Trump Releases A Statement On The Charges Against Trump Organization

Former President Trump has released a statement calling the charges against the Trump Organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg a "political witch hunt." NBC's Hallie Jackson has details.
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    1. @Matt Sfaelos Lying to ppl about the virus, we ALL HEARD HIM TELL PPL TO DRINK BLEACH, muzzling scientists from giving out life and death information, etc, etc, etc……how is all of what he did not responsible for killing the ppl who died…….He did assist in getting us the vaccine in record time……but his lies, DELIBERATE withholding of information and DELIBERATE spreading of misinformation was also ABSOLUTELY the cause of THOUSANDS OF UNNECESSARY DEATHS !!!!

    2. @Jessica Ann Look chica. I’m sure you *think* you are right. And you know what ? This is a free country. You are welcome to your own ignorant opinion all you wish. I can let you be wrong its OK. Facts, truth, reality, your own eyes & ears, if *NONE* of those things sway you. Nothing ever can or will. & It’s your karma. Not mine. Have a great rest of your night!

    3. @Minute Meditations look ma’am.
      Its ok to be brainwashed, you don’t even know you are😏 So just keep doing what they tell you to do and think without question. Maybe go meditate on it🤡

  1. Trump spent his entire life trying to convince the world that he was a success, and his name will now forever be associated with failure.

    1. @your name
      Trump is the biggest dough brain that has ever lived. But he is only slightly smarter than any one who voted for him but vastly dumber than everyone else.

    2. @mister JJ No, it’s that he hasn’t committed any crimes. That’s the problem for you people. You’re so against “unjust action from law enforcement” except when it’s against people who you don’t like or who hurt your feelings. 🥴🥴🤡

      What’s comical is you, an MSNBC viewer, calling me “deluded”. 😂 That’s like a kid with down syndrome calling a slightly autistic kid re tarded. 🤣

    3. @mister JJ Sure loser, enjoy your unemployment because the free ride wont last. Trump will be back and political rivals will learn what “facism” really is when we march the on the streets in uniforms

    4. @The Paradox Destroyer yea the communists pay off everyone and attack their political opponenets when truth is hidden.

      The good thing is that democrats and communist ALWAYS fail

    5. @mister JJ Dumb is defunding the police and the trying to take away guns. You liberals want a gestapo federal police that controls people but WE THE PEOPLE RESIST

    1. Wow wife number “4” a woman would have no self respect to even think of thinking of saying “YES”!

    1. @Rob C ya hate Trump so much ya make up so much allegations with no proof to back it up while Democrats breaking more laws thn the city of Chicago. Also what happened to that guy who slept with a Chinese spy? Oh yea nothing he’s still in office. What happened to Cuomo killing elderly people and tried to hide it from the public? Oh yea 2-3 women accused him of sexual harassment month later to cover his crime. Ya funny

    2. @El Rey Del Dinero you’re kinda makin my point for me here buddy. Best quit while you’re ahea…. Ah, best just quit now.

    3. @Rob C yea never you seem a lil delusional but im saying ya haters love to blame Trump with no proof while democrats candidates are breaking laws under ya noses but ya dont care bc orange man bad.

    1. I have bad news for you then. The walls are never going to close in on Trump. Another nothing burger.

    2. @Dr. Bunter Hiden your probably right, just for once would like to see this mob face justice

    3. @walter padovani a mob will face justice, it’s just not the one you’re hoping for. 🥴🤡🍿🎆

  2. To paraphrase: “Now that I am no longer president, you people are picking on me. No, I won’t go sit in the corner, wah, wah, wah.”

    1. This. Especially at his age and status, he’ll sing like a canary. Unless he’s already been intimidated by the employeers.

  3. When your own lawyer, friends, aides, business partners, contractors, relatives say you broke the law.. I mean come tf on. Witch hunt my as!!

    1. @Bruce Smith lol…. you care so much about alleged corruption yet you deflect and minimize when its an actual Trump/GOP crime… all you offer are allegations and whataboutism… no reason to take you seriously

    2. @Bruce Smith LOL keep drinking the Trump Qool aid, you really think there is a laptop? Its sitting in Rudy’s apt right? LOL you are a brainwashed cultist, please seek help.

    1. Oh, he cares, the more divided the better he likes it, it proves his Cult is still loyal to him and not the Country/Constitution!
      Picture him sitting alone in his room,

      rubbing his tiny little hands together and chortling

      “I’m the Prwes-ee-dent, my People love me!” 😁❗

    2. @Rob C Joe beef follows the only script they know: denial, deflection, and distraction. Whataboutism is the weak cry of the guilty.

    3. @Joe Beef Exactly. And he’s STILL doing better than your bloviating narcissistic Fascist.

      Cry harder MAGA Chud.

  4. “Trump will tell you that everything will be ok, that he’ll pay all legal fees and this all is just a witch hunt. Then he throws you under the bus!~Michael Cohen~

    1. At least Michael Cohan eventually did the right thing, don’t hold much hope for the rest of them though rotten to the core.

    1. If all criminals were removed from public office, 95% of Democraps and 60% of Republicans would be removed from Congress… And of course the “big guy” would be from the White House.

    2. @Dr. Bunter Hiden clever user name (NOT).

      Count the number of indictments in recent administrations. Democrats trail the GQP by alot. And #45’s crew is #1 with a bullet!

      The “Big Guy”, as in the Orange Blob, is o-u-t, and on a fast track to prison.

  5. EVERYTHING is a witch hunt and “like never before.” His limited vocabulary is on full display once again.

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