Trump Saw 'Love' And 'Kissing' During Violent Capitol Riot | MSNBC 1

Trump Saw ‘Love’ And ‘Kissing’ During Violent Capitol Riot | MSNBC


Speaking to Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker for their new book, 'I Alone Can Fix It,' former Pres. Trump tried to argue that there was a 'lot of love' on January 6 during the riot Trump himself incited. Philip Rucker joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss.

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    1. @Richard Moore You’ll have to forgive Soul Warrior, he hasn’t seen light from outside of Trump’s colon for some time now.

    1. Right? This is the guy that bragged about sexually assaulting women. He has no concept of love.

    1. @Tabatha Sheffroth let’s recreate January 6th at Mara-Lago, I’m sure Donald will love that

  1. I’m sure he did see love in the angry mob attacking the police. They were doing it for him. He asked them to.

    1. @Matthew Leibfred their strategy was to re-direct these miscreants away from the members of congress!

    2. @Patriotz Finder no! Narcissist don’t understand any love other than self- love! That explains how Trump could mistake the actions that day as loving tourist!

    3. @Rebecca Ainslie I’m not arguing with you. I have a narcissistic father, believe me I know the drill

  2. When the concept of consent is alien to you, it follows that you would register assault and battery as “hugging and kissing”.

    1. “hugging & kissing”; “pee-pee & caca”
      Rioters left feces, urine in hallways and offices during mobbing of US Capitol

      By Carl Campanile and Yaron Steinbuch January 8, 2021 NYPOST

    2. Without consent, even “hugging and kissing” would be considered as sexual assault. Trump has repeated his own lie so much that now he thinks it’s the truth

    1. @jose carlos it’s the same way they “tour” there daughters rooms at night … Repubs are nasty AF

    2. @Michael Spring that window was broken not open. You can hear insurectionists saying gun, he’s got a gun as she’s continuing to climb through a broken window.

  3. Gives whole new meaning to the song “Love Hurts.”
    It hurts because you’re being beaten with a flag pole.

    1. And ran away instead of going with him as he told them he would do. He is a pure coward, through and through. As all bullies are.

    2. @Enchanted Homeschool Trump wasn’t able to accompany his supporters because his bone Spurs were acting up again.

    3. loyal Bird: Good point. It brings these two incidents to mind. Remember the time a Trump supporter ran towards, but never made it to the podium where Trump was speaking at a campaign event? He cringed, hid under Secret Service agents and got himself whisked away until the area was secured again. Remember when an opponent of Biden ran and ascended to the stage of a Biden campaign event? While Dr. Jill (!) grabbed the intruder, Biden remained calm and just continued his speech in a few seconds after the intruder was removed. Which one strikes y’all as the insecure coward?

    1. @My Tale You can’t be lying without knowing the truth. Trump knows the truth through his (voice of) conscience he has certainly been fighting against since being able to think.

    2. @My Tale Narcissism is, in a more general term, a personal disorder. We don’t know whether Trump suffers from this illness, but it is highly likely that he does. As far as I know, narcissism does not involve hearing voices.

    3. And the biggest lover of all killed a policeman by striking him on the head with a fire extinguisher… a loving crowd indeed.

    1. Authorities are still withholding thousands and thousands of hours of footage.

      Why? Because it verifies nefarious plotting, implicating the Authorities.

    1. @Luis Boqcas He was a non-president of non-citizens but president of fascist Anglo-pig pro corporates.

    2. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII …and ‘W’ begot Obamanation begot Drumpfascoris begot O’ByeDon begot…

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra president WHO?! There was never a president named Trump, even if there were, he wouldn’t be my president…

      We have a REAL president, his name is Joe Biden, he is here to help, not to incite a violent insurrection, unlike this fake president you’re referring to.

  4. “He who cannot be shamed” was watching the live coverage of the insurrection. I’m sure he and his sycophants were cheering it on.

  5. The only love and kissing was this guy and his family celebrating in their secured TV Room watching the insurrection their daddy caused with his sore loser lies !!!

    1. He was safe in the WH bunker, while his idiotic maga trolls where breaking all kinds of laws, assaulting and killing a capitol police officer, and trying to look for other big political people in the building that they didn’t favor to murder them as instructed by the orange clown

    2. Milk it as much as you can.

      The evidence of the stolen Election, and the FBI-Dem operatives-Antifa instigated riot, is mounting.

      The dam is going to break soon.

    3. @Jay Larsen no it isn’t fact dint care about your feelings keep dreaming. More comes out every day that makes him and your cult look pathetic

  6. “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.”
    ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

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