1. Something tells me the real “cool keepsake” is the money he got in exchange for the documents that were previously in those empty folders.

    1. @Fresh Mclovin yes and that is reasonable. Unlike diaper boy Donny. I don’t have any but if I did have any then I mentally declassified them but if you find them then the fbi must have put them there but if the fbi didn’t put them there then they are my property and I want them back.

    2. Trump don’t need money, You forgot he donated his salary from being President, thus argument is non valid.

  2. How many different excuses has he had thus far? And he’s still believed by his non-critical thinking sychophants.

    1. @Fresh Mclovin We believe that’s not the topic, but trash subhuman redhat trumpanzee bot accounts coordinated like proper Bannon bell boys keep posting their pathetic tropes in the hopes of seeming legit instead of being pointed and laughed at like you are now.


    3. @freshmclovin4593  I don’t know, but Biden hasn’t used a 1000 and one statements to deny having them, or excuses to refuse to return them, or to use a “Special Master” to delay turning them over, or to claim he used mind tricks to declassify them, or to insist he only wanted the folders for “cool keepsakes” or that the documents are “Mine, mine, mine!” And he certainly hasn’t been ranting and raving he’s being picked on and whining like an overindulged brat.

  3. I always got a kick out of how they were planted.

    It’s just like he will be president again or I guess how some think he still is. 😂

  4. How long before he says “they weren’t empty when I took them, but after the documents were gone, I wanted to keep them”. What a disaster.

    Edit: I say this as an outsider looking in. I’m Australian, but I’m interested in this kind of stuff – the ‘disaster’ is the fighting that goes on with “well, your side did it too” and the whataboutism, when the two scenarios are markedly different. Also, the way that money and power corrupts the judicial system into black and white legal decisions having ‘political’ consequences, where they treat people differently based on their past, wealth, or status. It happens all around the world, but it’s just sad to see that it is the new ‘norm’. Laws should be applied equally – but at the same time, obstruction and cooperation should be accounted for. Cooperating fully vs ‘a cool keepsake’ and lying about handing everything over is not the same. Anyway….

    1. @APirate’sLifeitBe there was no search and seizure the fbi didn’t raid his house. Making more excuses for Brandon


    1. @Jo Poveromo Not at all. He’s pretty much an irrelevance who provides some amusement while spiralling into political and legal oblivion.

    2. @Louise Reay That base must be getting pretty thin now comparatively, only the totally deluded would still follow the Orange Clown at this stage.

    3. @Louise Reay so you aren’t angry at all at trump? With everything democrats make up about him? You just think about him a lot? For what? I mean you watch cnn, cnn certainly thinks trump is just as relevant as ever, clearly. You can’t back track, you need to grow up and face your hypocrisy, and inability to come up with anything to say other than projecting your insecurities onto other people and calling them out for how you feel, you are triggered by trump, you brought it up, that’s how you think, and that’s what you see in other people, you might not be honest with me but at least be honest with yourself, you’re triggered by trump because of something you won’t address.

    4. @Louise Reay I mean you obviously hate trump, I expected you to say something like that to dismiss trump like you’ve never even thought of him. It’s pathetic, democrats are liars.

    5. @Fresh Mclovin no one else knew he had them either. No one else would still know, except he told them. Think, dude. What do you think he’s plan could be?

  5. He appointed the head of the “gestapo” FBI.
    His party Senators approved his nomination to head the “gestapo” FBI.
    Did he have a brain freeze and not include the folders while telepathically declassifying the documents inside?

  6. “The FBI planted classified documents that I declassified with the power of my mind and that belong to me”
    TFG – 2022

    1. @kay armstrong Biden isn’t answering questions because lawyers always advise their clients to not comment on ongoing investigations. The problem with Trump is he can’t help himself. He has to always be in the spotlight. Hunter wasn’t renting Joe’s house. That was sloppy reporting by someone who didn’t bother looking into it. But what do you expect from Breitbart? It’s already been debunked. Hunter either lied or was high when he filled out that rental application. It turns out, $49,901 is the exact amount he was paying for an office at House of Sweden. So, no cover up

    2. @kay armstrong
      Not sure which of my comments you were replying to and in none of them did I make a “comparison”. I merely pointed out how pathetic whataboutism is and I also pointed out that no matter who it is breaking the law they should be held accountable. I used car theft as a example, not a “comparison”. If you’ve got a issue with either of those statements that ain’t my problem.

    3. @Startrekmaniac What double standard?

      If the Special Counsel investigating Trump determines that he attempted to willfully retain the documents rather than returning them to the Archives, he’ll be charged.

      If the Special Counsel investigating Biden determines that he attempted to willfully retain the documents rather than returning them to the Archives, well, then he’ll be treated just as Trump was when a Special Counsel found that enough evidence existed to charge him, were he not immune to criminal charges by virtue of his position.

      If Trump doesn’t want to do the time, he shouldn’t have committed the crime.

  7. “…empty folders…cool keepsake”
    So were the cash and favors he received from selling what was inside them.

    1. 🤣”empty folders” Wasnt “that” what Stormy Daniel’s called DumbDonalds Underware? Poofy Panties for Flatty Butt,FattyGut, SwollenRollin’, Cellulite Holdin’ Two Ton, Tummy Tuckin Fun Tighty Whiteys? ..🤣Whooo Hooo! Funny, Good Stuff!

  8. If his folders were empty, why did he bother to concoct his lie about declassifying them with his thoughts?

    1. @Nera Kar  no! I just don’t believe 1 bit of crap that comes out his mouth.
      Let me guess ….Rump should be President now, but the election was rigged

    2. Only a small portion of the total seized were these empty folders. I assume he’s lying about the actual files.

    3. @Drowning poor alice That’s partially true. There is a process that has to be gone through beforehand. Those who classified in the first place have to be informed before so they can take any necessary steps, like pulling agents or informants out of the field before their identities are exposed. No former Trump official has come out and said “Yes, we were informed”. And many have shown willingness to lie for him but even they realize without proof they would open themselves up to real legal trouble if they lied about that. Loyalty only goes so far when prison is on the menu.

  9. Idiocracy needs a sequel with Trump and Santos characters worked into the story!! 48 empty folders? The liar in chief 😈

  10. “Just regular folders with some words printed on them.” Yeah, words like “Top Secret”, “Classified” etc. Just some words.

  11. When someone uses an excuse for something and follows it up with “even if it isn’t” and here’s another excuse for just in case. You have to wonder 🤔

  12. So he “declassified “ empty folders by thinking about it the documents disappeared out the folders lol 😂😂😂😂

    1. U believe a VP has no clue for 6 years he didn’t have documents next to his corvette🥱😂😂😂😂😂

  13. I kinda figured, given the reporting of how and where the documents were found, mixed in with all kinds of other documents and stuff, that whatever was in those empty folders was probably mixed in with everything else. I mean, that’s what makes the most sense to me.

  14. Wouldn’t the folders themselves be considered classified? After all, their markings, design, etc could be revealing about the inner workings of the classified system, making counterfeiting easier.

  15. I’m sure the Russian, Chinese, and Saudi intelligence services consider the contents of those folders cool keepsakes.

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