Trump Reportedly Knew Of Danger To Pence During Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Reportedly Knew Of Danger To Pence During Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


As the House managers finish up making their case against Trump, new reporting from The Washington Post indicates Trump knew more about the chaos of the Capitol riots than previously reported. Aired on 02/12/2021.
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Trump Reportedly Knew Of Danger To Pence During Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Can’t agree with that last word — “forget”. We should never forget this. We must always remember this insurrection so we can attempt to avoid another in the future, and we must always remember Trump to remind us that it takes only one person to bring down the entire country.

    1. Trump is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And Pence was never even remotely a friend. He was a sidekick, at best.

      Trump would have been perfectly OK with the mob stringing up Pence. It would have suited him just fine. And this demonstrates why disordered people should never be in any position of authority, nor should they become parents.

  1. On January 6, Trump falsely maintained that Pence had the ability to unilaterally change the election result. Pence rebuked Trump’s false  claims in an 11-page letter sent to Trump  just before his “stop the steal” rally and riot.

    “It is my considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not. Vesting the Vice President with unilateral authority to decide presidential contests would be entirely antithetical to the system of check and balances between branches of the government designed by the framers of the Constitution,” Pence wrote.

    And like the wannabe tyrant that he is, Trump replied by blasting Pence for his action less than two hours later.

    “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify,” Trump wrote in a tweet.

    Trump’s tweet came as protesters backing him stormed the Capitol.

    1. @SeedlingNL The Democrats are all corrupt and a good portion of Republicans. We’re meant to be a Constitutional Republic by definition from the forefathers. Not a Democratic Republic. Which none of them are even that. It’s now a Socialist Republic. You’ll regret it later. More freedoms infringed upon while crushing the economy. More warmongering putting good Americans in harms way. They wanted to get rid of him because he wasn’t a career politician. Now they can get back to their corrupt business as usual wasting taxpayers money. Like I said before. This impeachment deal is unconstitutional. Let him run again. You’re scared he might win? Like the rest of them. How do you think I feel with Socialist scum? Ask a Venezuelan how good Socialist Republics are. #Communists

    2. @Pat Doyle Creepy Joe(touching kids),Quid Pro Joe(robbin the UK using his son), Senile Joe (ain’t fit to run his own mouth).” I’m not black if I don’t vote for Biden”. The nerve of that p.o.s! He destroyed over 11 thousand jobs in his 1st week during a pandemic. Now gas will skyrocket. Back to making life decisions at the pump. SMH. Prescription drugs skyrocketed. Insulin was $60 a month with Trump. Now its $320 a month. Warmongering already sending troops in Syria. And a Socialist! End game of that is Communism. Capitalism over Socialism all day everyday!

    3. @mikey What? I find it sad and troubling that a child was run over by a car — but how does that have anything to do with what is being discussed?

  2. When one deliberately dig the hole for others eventually they themselves fall in it. He’s had a long innings of his crimes, the rope is coming to the end.

  3. Out of anyone in the building that day, I thought VP Pence would be the exception. But instead, he threw his VP under the bus. For real Republicans, you want to protect the guy who would not give a F*** about his own VP. I urge all republicans to vote the senators, who are protecting Trump during this impeachment, out of their offices during the next election

    1. You are so right ,Trump is like a mad dog, turns on anyone and everyone, Stop Trump ,do the right thing , stand up and be proud to impeach him.

  4. Senators Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee all met with Trump’s defense lawyers for several hours today. So much for impartial jury members.

    1. The entire GOP are Trump butt kissers.

      But these three in particular, work kissing from the opposite side when it comes to Trump.

    2. Classic Collusion. This is what American wants and needs, Proinsurrectionist Republicans. They must acquit Trump since he has not completed his job and the next insurrection 2 will feature more deaths…..just watch.

    3. @Cruz Finefield
      Better idea, have his “Re-election” looked into, his and Moscow Mitchs!
      Bet they Both had “Conversations” with Election officials during and after the Election.
      There’s No Way that those two were
      Actually Re-elected! Corruption Personified, the two of them!

  5. This is NOT about patriotism and dedication to a country. This is about DEDICATION TO ONE MAN! Which makes this, absolutely, A CULT!!!

    1. @turntableone “I am willing to give my life for this fight,” Ali Alexander tweeted. When sharing his tweet, the Arizona GOP asked followers: “He is. Are you?” This happened in December.

    1. @Sarah Austria The Republicans have always known exactly what Trump was. They were the ones calling him a kook and saying he was unfit for office back when he was campaigning in 2016.

    2. Nah in 4 years conald will believe his name is STORMY. only running this lunatic maybe doing is from his fellow immates. LOMFL

  6. As soon as tRump said he may not like Pence anymore if he doesn’t overturn the electoral votes, I knew Pence was in deep trouble.

    1. We are in his reality distortion field, and as he becomes further disconnected many who were hypnotized will wake up and realize they were held captive in a malevolent cult

      He is the devil

    2. @Carol Price A modern days sacrificial lamb..and Trump believes he is the sacred chosen one, the bridge between the old testament and the new one

    1. Oh boy, and did he watched TV! He also talked with his buddies most of the time on the phone arranging Jan 6. So sad! My sister still thinks he did nothing wrong.

    2. The same way nobody has ever really heard of Qanon in the Republican Party. do you believe they believe this? a quote from Trump about his supporters.

  7. Imagine for a moment if rioters had stormed the White House, shouting “hang Donald Trump”, how these same Republican senators would react.

    1. It would have never gotten to that point, if a liberal group or BLM had organized in front of the capitol, republicans would have made sure they were met with fierce military/police presence. And if they had breached the steel barricades that would have been propped up well before their protest they would have been mowed down before they even reached the steps of the capitol.

  8. Republicans voted for Bill Clinton impeachment over blow j. Lol now Trump is destroying democracy and capital and it’s fine the irony.

    1. Exactly! Clinton was actually impeached for a lie. One lie. Imagine, trump would have been impeached in his first week…

    1. you can NOT trust the US since when a leader claims America First, you know they are not to be trusted. Simple really.

    2. @isabelle white it was part of the House teams presentation on Thursday I believe. Two rally’s organized for the 21st and 23rd of January moved dates to the 6th within days of Trump announcing that date on December 19th, and between the 20th of December and 5th of January Trump spent $50 million advertising the rally.

  9. Nobody counts more to Trump than himself. Everyone else is just a disposable prop.
    This is a 55 year open secret to those of us who were in the neighborhood.

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