Trump replaces Mick Mulvaney with Mark Meadows as chief of staff

Trump replaces Mick Mulvaney with Mark Meadows as chief of staff 1


President Donald Trump announced that acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney would be replaced by Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina.
"I am pleased to announce that Congressman Mark Meadows will become White House Chief of Staff. I have long known and worked with Mark, and the relationship is a very good one," Trump tweeted.
Trump, who did not immediately offer an explanation for the swap, thanked Mulvaney, who he said would become special envoy for Northern Ireland.
"I want to thank Acting Chief Mick Mulvaney for having served the Administration so well. He will become the United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland," Trump added. "Thank you!"
Mulvaney has been a fixture of Trump's administration in various roles over the past three years.
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82 Comments on "Trump replaces Mick Mulvaney with Mark Meadows as chief of staff"

  1. If Northern Ireland was smart, they wouldn’t let Mulvaney in the country

  2. Roberta Hubert | March 7, 2020 at 12:03 AM | Reply

    This administration is like musical chairs

  3. PatrickPaul1203 | March 7, 2020 at 12:04 AM | Reply

    Pretty soon you will here trump call him a never trumper

    • MindScammer you going to be pretty disappointed come November clown.

    • Drumpf: “i never met him, he got me coffee. When’s the next bus coming?”

    • Only those with brains can be never trumpers lol how many have been through those doors now? Rediculous it shows how inept this SHITSHOW really is. The ONLY thing this moron has shown is he’s a CHEATING TRAITOR 😊.

    • @MindScammer bullshit he’s done lol.

    • I’m pretty sure Trump’s ultimate backup plan – when the $hit finally hits the proverbial fan – will be to start claiming that, he HIMSELF, had been a “Never Trumper”, the whooole time!

  4. Kimberly Moyer | March 7, 2020 at 12:07 AM | Reply

    Wasn’t Mulvaney also chief of the budget department?

    • Vanessa Costa | March 7, 2020 at 11:55 AM | Reply

      Drought Tolerant It’s a regulatory body and repubes hate regulation. Right now Fifth Thirds Bank is being investigated for creating fake accounts thanks to the CFPB. Repube leadership is letting Wells Fargo off the hook for overcharging account holders. Regulation is needed in the financial sector, as the FED pumps trillions into central banks and gamble w the money. But, let’s get rid of it. Repubes hate accountability, unless it’s on you, the individual.

    • Drought Tolerant | March 7, 2020 at 12:29 PM | Reply

      @Vanessa Costa Article from the Hill 4/2018 Earlier this month, Mulvaney asked lawmakers to dramatically weaken his agency’s power, calling for changes that include Congress taking control of the CFPB’s budget and giving the president the ability to fire its director.
      “The Bureau is far too powerful, and with precious little oversight of its activities,” wrote Mulvaney, who as a congressman had opposed the CFPB’s existence.

    • Drought Tolerant Republicans have the luxury of being able to get away with having morals or character. No accountability for the lies y’all are willing to tell.

    • Mulvaney was also head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which he confessedly took over to kill. Trump and Republicans generally do not believe in consumer protection.

    • Yes

  5. Maurice Byron | March 7, 2020 at 12:09 AM | Reply

    Mark meadow is ready to go to jail for his king

  6. This finally answers a question I’ve been wondering about: Who could possibly be worse than Mick Mulvaney?

  7. “This sort of thing happens all the time in politics…..”

  8. Are you going to free people from the NDA’s they signed so they can talk about how you victimized them?

  9. Just A Someone | March 7, 2020 at 1:52 AM | Reply

    “these things tend to happen on Friday night”
    thats when Ivanka and Jared start their sabbath … phone off, cut off.
    not that I feel sorry for them AT ALL
    but imagine every Saturday when its over “ok what has he done?”
    what an awesome TV series this would make…

    • Just A Someone oh please she doesn’t keep Shabbat and he doesn’t eat kosher, Trump & family are in this together

  10. Jeff Zabelski | March 7, 2020 at 2:14 AM | Reply

    I’m a bus driver, and I was looking for Mick… and I know a snowplow driver that will follow me every time I Drive into DC 🙂

  11. The Irish are going, ” What the hell did we do to deserve this schmuck?”

  12. when does the fourth reich get a complete set of loyal azz kizzers? seems to be getting there.

    • Dem0rats you mean? hahaa

    • @Victor Mason Today’s Drumpftard chanting “Flu’s will not replace us”, is tomorrows bus victim

    • @Darran Kern Lol Conald’s joke of a wall, incompetent tariffs and failed Muslim ban are right out of the Nationalist’s handbook, and bailing out already heavily subsidized farmers after inept foreign policies is hardcore socialism. BTW, we know Drumpftards are hypocrites.

    • @Rachel Ash is lowest black/hispanic unemployment ever out of the Nazi playbook? How about making it a federal crime to abuse an animal? Or how about killing leading world terrorists? Boy if you’re this salty now you’re gunna be crying again come November!

    • MusicMadMaurice | March 7, 2020 at 8:35 PM | Reply

      @hugh janus
      . “Lowest black/hispanic unemployment” is meaningless if you are merely counting jobs.
      It’s full time hours and pay rates that matter.
      Many of those people are working 17 hour days in two or three jobs just to sustain themselves.

      . “Federal crime to abuse an animal”.
      But abusing native animals by destroying their environment through reduction in National Parks is just fine.
      Hunting native coyotes is just fine.
      And removing Pres. Obama’s ban on importing body parts of animals killed overseas so that Eric and Don Jr. can bring back “trophies” of their barbaric shooting trips is just fine.

      . “Killing world terrorists”.
      Nothing wrong with that, but remember, terrorist #1 was hunted down and killed during Pres. Obama’s term.

  13. He’s draining the swamp again, may as well be special envoy to the south pole

    • Geddy Schacher | March 7, 2020 at 2:08 PM | Reply

      Look at the pathetic dweebs….

      They’re grasping at anything these days, huh ?…..🙄

      Soooooo desperate…..🤔

      But strangely satisfying to watch….😉

    • @vman armand Get out of your bubble bud. He never insulted the reporter’s disability. He does that whenever he mocks someone.

  14. “Actors in his show”. Well said.

    • Lawrence Jensen | March 7, 2020 at 9:22 AM | Reply

      If they do a poor job they get replaced.period

    • Lawrence Jensen
      If true, Spanky will be replaced in November. But he and his fellow thugs are doing everything they can to cheat.

    • Michael Clagett | March 7, 2020 at 2:13 PM | Reply

      @Lawrence Jensen Doing a good job is impossible if your whole purpose of being there is total s#!+ in the first place

  15. When Mick said “Get over it”, Donnie thought he was talking about the Atlantic.

  16. saddist1Gtown | March 7, 2020 at 4:46 AM | Reply

    “actors in his show” sums this up quite precisely…

  17. Tell him to “just get over it” “these things happen all the time”.

  18. Lol Trump had TWO SCOOPS when everybody else only got ONE!!!!

    Remember that tantrum

  19. Special Envoy to Ireland? That is like Kramer working at Brandt Leland: “At Brandt Leland, I’m getting things done.”

  20. It’s must be hard to keep up with an extremely stable genius.

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