Trump remains under scrutiny for January 6 insurrection

Two years after rioters stormed the US Capitol, the Justice Department’s sprawling criminal investigation into the effort to block the peaceful transition of power enters a new phase with the special counsel adding two right-hand prosecutors to an experienced team that will ultimately determine whether former President Donald Trump or his allies should face prosecution. #CNN #News


  1. IF???? 2 years later, they’re saying “if” for something we, the people, witnessed with our own eyes. 😢

    1. @Brian Fergus snowflake rebellion is a great term! All those people biased in by the establishment and told to storm the Capitol were snowflakes! They certainly weren’t Trump supporters!

  2. I wonder, if a “normal” person was involved in this how long it would take before then were in jail ? They say the wheels of justice turn slowly…. but DAMN if these turned and slower, it they would have rusted off

    1. Regular people are facing serious charges and convictions for their parts in J6 and they all say “but president Trump TOLD me to do this”.

    1. For what?! Being honest? There is no evidence Trump committed a crime. You can files this with the thousands of other false accusations against Trump.

      Hasn’t it occurred to you yet, that the establishment doesn’t want someone that not part of their club, and they are abusing their power to prevent Trump from running, because he will likely win? What does that tell you about the people you support? And what does that make you?

  3. Every day the Justice department doesn’t act, is another day my faith erodes in the system. We’re in negative territory at this point.

    1. DT may be indicted in the non-political documents case, and receive next to no penalty. But DOJ doesn’t have the backbone to nail him in the treason-related case. It goes against American institutional DNA to take on traitorous political criminals.

    2. @Harold “Fight like hell” = protected political speech used by ALL politicians. It’s past bedtime for you, go to bed.

    3. @AmericaIsWorthIt no it’s not clown. He told them they had to fight like hell or they won’t have a country anymore. He didn’t tell them to peacefully protest like hell. He told them to fight like hell. It was a call to war. A call to action. He wanted them to stop the certification of the election. That’s why he invited them there that particular day and no other day. You must think we are as stupid as y’all.

    1. You need to stop mentioning Sicnick b/c he did not die in relation to 1/6. That guy died of a heart attack that was going to happen, no matter what, even if he had the day off. The ME’s report stated his arteries were about as backed up as the Lincoln Tunnel and his death was inevitable. It’s obvious it was the bacon fat and not 1/6 clogging up his arteries. Read the ME’s report! He suffered no blunt force trauma from a fire extinguisher!

    2. Imagine getting duped as often as this idiot. As a democrat, does it hurt physically to be this stupid? HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    1. Go back to 1930s Germany my little anti-Republican Nazi boy. If you directed that hate towards the Jews you would’ve been a great general.

    2. That was never the Federal Gov’ts plan. They put on a show in an effort to try and cripple Trump’s chances at a 24 bid. Look, Trump is a guy that threatened the political class’s grasp on power and they’re trying to “Julius Ceasar” him politically. They certainly are too afraid to kill or jail him so those things will never happen.

  4. “The estate of Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer who died after responding to the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, is suing two rioters involved in the attack and former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in egging it on.”

    January 6, 2023


  5. Who leaves a message. “I’m a lawyer!” Or, “I work for.”

    Everyone knows any professional legal team leaves their name, the law firm, who obtain them as legal counsel. State that they are already through the legal system, would like shared access to specifications.

    You know the Trump trolls are out. When they’re already hitting the special counsel on demands with Dimminion Voting Machine Chips. With prank intimidating calls.

    1. Talmudic deception trump kolber is his Jewish maiden last name his agenda Israeli interests only at the expense of white corporate men and immigrants

  6. Two years on and all the evidence out there, but only a few indispensable little pawns are in jail while the main instigators and leader of the gang haven’t even been indited

    1. A former president has never been charged before, which is another reason why it’s taking so long. If Trump isn’t indicted then the world realizes our justice system is broken

  7. Given the 1/6 committee has done most of the leg work already, Smith should be able to move along expeditiously.

    1. The holdup is not about a lack of evidence but a lack of backbone in timid, divided America. We talk justice but don’t believe in it for wealthy political criminals.

    1. @Rider 38 It took 8 hiours for me to reply to you and I only replied after I had replied to several other people first – no, pal, not triggered at all. But, hey, I’ve really never understood why some people just live to be as annoying as they can be – I just don’t get it – but if it helps you sleep at night to think that you’re annoying then, by all means, you tell yourself whatever you like.

  8. Everything you tried to pin on him since the day he announced he was running for office has failed. 🤷🏿

    1. @z
      2015 <---- We got him now!!! 2016 <---- We got him now!!! 2017 <---- We got him now!!! 2018 <---- We got him now!!! 2019 <---- We got him now!!! 2020- <---- We got him now!!! 2021 <---- We got him now!!! 2022 <---- We got him now!!! You should tattoo the word "SUCKER" on your forehead, loser.

  9. Garland should have moved the Trump cases along 2 years ago instead of appointing a special council at the 11th hour. Shame on you Garland.

    1. Trumps biggest crime was seeding the election to that dementia riddled dumpster fire who couldn’t scratch 5% as a candidate or attract 9 people to his rallies.

  10. I’m sure this investigation will still be going well into 2024. This is a great way to spend millions of tax payers dollars. Keep up the good work.

  11. Don’t forget the *Top Secret* documents Trump had squirreled away down at Mar a Lago. What happened to “Nobody is above the law” Merrick Garland?

  12. Remains under scrutiny! Wow, that is so nice that he’s still being considered.
    I thought they’d forgotten about him…

    1. Don’t worry. It will still be under scrutiny this time next year…..and maybe the next year after that.

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