Trump Rewrites History Of Capitol Riot That He Incited 1

Trump Rewrites History Of Capitol Riot That He Incited


In a new FOX News interview, Trump painted a completely false narrative of the Capitol insurrection playing down the violence that is clearly caught on the bodycams of Capitol police officers. Peter Baker of The New York Times joins to discuss.
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  1. This is tourism on how to be perfect peaceful people. It’s like how cruise ships teaches a class. How to use a flag pole to be prepared. It’s yoga for racist.

    1. @Hull Style Productions Change the World I’m Aussie and I think “WTF is happening to our big brother?”

    1. @Matt You mean be accountable for actions like the looting, burning, and destroying government buildings that occurred summer 2020. All of those people are free to do the same thing again. Whatever happened to common sense? Just keep having faith in your media and government. They are here to help. Right?

    1. And the race riots happening all around the country didn’t look “mostly peaceful” either. I think it’s safe to say that neither party, nor their followers, are capable of being objective when their fragile sense of superiority over the other is threatened. Chalk it up to good ole’ American narcissism.

    2. @J. C. What happened at the Capitol building in January was nothing like the BLM, and Antifa riots last summer. The Capitol building wasn’t looted, and left in ashes.

    3. Wow lots of salty MAGAT Russian trolls here today! At least the virus is getting rid of you all faster than DOJ!

  2. Brother’s Grimm couldn’t have thought this up.

    I can’t wait for Coen Bros’ film starring Billy Bob Thornton as Trump.

    1. The stories of the Grimm brothers had a moral lesson intertwined, trump and his sycophants have no moral compass. Greed for power and money, mostly power, are their only motivation to do anything.

    2. Hey anything is possible… Leonardo DiCaprio acted like a perfect Democrat voter in What’s eating Gilbert Grape…and Dustin Hoffman won a Oscar for playing one in rain man…

    1. Honestly, do you think the guy who once bragged “I know the best words” has ever opened a dictionary?

  3. The US is letting one psychopath and the GOP do what no other enemy has achieved, destroy democracy.
    With the whole world getting worse daily and on the brink of collapsing, there is a dismal future forr the US.

    1. The entire world is condemning this Democrat regime’s overt Nszi ideology and war on Democracy, on the US Constitution, on America, and on Western culture countries.

  4. The augmented reality Trump continues to live in is disturbing. Unreal that he ran then country with this mindset; Orange set us back 10 years, maybe 15.

  5. You cannot rewrite history, especially now.. this was seen by millions over the world I am pretty sure they will say it was an attack..Listen, some say Trump’s hair has it’s own area code, he once believed Alice in Wonderland was a documentary and he has 2 facts about ducks and they are both wrong..

    1. @Bill G
      Not selling hydroxychloroquine today gramps?
      Of course not your leader from your country didn’t promote it.
      How’s the weather in your country?

    2. Joe Cheated! The world knows this! We caught him! We are in the process of proving it. Then we’re going to do something about! Don’t ever underestimate the power of the American people!

  6. Just a nice walk in the park with the love of violence in the tourists enjoying the peaceful failure of halting the constitutional law that is the foundation of the Democratic process that alledgedly makes me United States of America supposedly great the instigator of the January 6th innserection failure needs to be dealt with accordingly ASAP MAGA Make Authorities Get Accountable

  7. Goebels said to tell big lies and keep telling the, until the people believe you. You know where Goebels ended. All will end.

    1. I like to think of Trump as more like Mussolini than Goebbels, especially in regard to how they ended up.

    2. @D.A. Oh And yet the actions of the brown shirts and black shirts are mirrored by you anti Trump toddlers. Odd

  8. When you think about it, it’s probably the most truthful thing Trump ever said, what he neglected to add was…’it was a love fest for meeeeeeeee’, and only me, those violent thugs were showing LOVE for meeeeeeeee! Let me tell you one more time, ‘it was a love fest for meeeeeeeeee! See Mel, people love me, bigglier than any other President in history! (Then why did you lose Donald?). What a sad and tired little man

  9. Do you have footage of “peaceful” BLM rioters looting stores and burning down buildings as well?!

    1. C’mon man…that was just a little burning cities, stealing, beatings and a little bit of murder…what’s that compared to some middle aged people armed with flags tresspassing …c’mon man

    2. @William HUTTO getting shot and killed at a traffic stop(guilty or not) should not be SOP for cops. Think about that for a minute.

    3. @Richard Luce …and what does burning your own city, beating business owners, looting and killing people solve? Tell me that…

  10. Trump will always be a reality tv character.They brought him out to program and deceive the American public.We need to throw away our tell lie vision.

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