Trump Ranks Among The Worst Presidents In History, According To Survey

President Trump ranks among the worst presidents in history, according to a new C-Span survey. Douglas Brinkley, Walter Isaacson and Annette Gordon-Reed discuss.

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Trump Ranks Among The Worst Presidents In History, According To Survey


    1. @Yanski Arbuckle He restored America’s name globally, and got multi-lateral negotiations with our allies that had written us off. USA is 44th place on the Press Freedom Index for a reason. They let 1 in 8 Americans think the moron won and Biden stole it, in spite of 60 challenges shot down.

    2. yea he’s called Joe and the Hoe. Just shut your eyes and listen to Joe Biden speak. And think my god he’s the freakin president

    3. @Yanski Arbuckle he’s a million times better than Trump. And doing most of the stuff he promised he was gonna do to fix this country. So far Joe Biden is very successful regardless how much you don’t like him.

    1. No the only debate that sticks out to me is where kamala harris called out Joe biden for voting against school segragation

    2. There was no big switch, great justification for someone who terrorized people of color and just because he put a D by his name later in life he gets a pass. Says the white liberal who is busy backing CRT and confessing how whites are racist and are guilty in some way of keeping the brown and black people down which one is it. Can’t have it both ways! Saying you are a Democrat does not give you a pass, think for yourself-free your mind, get off the plantation. 🙈

    3. @Dave Audy And you are so blinkered, under Trump, black unemployment was at record lows and black employment the best by a Republican Pres in 60yrs !!! also got the biggest black vote 12% by a Republican Pres. Maybe you should do some research before you make foolish statements.

    1. @Matt Haines
      investigating criminality does not compare to Trump trying to start a Civil War… But ok

    2. @JMC Ranch
      How is it proven again can you please site your information because I’m pretty sure it’s been proven otherwise over 400 indictments of known Trump supporters even trumps on staff was there just stop

    3. @KesArt I would bet good money Mr. Kesart got his “truth proof” from OAN or NewsMax!!!

    4. @Joe Strutter Complete lie, fox news hasnt ever said 1 positive thing about the biden administration. AON, The Hill, All news for republicans. Just watch it.

  1. President Insurrection ranks worse than William Henry Harrison because he didn’t have the common decency to die a month into his single disastrous term.

  2. Conald is “AMONG” the worst not the best of worst? I bet if he would have gotten four more years he could’ve easily fulfilled Magats belief that he’s the best [worst] president ever

    1. “Hey, I ranked 44/45.
      In percentages, that’s 97.8%. Pretty good by my standards !!”

    2. Being Fourth Place at being the worst isn’t good enough for ol’ Adolf Twitler…Those rankings were rigged…

  3. “President Trump is a failed leader. He will go down in history as the worst president ever.”
    -Arnold Schwarzenegger

    1. @Joe Barr I would gladly hear Arnold’s perspective on history of WWII, Arnold grew up after the war, which was not easy. Austria fought together with Germany. Arnold’s father was a NSDAP and SA, Sturmabteilung, member, and was stationed as a Company Sergeant Major for the Military Police in the 4th Panzer Army at the East Front. He won an Iron Cross 1st Class. He was definitely a fascist. Arnold denounced the legacy of Austrian and German far right and fascist legacy. But you can not choose your father or your family.

    2. “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing the members of the American public for suckers.”
      – Mitt Romney

    1. MAGAs vision of America along with their master trump is nothing but division, hatred and white nationalists. Forced to vote for 1 man, 1 ideology, 1 party. If anyone is against that he goes around claiming the country is falling apart because democracy prevailed over authoritarianism. Only trump can politicize and weaponize everything, make a joke of the judicial system, have corrupt cronies in his cabinet, basically support abolish freedom of the press, basically support neo nazis, white supremacists, radicalize, create authoritarianism and then come out saying I’ll be back in 2024 and have his supporters come out saying we need America back. Wtf kinda version of America are they thinking?

  4. I don’t think Trump’s done yet, give him a chance he’ll make the bottom of that list yet.
    I guess I can see how my statement might be misunderstood so to be perfectly clear by bottom of the list I meant WORST president ever.

    1. @Paulus de Boskabouter absolutely!! America won’t last another 4yrs under Trump! He is the worst!!

  5. “Nothing else like Trump’s ‘Cavernous Stupidity’ in U.S. history”
    – Historian and presidential biographer Douglas Brinkley

    1. @Hush Money
      He just started, but the relief package and the vaccination campaign is very good, Republicans are big babies, they took an oath to reject any democratic policies, even if it helps the people, the GOP is a criminal organisation that works for the wealthy while making life harder on those who have nothing, they’re cruel, careless and they need to be voted out of existence. at least he’s not out there dividing the nation and bragging about how great he is, what’s your favorite trump policy?

    2. @Hush Money Cages did just what they were supposed to do – hurt, not help!! Another hurt is the costs of the THUGS that called themselves ICE Agents – from the same gene pool as the Blackwater gang. Republicans may talk jobs, but it seems that most of their ideas result in highly paid Contractors whose salaries are at least twice what our Cops are paid!!

    3. Guaranteed in a 2nd Trump term:

      – MORE racism
      – MORE misogyny
      – MORE attacks on women’s rights
      – MORE attacks on LGBTQ rights
      – MORE bullying
      – MORE hate crimes
      – MORE tax breaks for the rich
      – MORE corruption
      – MORE pollution
      – MORE misery
      – MORE poverty
      – MORE coronavirus

    4. @Dr Dtv, there won’t be s second Trump presidency, he is fading by the minute. But, well, his followers are used to living in complete mental darkness so it might take a while for them to discover that their idol has vanished…

    1. tRumplicans will use this as a wedge issue against intellectuals. It will give fuel to political entities attempting to frighten and bully the public concerning critical race theory and social justice issues–“This proves they are brainwashing our kids”. Just wait for the comparison between this ranking and the removal of Confederate monuments, the cult loves nothing more than self-pity.

    1. Yeah literally every other president was “president of the United States” and not just some chode who ran as a joke, didn’t even wanna win but once he did decided to exploit the office and the very country which he’s supposed to be serving for his own personal financial gain.

  6. should be the worst. and these “historians” have reagan in the top 10, lol. reagan was absolutely horrible.

    1. @Katrina Paton He could have handled the AIDS epidemic better, at least in the beginning. But I also think he was doing what he thought at the time was right. But I do give him kudos for the Cold War. Unfortunately, with Trump Reagan would turn over in his grave with the way Trump handled Putin.

    2. Reagan gave Rupert Murdoch a green card and allowed him to establish the FOX propaganda services, which has done immeasurable damage to America since its conception, Reagan also introduced Reaganomics which allowed multinational companies to not pay federal and state taxes and to reduce the quality of life for most Americans, before Reagan corporations paid their way now corporations rely on corporate socialism handouts from the community coffers.

    1. @Irish Diva Jeffries No not this much, what’s your reply on Lumber up 356% , Enjoy your inflation and your illegal immigration and deadly drugs going thru our borders at an alarming rate. You don’t give him credit at all. Your a liberal free loader looking for anything free. Hope you don’t want to build a house anytime soon.

    2. @Michael Cappuccio yea well get ready he is going smoke all you liberal free loader. Won’t be able to cheat in conservative states anymore. Hey how’s your crime infested liberal cities doing right now ????

  7. Trump didn’t even get a favourable review from Stormy Daniels. He should have stuck to being a two bit TV celeb.

    1. The Velveeta King was seriously crushed by Stormy’s less than stellar review. No wonder he hates his subpoenas.

  8. Among? AMONG? He is without a doubt, the worst “acting” president ever to be elected by the Electoral College, not the people.

  9. This is exactly why republicans despise academics, science and intellectualism, even if these 3 things are Apolitical, they still recognize right policies as absurd, stupid and dangerously ignorant.

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