Trump Rebuked For ‘Lynching’ Comment: He’s ‘A Violent White Nationalist’ | MSNBC

Trump Rebuked For 'Lynching' Comment: He's 'A Violent White Nationalist' | MSNBC 1


Rutgers Professor Brittany Cooper says she’s ‘deeply offended’ by Trump’s comparison of being ‘held accountable’ by the impeachment inquiry, to the ‘spectacular violence of lynching.’ As Trump faces new damning Ukraine evidence, he claims impeachment is like a ‘lynching.’ The comparison drawing wide rebuke from democrats, civil rights leaders and the rare condemnation from many GOP leaders. Aired on 10/22/19.
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Trump Rebuked For 'Lynching' Comment: He's 'A Violent White Nationalist' | MSNBC

47 Comments on "Trump Rebuked For ‘Lynching’ Comment: He’s ‘A Violent White Nationalist’ | MSNBC"

  1. You don’t like the impeachment inquiry?
    It’s happening

    • Yep hiding behind closed doors. Hypocrisy as the same people demanded openness with the muller report

    • Do not burn down your neighborhood when he he still in office 5 years from now.

    • Libtard Hunter | October 23, 2019 at 7:31 AM | Reply

      or what forrest? you going to get you mother? Fairy….. ^

    • REALLY 😱 when ?? I don’t think so!!!!! They just want to make people think they are going to and that he’s doing something wrong so they can sway the votes in 2020! what a joke!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  2. right wingers brains = its a crime to force right wingers to obey laws!
    very rich…

  3. Heather Gillett MUA | October 22, 2019 at 11:50 PM | Reply

    Graham tat tsk. You will pay for that

  4. Trump better start getting on his knees for Putin to help him get out of this one.

    • SEBASTION HAWK | October 23, 2019 at 4:10 AM | Reply

      the russian “collusion” is a myth, and, it is SO passe’…it is PUBLIC RECORD that the whole “collusion” thing was initiated by a FISA warrant that was based in nothing but fiction. PUBLIC RECORD.

    • Pretty sure Vlad stopped taking Donnie’s calls a while ago.

  5. Good.
    Even if it is to save their own hide, it shows that even Trump’s sycophants aren’t willing to die for him on his words.

    They are still getting voted out at next election though.

  6. Trump needs to work on his vocabulary. (among other things)
    “Lynching” “Witch hunt” “Hoax” “Fake” “I” “Me” “Genius” “Perfect”

    • Pointy Anointy | October 23, 2019 at 4:00 AM | Reply

      Don’t forget ‘stable genius’ and ‘unmatched wisdom’. Hilarious!

    • Vivian Stimpson | October 23, 2019 at 6:13 AM | Reply

      Whatever the problem is, Trump finds a way to blame others. Trump’s tactic of blame is especially aimed at Allies, media, press, google, President Obama, Madam Clinton, and democrats who he blamed for almost every issue and does this relentlessly.

    • First of all, Black people do not own the word lynching.  People all over the world since the beginning of humanity have experienced lynch mobs and lynching – not just blacks!!  People who were accused of crimes were often dragged out of their jail cells and hung.  And yes, this included many white people too.  Black people think they own every word and they are the only ones that have been persecuted.  Give me a break!

    • Nevyn of OZ 1973 | October 23, 2019 at 10:23 AM | Reply

      @Uniqueness Entertainment Do not anthropomorphise a non sentient life form. Trump uses those words because his vocab is near dead. Oranges of the Russia probe.

  7. Political Overload | October 23, 2019 at 12:20 AM | Reply

    What,,, Witch Hunt isn’t good enough anymore? Had to step it up a notch?

    • @Political Overload that’s funny because president trump sounds just like Danny Davis and Gregory Meeks in 1998 both were black Democrats and both said the impeachment of Clinton was a political lynching. They must be racist against themselves. The Democrats and msnbc are hypocrites

    • @Stone Men If it wasn’t for double standards the democrats would have no standards!

  8. Hang the Nazi loving traitor Graham and Oligarch Trump too.

    • David Drake Yeah, Guiotine for Trump.

    • Sean Breen — Trump is an asset. All his “arguments” are fallacy. He gets mileage out of them because few people have attained emotional majority to see through his narratives. Anybody who has survived personal gas-lighting, however, knows his game from the inside out.

    • Emma Bradford As much as I would love to believe he is only an asset I think people are not giving him enough credit. I don’t think he’s that stupid to be played by the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin, not for 30 years! He came back from Russia in 1987 as a strong advocate and has never been more committed to anything else other than his claims that Obama wasn’t born in America and he could see his base supporters cheering on the rooftops in New Jersey on Sept. 11th. Over the last three decades more Russian money has been laundered through Deutsche bank and his failed hotels across the world than any American has spent on Trump. He was investigated during the Bush administration for his involvement with Moscow during the 2000 elections, the only reason why more people don’t know about it is because he was investigated under the controversial Patriot Act. This guy didn’t just trip and fall into a Russian conspiracy, he stepped into the fight for them when we thought we won the Cold War. He’s Russia’s last great hope at defeating America and he’s doing a good job.

    • Camrahnbay Camrahnbay | October 23, 2019 at 11:51 AM | Reply

      Don’t forget the the real traitors Obama Clinton Brennan just to name a few.

    • @Sean Breen well if that isn’t an asset I don’t know what is

  9. Let’s thank Mr Steele for posting such a horrifying picture so as to speak the truth to Trump’s lies.

  10. There goes Grahams political career. And one less leech to worry about.

  11. Lynching happens to innocent people. So that definitely excludes Don the Con Traitor Trump.

  12. David Boudreau | October 23, 2019 at 12:56 AM | Reply

    Not an unfortunate choice of words, an unfortunate choice of leaders! Prices of 💩!!!

  13. Lindsey Graham’s brief resurgence of humanity over Syria seems to have vanished once again.

    • ruth depew We need to send Graham and tRUMP to dine with the Kurds . It’s the least we can do .

    • ruth depew: Graham is compromised and thinks his loyalty to Trump will prevent total destruction of his life


  14. What has Trump &/or Russia got on Lindsay Graham??

  15. When I listen to this lady then I know there is hope ❤️ for the U S A

  16. It’s the same as David Duke claiming he is being lynched.Trumps favourite weapon ,projecting.

  17. You look really bad when Moscow Mitch has a better moral compass than you Lindsey.

  18. I love her.

  19. “Oh brother…when it ukraines, it pours” – Trump 2019

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