Trump Reportedly Wanted Barr To Hold Presser Clearing Him On Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Trump Reportedly Wanted Barr To Hold Presser Clearing Him On Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC


The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump wanted Attorney General William Barr to hold a press conference saying he broke no laws in his phone call with the president of Ukraine. Lawrence O’Donnell talks with former Justice Department official Matt Miller. Aired on 11/06/19.
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Trump Reportedly Wanted Barr To Hold Presser Clearing Him On Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Bonnie Bagley bill covered up epsteins murder and his father donald barr gave epstein a teaching job in nyc with no teaching certificate, and bill workerd for h.w. bush, bill is a lazy slug lap dog bureaucrat for the corrupt, alex acosta covered up the epstein case ten years ago, and was told to by bush, alex acosta also worked for w. bush.

  1. I’m more surprised that Barr didn’t do it, he has completely destroyed his reputation already so why not go one step further?

    1. Barrr is corrupt and highly partisan, but he’s not stupid. The Mueller report was dense and complex, and he figured there was plenty of wiggle room to dance and weave and throw up smoke to confuse the public. But the memo of the Ukraine call is short and clear. The abuse of power is starkly apparent. Barr wasn’t going to go on record saying there was no crime when that conclusion was so obviously and easily understood to be false.

    2. @David Lafleche keep the world safe from democracy? You mean people right? Because ideas only hurt, when people muck them up. People are the problem, not democracy.

    1. President Trump named attorney general Barr boots because when he looks at his butts that’s all he can see his bars boots hanging out

  2. Barr basically pulled a Sessions, and recused himself. It reminds me of Trump’s reaction to finding out about the special counsel investigation.
    On May 17, 2017 then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Trump about the special counsel investigation.
    “When Sessions told Trump that a Special Counsel had been appointed, the President slumped back in his chair and said, ‘Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I am f—–d’” according to the report, which based its retelling of this conversation on notes taken by Jody Hunt, Sessions’ chief of staff at the time.

    Trump then became angry, according to the report, and “lambasted” Sessions for his decision to recuse himself from the investigation.

    “How could you let this happen Jeff?” the president said, according to the report.

    Trump told Sessions that the Attorney General was his “most important appointment” and said Sessions had let him down. Sessions told investigators Trump told him “you were supposed to protect me.”

    Trump knew that the AG was going to be his most important appointment because of the crimes he had already committed, and because of the crimes he knew he was going to commit after he was sworn in.

    1. The Attorney General protects the Constitution, ensuring that it is not violated. Trump has not only violated the Constitution, but in a sordid and dirty way.

    2. @S. J. Hunter Not just the president, but this attorney general has violated his oath of office and sold his soul to the mango Mussolini. He can be disbarred if he doesn’t come up with a way to turn on trumplethinskin at the right time.

    3. Sessions was one of the very first trump campaign surrogates . He was implicated in meeting with the Russian ambassador BEFORE the elections and during the transition before inauguration . It was during his confirmation hearings for AG when this news broke . If Sessions had NOT recused, he would have been removed or forced to resign, as Michael Flynn had to as first trump NatSec Advisor . Flynn had conspired in EARLY 2016 with long time Republican dirty trickster Peter W. Smith to have Russians hack HRClinton and DNC computers . Flynn was caught, arrested, resigned . The co-conspirator Peter W. Smith committed suicide on May 14, 2017 ( though supposedly not discovered in a Rochester, MN hotel room for NINE DAYS ! ). On May 17, 2017; Sessions thought he was in the clear … and trump .

  3. Trump’s corruption makes Nixon seem like a Girl Scout selling home-made cookies on the side. Barr is jumping a sinking ship.

    1. @Bill Pool / What about President Obama ? He had to fight for everything. If President Obama had done one percent of what Trump has done to disgrace America you would have been yelling Treason and Death Penalty or Federal Jail Time. McConnell told President Obama he would be a one term President, when he proved McConnell wrong then BUG EYED MCCONNELL then said he would make President Obama a Lame Duck President for his last term. The disrespectful thing is there is a sector of America that will never call Obama President Obama when speaking about him. They say Obama as if he wasn’t deemed the respect. This is because he was the First Black Sitting President and nothing more. But here we have the Snake Oil Salesman Trump and they will call him President all day long no matter how much disgrace The Trumpster brings to the position of President and White House. No need to reply.

    2. James Ricker Exactly. Nixon’s A.G, John Mitchell was sentenced and went to prison for the exact same thing Barr is doing.

    3. @lelennyfox34
      If you’re still connected to either I’m sorry it’s you too.
      *These Titles Are Claiming The Conspiracy, The Ones That Declared War Against The United States Government And Hueman Population.*
      You’re not involved but you’re part of the gang?

    1. It’s impossible for the radical fakes to take down a great God like me. See your tears in 2020!+

    2. @The Great Anointed Lord Trump. Who are you talking about a great god like you? Are you talking about Trump or Congress?

  4. Traitor Trump has a long history of trying to convince his sycophants to help cover-up his crimes by going out and lying for him.

    1. Bob, Bunkiebe, David & Raven – To paraphrase “Ralphie”, from “A Christmas Story”…
      “It was ‘dancing’ in the *loosest* sense of the word…there *were* two feet, and they were moving in what once *might have been* called a ‘pattern’…”

    2. Suuuuuure, rstone.
      It’s just a *’complete coincidence’* that…
      #45’s *’accrued’ THREE disbarred lawyers, FOUR former employees who are convicted felons, and, at last count, FIVE ‘administration members’ with “Contempt Citations” ON their current resumes.*
      And we won’t even *mention* #45’s *numerous* ‘financial fiascos’…

    1. Rod A   .…………….    I just wish they could drag along you smarmy apologists to the pokey when these asshats are escorted in cuffs .

    2. @JoeyFiveandDimes – ,.
      At least a televised ‘Walk of Shame’…and make them wear their “Read the Transcript” t-shirts, as well.

    1. I think he is plotting his way out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly turned on trumplethinskin and gave “states evidence”. He does know where ALL of the skeletons are.

    2. @Jim Myers bill covered up epsteins murder and his father donald barr gave epstein a teaching job in nyc with no teaching certificate, and bill workerd for h.w. bush, bill is a lazy slug lap dog bureaucrat for the corrupt, alex acosta covered up the epstein case ten years ago, and was told to by bush, alex acosta also worked for w. bush.

    3. @mic Smith It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find Epstein is living high on the hog somewhere, maybe talking to a cosmetic surgeon. And Barr’s fingerprints would be all over it should it ever come to light. I’m just guessing here, of course, but you never know.

  5. When you can’t get your fixer, to fix your bu!!$hit thats a sign there might be trouble.

    1. The Golden Rule, still applies: In his rally, last night, Trump accused his enemies of EXACTLY what HE is up to. Trump wants to, “suppress dissent,” and establish a, “Totalitarian State.” The Trump’s CANNOT be allowed to survive this Impeachment. Or, 2020 elections will be blatantly rigged, and we will have no power to stop it . . .

  6. Trump: “can you open this box. Its ticking ”
    Barr: “I’ve opened the last one. All the other ones blew up. Makes me look stupid. No more “

    1. Rod Allen …I would hope that most sane, rational human beings know Trump is a vapid, incompetent, dishonest one-time reality TV game show host who has not the slightest idea of what it takes to be president.
      Here’s the view of some political scientists and scholars who are probably sane and rational:

    2. My God I always thought the same thing. I’ve been enjoying this since day one. Amen . And the fun continues.

  7. That’s Barr’s job in Kremlin Don’s syphilitic brain.
    Hopefully, someone is investigating Barr for his abuse of office.

    1. I expect the next President to do a though investigation of all the departments Trump interacted with to see what crimes were committed. The Senate will do nothing to punish Trump’s corruption so the next justice department will have to.

  8. Obama never did need a lawyer in 8 years…now Trump’s lawyers need several lawyers in less than 3 years. That’s called Poetic Justice.

    1. Trump has dropped Barr’s name too many times in his extortion plot. Sticking up for Trump at this point would just draw attention to himself.

    2. That piggy really really really does not want to go to jail. So yea standards you but in the trash get dug back up quick when that is your new reality.

    1. I love the bootlickers who talk about how he has Democrats right where he wants them, that Hilary is going to jail, that Pelosi is going to jail, and we better be afraid of their Civil War part 2. Just like 8 year old bullies who got their stick taken away.

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