Trump Refused To Call Off Rioters During Kevin McCarthy Phone Call On Jan. 6 | All In | MSNBC 1

Trump Refused To Call Off Rioters During Kevin McCarthy Phone Call On Jan. 6 | All In | MSNBC


“It undermines the entire defense that the President’s lawyers have put on," says Sen. Van Hollen discussing the new reporting on Kevin McCarthy's phone call with Trump in which he refused to call off rioters. Aired on 02/12/2021.
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Trump Refused To Call Off Rioters During Kevin McCarthy Phone Call On Jan. 6 | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Noreb Wrong ,you race obsessed fool. HOMICIDE is the NUMBER ONE cause of death for Black males ages 1-44 ….or is the CDC “racist” ???

      The question you should be asking yourself is why you don’t know this information and why your beloved mass media keeps it from you

    2. @President Elect Keith Nonetheless Joseph Biden is the qualified and duly elected President of the United States of America and he is already wasting no time cleaning up the mess Trump and his cop killing cult enabled him make. Your welcome. Now carryon you are dismissed.

    1. They had media all inside the capital the second they broke in, it was a false flag and this channel is CCP propaganda

    1. We whites have clung to sense of entitlement from the time we crossed the Atlantic, American natives pushed from there land, African natives imported for slave labor, Mexicans immagrints demonized. We believe we are superior, trump reinforced the believe, we are supreme, supremacy, white supremacy.

    2. America has a special brand of stupid and it’s very popular with a large sector of the public. The US is like a banana republic where the GOP are bananas. The GOP should never be given power again. Completely (apart from a handful of lawmakers) bereft of principles.

  1. *_If they don’t convict him, does that mean he’s innocent? No, it just means the spineless Senators are guilty.._*

    1. @William H Music 2021 this has got to be the dumbest thing on the internet sheep blindly follow a leader no matter what they say or do which describes Trump followers pretty well this is just like when flat eathers call people sheep

    2. I believe that the the Republicans Senators will vote not to impeach Trump.
      If it didn’t affect them personally they are not going to find Trump guilty.
      Trump will reap what he sow before he leaves this world.

    3. My guess is that many of them are afraid to upset his fan base – and some like Ted Cruz try to harness Trump’s fans for his further ambitions.
      Some of them (and I include Cruz and Lindsay Graham there) are so spineless that they probably hope that enough other GOP senators vote Trump out of the way for themselves to benefit.
      I guess Mitch McConnell would do the same If he didn’t know he is too old to aspire for presidency and wouldn’t stand a chance, anyway.
      I hope their cynicism will haunt them to the end of their lives.

  2. Republicans are all about personal responsibility, right? Responsibility has consequences. Leadership has consequences. Holding a political office, its responsibilities and leadership, has consequences. Abuse the responsibilities and suffer the consequences – imagine that.

    1. No they just SAY they are about personal responsibility, but 9 times out of 10 it’s one of them doing crack with male prostitutes

    2. They don’t know what they’re about anymore. It used to be traditional values. Now its just a mess. I fear Bush was the last “true” Republican President we will ever have.

  3. I’m REALLY surprised that people are surprised that Trump will utter something as base as that. Trump is anything but subtle…..really sad that the Republican party has decided that they will invest in hate and fear!

    1. Because they want power to do whatever they want to and not be held accountable for it as far as they are concerned the only people who be held accountable is the people who are stopping them from getting there way.

    2. They are so afraid of losing their seats – trump threatened them to get rid of them If they vote to impeach them

    1. @Allen Goodman Not at all like President Biden, who may stutter, but is well spoken and written. I will take Joe over a man who collaborates with Russia and N. Korea any day! Remember all those copyrights and patents the traitor’s family gained from China? I don’t see Joe with any of those. I would be very pleased if you never, ever contacted me again? I am not in a fit of rage so I’m very certain I have made myself clear! Jesus said, “Do all things with love.” So, I wish you happiness and love in your life.

    2. @Barbara Moore I do give credit to Biden, I have a stutter, I refuse to talk in public, I will not permit anyone to disrespect me!

    3. @Allen Goodman Biden speaks in public, are you forgetting the debates he won when Trump wouldn’t stop interrupting? Still, Biden won. How do you think he won the election by millions of votes? His quiet, non violent mannerisms impressed the vast majority of Americans. Please, do a fact check before you believe the garp conspiracy theories, urban legends, etc.?

    1. @Douglas Swails despite the pandemic, deJoy and removal of ballot boxes and mailboxes, and setting ballot boxes on and so much more…he is STILL a sucker and a LOSER!!!

    2. @Richard Barry ONE thing that affects both parties is the need for *term limits*…Two terms like the President and then bring in New fresh thinking. This 40 to 50 year’s is a little too much in office living off the taxpayers $$

  4. if trump didn’t incite the riot, why did all these republican congressmen call him in order to call it off?

    1. That’s the second argument that the dems missed as part of the prosecution. The other was “For what purpose did Trump have to hold a rally after he had lost the election if not to incite a coup?”

    1. Stimulus Dragon – No, America has been walking, jogging, hitching and driving down that road for at least 4 years. It’s the road in the horror films where you really don’t want to go to the last house on the left…

    2. @D Mercury One man’s bad decision: “House Security Chief Said Optics Played Role In Denying Early Request For National Guard”
      “Former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving said he believed congressional leadership would be wary of military at the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

    3. We have been telling America for a long time that you have a fascist Dictator in Trump. Greetings and good luck from Germany.

    4. America has been on this road hundreds of years ago. Only difference now is racist now turned their aim on fellow whites

    1. Stump said at the last debate that he didn’t run for President to be a politician. He ran to overturn our government. Thank goodness the citizens came out in droves to prove they didn’t want him in office and to save democracy. This is our Country and we proved it.

    1. @Laura Silverstone It was not Antifa. I believe that you believe this, but Antifa is America’s version of the Great Enemy that every authoritarian uses as a scapegoat/justification to people such as yourself.

  5. Of course Trump wasn’t going to call off his own insurrection. Not even to save Mike Pence’s life. *There is no honor among Republicans* and no remorse from sociopaths.

    1. And cruz, Hawly and Graham are all helping Trumps attorneys to act as if what Trump has been doing for the past 4 years are ok, and that his actions are just the way they accept him. They kept saying that Dems hate Trump.I don’t hate anyone, but I do not like anything Trump stands for. He has 74 million people who are just as bad as he is. That’s scary.

    2. So true. Every one of them still defending his actions, don’t realize he would throw them under the bus in a heartbeat to save his own skin.

    1. already has. weirdly…the first to be killed off was one of them that had a good showing of the ill behaviour in the election. rip ron

    2. Make sure you get woke. That way nobody will mistake you for a traitor. Shave your head and paint a rainbow up there. That way they will know you where never at the capitol

    1. You first would have to prove Trump had something to do with it. So far you have no evidence and a whole lot of hurt feelings. If it was a 1980 court of law you would have no case. But since it’s 2021 and feelings get counted as evidence you might win.

    2. @Jew Dy Kevin Greeson’s wife and her attorney deny that he tazed himself. It was a rumor on social media. He had hypertension, however, and his posts show he knew what he was doing, so don’t think she has much of a case. (Much as I like the idea of self-inflicted burning balls, I’d prefer to have seen him live and face trial.)

    3. @Jane Day who died from BLM?…..No police died from BLM…BLM was caused by police murdering, and my brother is a retired lieutenant detective knows it’s true.

    4. @Jane Day plenty of proof…He changed the date from the 22nd to the 6th on purpose. And now McCarthy with the phone call was spilled by another republikkkan…. Don’t worry, we know your Fascist TRAITORS will let him off, but NY and Georgia are going after him with criminal charges.

    1. Fox Opinions and Disinformation, One America Opinions and Disinformation, and Opinions and Disinformation Max are not news outlets.

    2. @marmac thats all Fox has been airin, old videos of Hillary Clinton, Waters, Harris, and everyone else who used the word fight…taken out of context of course. They were saying it as in fight to protect our democracy and not with violence but using the power of the constitution and the rule of law as their weapon. Or telling people to take to the streets, as in protest. So basically whataboutisms was all they’ve shown. Getting Trumpers more angry.

    3. @God bless the less fortunate I can see u are a brainwashed liberal Biden is even worse, most of the things Black people complain about systematic racism is cause by Biden and failed Dem Policies that focus on puting blacks on welfare instead of fixing the real issue. dems always call something racist but actually don’t do anything to fix it when the Gop talks about the painful truth about why the black community is failing for example abortions single mothers high crime lack in the investment in communities high school dropout rates in black community he bad things. the dems scream racist nazi sexist. Keep in mind gop still has there problems. Biden has done Watch these videos you”ll be Shocked Biden cosponsor original sponsor


      Document “Civil asset seizure” Gov can take your property If they “think” your in a crime

      I really want u to understand tell your friends this It took me a while to dig up this Information. The mainstream media won’t show this to protect Biden campaign. Guess what? Biden is going to be the next president mission accomplished

    4. @mohamed said Standard response from Trump Supporters always involves personal attacks. Enough said about their character.

    1. @Katie Hettinger Or… “…You do know that I am the sole owner of Jeffery Epstein’s Little Black Book don’t You?”

    2. Easy there dude.. your Chinese puppet Joe Biden is in… we’ll see how life improves for the American. People. Gas prices are already going way up a long with food prices… not a good way to help poor and middle class people? Be careful what you wish for

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