Trump Refutes Idea Of Pursuing A Coup, Also Criticizes General Milley 1

Trump Refutes Idea Of Pursuing A Coup, Also Criticizes General Milley

Former President Trump, in a statement, said he '…never threatened, or spoke about, to anyone, a coup of our Government. So ridiculous!' The Morning Joe panel reflects on Trump's words and the events of January 6.

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Trump Refutes Idea Of Pursuing A Coup, Also Criticizes General Milley


    1. @adamf663 the, “if I was going to do a coup,” pretty much gives his 5 year old logic away. Never forget that Russia wanted him president because of his inferiority complex, and his deeply unstable nature.

  1. General Mark Milley is a true patriot. He is one of the only people that give me hope for our armed forces.

    1. @Earth Worm Dirt trump did want his people to swear loyalty, Comey didn’t swear loyalty to trump and look what happened to him. Why do you think trumps minions slavish praise on trump all the time, and if they didn’t they were fired.

    2. @ForumLight the police did NOT let anyone in, the democrats did NOT conspire with anyone, antifa was NOT there nor were they conspired with. NO, there was NO bailout payroll. lol the far right are the instigators in riots. YOu have NOT posted any FACTS at all.

    3. @Dank Jankings, you’re right, no Trump has a loyalty to the prosperity of the American people, not Donald J or Donald Jr. or Ivanka or Eric or…………

    4. @ForumLight Wow, did you miss any conspiracy theories or did you manage to hit all of them on the way by?

  2. Adds a new dimension to Tucker Carlson’s attack against Gen Milley; I’m sure Fox News got wind that the General talked to this book’s author.

    1. As for Tucker, that spoiled entitled brat, if you say low IQ person that obviously means you misunderstand what IQ measures and shouldn’t be taken seriously as a credible judge of anyone’s intelligence.

  3. Of course he’ll deny it. He lies. The s****y thing is this another thing he’s going to away with.

    1. @GoForBroke442 Are you going to feel that way when the other side decides they will no longer tolerate a Republican in the White House. From now on we just attack the Capital if we don’t like the outcome. It has to work both ways, so remember when the next Republican wins but we decided we aren’t going to have it.

    2. @proud Liberal go ahead, by all means if there happened to be corruption on the opposing side it would be your right. A little revolution is a good thing, and I am not a Republican.

    3. @proud Liberal Remember Madonna with a huge crowd at DC when Trump was elected saying that they should blow up the White House?

  4. Having any Republikkkan on the Jan 6th investigation, is like having Al-Qaeda on the 9/11 Commission.
    The Republikkkans in Congress and Trump were part of the coup.

    1. Greg M you can’t just denounce the entire opposition as a terrorist group. Your totalitarianism is showing.

    2. So the ones saying they believe some of their party were involved were also involved? The logic doesn’t pan out. Please, use fact over emotions.

    1. Can you just imagine .. locked in a cell.. no tv.. no phone .. I pity anyone within earshot of his insane ramblings.. They should issue ear plugs as a matter of human decency to all cell mates within range.

    2. @ForumLight were you off planet 1/6? Did your RW blinders prevent you from seeing lindel’s notes after meeting trump at the white house with such lovely items like ‘invoke insurrection act’ and ‘declare martial law?’

    3. @yootoober2009 His fragile widdle ego won’t let him have anything but yes-men around him, to the point of delusional and paranoid psychosis. Instead of grounded advisors cluing him on reality, he prefers sycophants and the craziest yes-men win his favor.

  5. Hey he wasn’t doing a coup, but if he was he wouldn’t do it with Milley.

    There’s the Trump ‘logic’ in a nutshell.

    1. Just like his denial of sexual assault saying the woman wasn’t attractive enough for that.

    2. The insurrection was the violent left wing riots during all of 2020 that burned gov buildings and police buildings and businesses. They were attempting to overthrow democracy and establish a socialist police states.

    1. Milley is a neo Soviet who believes people should be controlled. He needs to be removed. He is a threat to democracy

    1. @stephen ashton You heard that Millley switched his major at MSU (Go Bobkats) from Leninism to Trotskyism? I don’t care what you “heard”! How is what “heard” evidence of anything!

  6. “If I was going to do a coup, it wouldn’t be with Milley!”

    #1 no President should EVER utter those words. Not even as a joke.
    #2 Milley’s entire job would have been to oppose a coup, which is what he did. And he was successful.

    1. @Kithara Yes that is how he got all those medals and title of General of Joint Chiefs. Total incompetent.

  7. “If I were going to do a temper tantrum or a coup, I would never invite General Milley. For a temper tantrum, I would invite Rudy Ghoulianai, and for a coup, I would invite Stephen Miller. So Nanny, nanny, boo-boo!”
    Loser Trump, July 2021

  8. Are we really expected to believe a toxic narcissist and serial liar when he says he didn’t do something? For all the people he suddenly didn’t know, the Dumpster is coming in with no credibility

    1. @Logan M Trump cannot be “reinstated”. There is no direct mechanism, and the seven-point “plan” first depends upon some unlikely happenings, then upon Trump, as Speaker of the House succeeding Biden and Harris after they are impeached. As they would be impeached separately, they (either one) would simply appoint a new Vice President ad infinitum. Trump cannot (and certainly should not) be reinstated.

    2. @Logan M very funny Trump troll, continue to believe these lies all you want, nothing these idiots do will change anything, Trump won’t be president ever AGAIN, cause he LOST, you know why he lost? Because there was no fraud….

    3. @Shawn Hartmann don’t worry, he won’t, if he attempts another one of his futile coups, Biden will be ready for him.

    4. He is in Mar-a-Lago opening a coup-sino to gamble on the future. He will run that one into the ground as well.

    1. dekal and when Biden caved to Putin’s every wish at their summit in Switzerland, he kept to the previous administrations agenda on dealing with the Russian federation. The rossiyskaya federatsiya.

  9. Please don’t forget that trump literally said, just recently: “when the poll is bad, I say it’s fake; when the poll is good, i say it’s the most accurate poll…”. Republicans are defending that.

  10. Trump: “I won right? Everybody knows I won. Anybody who doesn’t know I won is fired. It isn’t a coup, because I won”!

  11. Imagine being a known draft dodger and still feeling like you have the right to criticize General Milley.

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