Trump Reacts To Criminal Investigation By New York AG 1

Trump Reacts To Criminal Investigation By New York AG


Former President Donald Trump has released a statement in response to the New York attorney general's office pursuing a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. NBC News’ Peter Alexander reports.

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    1. @Shane Dillon that’s the problem, Shane, you rely on others for your info in lieu of doing your own due diligence. That makes you a sheep.

    2. Oh? The fact that no one so far has provided no information on the questions I asked whatsoever makes me a sheep? But what of the people who fail to answer the question? Are they not in the same place? If I do not have the facts, and I am a sheep, then what of the people who cannot even answer the question? Blind leading the blind as it were to seem.

    3. @Shane Dillon sorry for the delay, I had an imbecile trying to sell me a home security system on my porch and he couldn’t comprehend what -no soliciting- means. He was good though, hit me with at least 6 sales techniques in the span of 3 minutes.
      No sale, not interested.

    4. Funny,another comment with no facts or answers,just deflection. But personally I would have sent him away with just 1 minute. I don’t require a security system.

  1. I KNOW this bad bwoy never thought the long arm of the law would catch up with him and now it has!! There’s no Barr to make it disappear this time. A new sheriff’s in town, lol!!!

    1. @Elbar Jones said the guy who’s only argument was calling me ignorant. Good luck snowflake.

    2. @R Stedler The communist Democrats are so desperate and trying to pin a crime on Trump because they know he will be reelected because they can’t cheat this time in 2024. The election laws have changed.

  2. 45’s crimes were made in plain sight. Not surprising Leticia wanted to go after him. That no one did go, was a major reason for my frustration.

    1. The communist Democrats are so desperate and trying to pin a crime on Trump because they know he will be reelected because they can’t cheat this time in 2024. The election laws have changed.

    2. @Truth91 what crime has Trump committed?

      Can you name one?

      Did he threaten to withhold $1 billion in US taxpayer money like China Joe Biden if the prosecutor wasn’t fired investigating a cocaine addict sons $83,000 per month gig at the most corrupt Ukrainian gas company in the nation?

      You mean like that crime ?

    3. @James Smith Under President Trump the Middle East was contained, just as our border was contained. There were no spiking gas prices, no fuel shortages, no inflation to be found,
      Trumps ‘ America First’ policies gave us the best economic numbers in 70 years with his tax cuts, and by getting rid of Obama and Biden‘s business killing & oppressive job killing regulations.

      Trump also opened up Federal land drilling, fracking and offshore oil drilling which made us energy independent for the first time in 65 years not dependent on foreign oil from nations that chant ‘ death to America’

      A staggering 500,000+ ILLEGAL migrants have entered the United States illegally, since China Joe Biden’s presidency. It’s increasing daily and he does nothing.

      1000,s of rockets from the terrorist group Hamas is being launched into Israel . Is this a coincidence? They did not do any of this when Trump was in office for four years. But they’re doing it now.

      This is not a ‘pro – Trump ‘ analysis, these are just simple FACTS !

      In just over 100 days China Joe Biden has completely destroyed all of this.

      As a former registered Democrat of 15 years myself, I walked away from the party because of China Joe Biden’s America last’ policies

  3. He said, during the Hillary debate, that he pays no taxes and that made him “smart”. Bet that video is already evidence.

    1. Using the tax code for your advantage is not a crime, he didn’t write it and his accountants would be to blame, are you alive?

    2. @Christopher Lane oh please. No overt criminality? SDNY announced yesterday that the investigation has moved from civil to CRIMINAL. If you cheat on State taxes you also cheated on Federal. That comes from a team of lawyers. Trump had been a straight up thug. Many of us remember him from fifty years ago. Karma finally caught up with him.

    3. Yes, just like he claimed he’s a “very stable genius.” So genius in fact, that he had to start the Jan 6 riot in order to try to steal more votes for himself. He’s such a crook himself.

  4. I need results, not just fluff about the grifter because far too many lives this cat seems to have.

    1. @Jorgen dahl A second Georgia County Fayette county found 2,755 ballots which had not been uploaded on a memory card. When this memory card was uploaded the result was 1,577 for Trump and I,128 for Biden, the rest for other parties.

    2. @dragonfly6908 and Biden still won. You get that 500 is less than the 13,000 Biden win by in Georgia right?

    3. The legal system works at a snail’s pace even with the most solid cases against a defendant, Trump’s humpers will do anything and everything to delay this process as long as possible, but it’s not looking good for Trump at all..

      Regardless of jail time or not, he’s still in deep and will be facing lawsuits throughout his deranged senior whining years


    5. His seeming to have so many lives stems from his having been immune from prosecution for most of the last four years. Fear not! Justice is coming for him soon now.

    1. You seem to be confused. The communist Democrats are so desperate and trying to pin a crime on Trump because they know he will be reelected because they can’t cheat this time in 2024. The election laws have changed.

  5. I have never met myself. I don’t know me. I might have seen myself in a mirror once and taken a photograph of myself but I can’ t be expected to remember every selfie….and so on and so forth….

  6. When it comes to corruption this man knows what he’s saying. I mean he wakes up every day and looks in the mirror and sees it first hand!

    1. @The Son Man I’m concerned that if you don’t consider a multi billionaire like Trump as a swamp creature, you might then see me with 60 dollars in my pocket as a swamp creature lol

    2. trump is tragically lacking in creativity. He can’t come up with a single original criticism of anybody …his own faults are the only ones he can perceive. And when he wants to lay on compliments — zilch. All he’s got are generic positives like great, terrific, wonderful… sometimes he’ll sneak in a smart, but he really means that that person just stroked his ego wot a tw@

    3. @The Son Man Yup you are correct. And the good Lord is willing and the creek won’t rise and Hallelujah the plot to bury him will succeed.
      And it will be glorious when he topples from his throne.


    4. @Andrew Protecting him from what? Barr didn’t stop Letitia James or ANY of the Dems from trying to impeach him! Who has actually ‘protected’ Trump over the last 4 years? Mueller, Ukraine, Capitol? When were ANY of these investigations/impeachment proceedings ever shielded away from Trump?

    5. @Julie Crane Keep on trying Dems! Have been trying to take him down for 4 years now. Here is a novel concept, why doesn’t Letitia James and the Democrats/FBI/DOJ actually go after someone that is responsible for 16,000 plus American citizens deaths in nursing homes in NY???

  7. I heard authorities are preparing for an arrest, there’s been a special order for an extra large orange jumpsuit and one set of tiny handcuffs.

    1. @Kim Pensinger Trump is morbidly obese and makes himself an easy target with that mouth of his. Trump has the impulse control of a six year-old.

    2. @Kim Pensinger after looking through your recent comment history I can say with conviction you don’t have any room to call someone classless, you

    1. “ of a crime. Make no mistake that is exactly what is happening here.” A crime? Definitely. And that is a confession Mr Stable Genius.

    2. Who Donald Trump ? I may of met him an spoken to him but too say were close is Far Fetched … O Wait , you mean me ! Damit!!

  8. There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation in search of invisible watermarks, bamboo in paper and incinerated chickens.

    1. Yes Putin Jr. Russian asset Trump tried his damnest to stay in office by overthrowing government. Which is a major failure for both Trump and his boss Putin. But he’s still trying to destroy America from within just like Putin wants him to do.

    2. @Sara Mill because dems stiffed ballots in chickens and burned them. And all paper from china its bamboo

    1. @Jamie Thomas what kind of man supports pelosi, Schumer, sanders, AOC, don lemon, Anderson cooper, Pete buta cheeks? Be a man Jamie

  9. They MUST BE prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law and shown NO LENIENCY . This is not revenge or a political salvo …. it’s called being held ACCOUNTABLE for repeatedly violating laws that anyone of us would already be in prison for . GO get’em SDNY !!!

    1. “There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that is in a desperate search for a crime that does not exist”
      – Donald J Trump

    2. @Emissary Sisko You’d fight for him but he would turn his back on you like he did on the Jan. 6 insurrectionists. He called them criminals after he riled them up to go do what they did at the capitol with his lies about the election. You’d fight for a con man with no honor who stole millions from his own supporters, stole millions from children’s charities, stole millions from people that went to Trump University. The list is too long of the illegal things he’s done. You can’t indict a sitting president but the office can’t protect him from the law anymore.

  10. This will be hilarious because his secret service agents will have to “STAND BACK AND STAND BY” while he is arrested

    1. @tposeinfly Yet another bit of sad little irony, that Trump’s Deranged Supporters think that TDS refers to anything but themselves.

    2. Yeah that’s never going to happen. Notice the only ever announce they are investigating something and literally nothing even happens? This has gone on non stop for years.

    3. @Ryan Taylor There, there…there, there…did that mean ol’ reality scare you, poor guy? Don’t worry — close your eyes and do your witch hunt chant, and you can escape it yet again. For a while.

  11. He’s about to find out she found exactly what she was looking for and he’s going to be punished big time for all of that.

  12. Every time he calls something a witch hunt they find a lot of witches many of them have been indicted. His whole family with the exception of Barron and Tiffany are in the crosshairs.

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