1. He was going to have a rally on June 19 th in the city that’s known for destroying “black Wall Street” in one of the worst race riots in history. But he’s not rascist . JSMDH.

    1. @Gordon Rehm…”q” … it’s funny how one little letter can describe a whole range of partisan stupidity and utter nonsense, much less a guarantee that you have marks on your head where your tinfoil hat is too tight…

    2. Darrell Smith last time I checked, peaceful protesting does not include being a thief and setting things on fire.

    3. @Pat Moore You seem to have missed the cynicism of my comment; that brand of partisan stupidity and utter nonsense is most certainly the domain of conservative, right wing
      proponents of the hours latest conspiracy; their (and your) tin hats are worn with exceeding pride.

    1. @Michael Scott You don’t have to sit on your hands. Bleach your robe and hood, retie your nooses, and binge watch “Birth of a Nation” a dozen times. Don’t forget a new MAGA hat and a refresh of your swastika tattoo before you go to the rally. You whiny republican’t.

    2. @einkerl Great and pithy response, though you’ll probably need to explain Birth of a Nation to him.

    3. @Gordon Rehm nobody needs to explain anything. I’m confident you would be on the loser, sniveling cry baby side whose racist lineage is still angry for losing “3/5 of a man.” Pathetic animal racist always spewing out racist rant.

    4. @Gordon Rehm hey you, BTW… another two of your kind killed another Black man. Another unarmed Black man. This time in Atlanta. Now, bring on the excuses.

    1. @Molly Bloom they found it’s beginnings were in the USA. Not China
      apparently. Has mr trump been cooking up germs with mr putin???

    2. GEOFFREY BAKER 116,000 dead is not old news.

      In the Fall when the American death rate from coronavirus is far higher that the Canadian on a per capita basis, Trump has some explaining to do. Right now the US death rate is 1.5 times that of Canada’s per capita. If Canada keeps with the program and the border shut, the US will likely hit 3 times the death rate.

    3. @Keith Mc Methinks, the difference between Canada and the USA is having common sense and a general level of decency as opposed to being infantil on steroids. What can you do?

  2. I think he’s gonna go down screaming and have to be dragged out of the White House .
    What a chump !

    1. @God First yes he is a cult leader and you a cult member. Cult’s are for the easily manipulated. Remember that.

    2. @God First and why do you have “God first” as your name?? You obviously have never read the bible

    1. @Mark M so when he wins every demonrat is going to cry he stole the election, just like you did in 2016, with no proof whatsoever and refuse to accept the fact that he’s still the president. And your saying HE’S the one that will not accept the results.

    2. @Michael Scott Hummm…so to sum up your argument. Alinsky, Alinsky, Alinsky, Alinsky and more Alinsky and even more Alinsky. That about cover it?

    3. @James theYounger Yep I’m saying there’s a good chance he will leave kicking and screaming. I say that because in 2016 he said that if he were to lose it would be because of Democratic cheating and that he would not accept it. I say he will not accept the results because he has said he will not accept the results. He does not accept any reality that does not benefit him personally. Of course he could have been lying about not accepting, I can’t see why but it’s possible.

    4. @Mark M It will be because of Democratic cheating! LOL….J/K. If he refuses to leave even if he loses then he deserves to be removed. Forcefully. We will have to wait and see.

  3. Out of respect means he would have never scheduled it on that day in the first Place. He rescheduled because he was getting to much blowback.

    1. @Crystal Giddens and sounds to me like your ignorance is Bliss. Educated, my dear Snowflake …. not Brainwashed … And I expect nothing from you. Stay Uneducated and Blissful …

    2. @Diana Henderson-Cesareo I’ll try again. Education (these days) and brainwashing are the same thing. The schools grade school through college are filled with anti American leftist/communist rhetoric and teachings and that is a primary reason for all this division and it is intentional. I will not address most of your historical claims aside from saying *wrong.* I started by saying I never heard of Juneteenth. You just said it is because “your” history is not taught…. Yes, that is what I meant. I never heard of it before and I believe it is made up gobbledygook. The Naive Indians were at war with each other long before we got here. They sided with various European countries including the Spanish French and England and often against our settlers. They exterminated (or virtually so) other tribes once they gained the advantage of European weapons over tribes that didn’t have them. Etc. Their atrocities against the colonies were specifically mentioned in the deceleration of independence. treaties were broken? well when you have to negotiate with dozens and dozens of tribes some which agree and others that don’t wtf? can you do? *Dismissed.* PS most of those *diplomas are worthless and leave the former student straddled with insurmountable debt.* Ridiculous!

    3. @Crystal Giddens That is my point, you DimWit .. They don’t teach True History in schools here in AmeriKKKa, so we must educate ourselves. You could start by researching Junteenth instead of having a Small Mind and stating the things that you have. I am sure there are events and symbolic days within your ancestral history that you or I may not know of … The “Native Indians”, not the “Naive Indians” as you have stated did deal with each other in war, but the wars were on their OWN Lands, and the fights were fair. They had access to the same weaponry…. That is until the Europeans came with their muskets, firearms, disease, and trickery. I educate myself by reading books… Never did depend on the AmeriKKKan school system because it is flawed. You would do yourself some good by doing the same … Open up the Apocrypha too. Read a bit and learn something …

    4. @Diana Henderson-Cesareo Yes, they were fighting but *it was “fair” until Europeans arrived with their guns etc?* If they were fighting over land, who owned the land? My guess is the victor. They did not even recognize a white flag of surrender and slaughtered everyone. You think it was more pleasant to be hacked to death with a tomahawk than being shot with a rifle? What difference does that make? They bartered, with the “white man” to gain advantage over other “natives.” You have been poisoned. You are full of hate and rage and it is a fake made up holiday and you do not “know” as much as you think you do.. Dismissed.

    1. Richy Rich this con artist is an embarrassment whenever and whatever he does. I can’t imagine a worse response to covid from anybody. He I a sick useless turd.

    2. @Chris Whitley absolutely true mate good luck rebuilding your country after you are rid of this clown I do believe you will pull something really good out of this chaos hopefully you will realise what you almost lost recover without best ideals and recreate your country in it’s best image best of luck America

  4. “Respect” my a__!!!!! He changed the date so he wouldn’t compete with the BLM rally. We all know there will be more people supporting the BLM than support Trump.

    1. Trump’s strategy is a single point strategy. Divide and get elected. He has no other plan He is desperate. He started his reelection campaign in the first week of his presidency – Chandra India

    2. Sadly enough, Republican senators are stuffing the state and federal courts with racist judges. THAT IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE WORRYING ABOUT. In fact, there are only four more judge seats available.

    1. @Jennifer Mitchell, I prefer if he was digging a hole to Ivanka and her lousy husband’s toilet so they can smudge him with a bit of empathy only they know-how.

    2. No, he does not need to dig that hole, he should be publicly incinerated.

      The ground swell has to keep growing in to November…

  5. No Man can make this country great or keep it safe EXCEPT the People. The People have the First and the Last word.

    1. Stephen Slattery the world can see, hear and interpret Trump’s behaviour…The World is Watching…and fear for America. Most of all we now fear that he will trigger another COVID Crisis driven by his rallies and complete mismanagement of COVID 19.

    2. @Phillip Ellis you are brainwashed. A 2nd wave BECAUSE of his rallies? Lmao. How about the protest? Oh no, that wouldn’t be the cause. It’s because of Trump rallies and folks going to church.. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

    1. Michael Scott Hahahahahahahaha I thank you sir, your absolutely Dumbfuckery tonight has given me a great laugh, tremendous laugh, the best laugh in the history of laughs.

    1. @GRK Alexis there’s only one problem with you democrats. You have no proof of any of those things. You’re led by your feelings. For you the truth has nothing to do with fact. For you the truth is what you believe to be true.

    2. That’s dumb. He’s already got the electoral votes of Oklahoma whether he campaigns there or not. Did you know 300.000 people contacted the trump campaign for tickets? And Joe can’t get 100 people to show up.

    1. He’s a narcissist and the only person that is important to him, is himself.
      Black lives and their history makes no difference to him. That stupid photo-op during the protest, holding a Bible (I’m surprised it didn’t burst into flames) The only Higher Power he reveres is himself. His words at various times .. “Be nice, but not too nice …. Dominate!!! & I’m the Chosen One …” He’s gotta go, folks!!

  6. Stephen Miller chose that date and location. There was no mistake. They sending a message to their supporters

    1. doesn’t matter, it’s all good 🙂 makes it harder for him to change/cancel again now in response to the virus. If he has this & a few more rallies, it seals his political death

    2. Jeff Gibson What about when the administration just looted the USA taxpayer funded PPE stockpile and gifted to China in February after saying the cupboards were bare. https://www.state.gov/the-united-states-announces-assistance-to-combat-the-novel-coronavirus/. But of course USA citizens are civically dead. Just groupie zombie citizens………like yourself

      Anyone2020. Does not matter who is president when you don’t even know what is going on.

      America First…..except for our PPE stockpile bahahahahaha

    3. @Cool Breeze
      Steven MILLER did. Donald is STUPID. Steven, he has been a racist pig since high school, Santa Monica High, Santa Monica CA

    4. @Jeff Gibson
      You are joking RIGHT!? 😂😂😂😂

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