Trump Really Thinks He'll Be Reinstated As President (He Won't) 1

Trump Really Thinks He’ll Be Reinstated As President (He Won’t)


The National Review confirmed a New York Times report that Trump is telling people he will be reinstated as president – something that has absolutely no basis. Lisa Lerer of The New York Times joins to discuss.
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  1. The US has become fundamentally broken now… and I’m at a loss to imagine how you’re going to fix it.

    1. @Aaron Frick Are you a perv?
      Or why would you think about school yards?

      Russian trolls always use personal attacks because you guys have no real arguments to defend the guy you are getting paid to defend.

      Are you afraid of Vlad?

    2. @blue03r6
      So you’ve obviously moved up to 2 quarts of Orange Kool-Aid a day now, right?
      Lucky you. Keep it up. At least we know you’re out in the light instead of behind some wall fruitlessly trying to sharpen your…wits.

  2. This is why we need to keep being engaged. Vote (and volunteer if possible) in all elections from local to national.

  3. Growing up america always had it’s issues but today it feels like there are so much lunatics running around

    1. Yea, widespread indoctrination will do that. My nephew has to stand up in his elementary school class and apologize to his class for his “whiteness”. Good ole’ CRT in the classroom. Widespread indoctrination is what’s happening. I was really hoping the UFO’s would turn out to be hostile aliens that would blow up our entire planet… we deserve it at this point.

    2. @JANET EVERETT You can doubt all you want, but it’s a thing that’s happening all over the place now. Five minutes of your time and a google search will show you videos of parents complaining in school board meetings because their children are experiencing something similar. Good day, Karen… I mean Janet.

  4. LOL he’s right about “the big lie”, only it isn’t what he thinks it is. Boy, America is in for a big surprise.

    1. August is just two months away when your lord and saviour trump isn’t reinstated tell us what are you going to do?

    1. What do you expect Donald Trump is an iconic superstar. People have strong feelings one way or another.

    2. @James Smith When I was about 8 years old my father ran over a nest of rabbits with the lawn mower. One of the baby bunnies was perfectly fine, so I grabbed an old shoebox and put the baby bunny in with some wash towels for warmth. I wondered what a baby bunny would eat so my dad had me grab an eye dropper and get some milk.
      I got the milk and the dropper and started to feed the baby bunny. Man that thing was hungry! It kept opening its mouth for more!
      It wasn’t until it died that I realized it wasn’t hungry – it was gasping for air. And every time it did I would squirt more milk into its mouth.
      I drowned a baby bunny with milk. Drop, by drop, by drop…

  5. I find it fascinating people are actually believing these “unnamed sources”. I’ve seen what the media does when there is actual video of what people say where you can prove they are taking things out of context at best and straight up lying at worst. No video? It’s best to assume the sources aren’t real, or lying. Especially since the ratings for media are so far down across the board.

  6. Again telling you what to think.
    Don’t think for yourself, you aren’t illuminated enough!

  7. It’s frightening that a majority of Republicans support a person for President that doesn’t respect, or even accept, the Constitution.

  8. Orange Delusionist: “I’m going to be reinstated and Mexico is going to pay for it.”
    Alzheimer’s is a terrible affliction.

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