1. @Rodney Short
      In reality, they provided tons of evidence. Video evidence, records, and the testimony of Trump’s closest inner circle. Your boy is screwed.

    1. @Timothy Young Under oath? You do realize of course that within less than a minute he would perjurer himself!

  1. If he’s so “innocent” then he should bring all of his receipts, proving it. Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours w/out a subpoena. Let’s see if he’s as tough as his supporters think…

    1. @Skyler Thompson yessiree Bob we sure as hell are yuk yuk yuk! And they ain’t a darn thing “y’all” can do about it!

  2. C’mon Donnie…speak your “truth” to power. Your a big strong man….don’t let a little fear of perjury stand in your way…

    1. @davidc.serido so….nothing then…that’s what we all thought….your paucity of ideas is revealing. Thanks for playing!

  3. They’re not asking. A subpoena is not asking. It’s an order. He could have volunteered at any time.

    1. @L You said “You know he’s not going to appear! You can bet on that!”
      Then he’s going to be convicted of contempt of Congress. He’s no longer protected because of the presidency or by his own Attorney General.

    2. @L * I think he will agree to appear with negotiating conditions, and when the committee says no to his negotiating with conditions, trumpy will use that telling everyone he agreed to appear. trumpy is not smart enough to understand the meaning of a supeona.

  4. Safe to say there’s no timeframe they would have called him to testify which would have met without criticism, much more had they called him earlier.

  5. Supreme Court left him in the cold, FBI is at full-blast, special “handler” of Trump’s documents probably will go away, and now Congress is in his face with a subpoena. I’m glad my dream of becoming never came true, because Trump is definitely having one of the worst Octobers of his life.

  6. This is turning into what looks like a “Rico” case. That’s what it should be with all these People connected together!

    1. @Adam Flores
      The recycling overworked underpaid queen vladz troll clowns
      Aren’t they hilarious?🤣🤡🤣

  7. “We enabled him, and look where it’s gotten us” says it all Now we need the spineless Congress and All his cronies that support and enabled him charged and held accountable for aiding him to commit crimes So done with all these traitors

    1. You are so right on.. And we let him do super speader rallies..people got covid from these rallies and died…

  8. ” I spoke to officials at the BOP and they are incredibly busy designing and constructing my cell to the likes of which nobody has ever seen in prison history. The warden is a very very good friend of mine and he’s an amazing amazing man. Together we will make prison’s great again and get prisoner’s working and create economic growth within our prison system. I have been asked to oversee all prison documents which may be very very important to our country’s security “– Donald J Trump.

  9. ” I have the world’s most amazing amazing secret filing systems of the likes which no one has ever ever seen before. My files have the most incredible letters and numbers. Nobody has ever had more amazing letters and words in their files as me. I will be working very very hard with the DOJ and also with my friends at the FBI to improve all filing systems in our country and to keep all secret documents safe with a padlock for the security of our great nation ” –Donald J Trump.

  10. Just imagine Trump NOT being able to take the 5th, and being questioned by an experienced lawyer. Not the type Trump finds on Craigslist and hires.

  11. It’s incredible how much legal work is required to subpoena a person like Trump given how obviously criminal he is.

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