of a nation spends more time on social media than on his job! Pathetic

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