1. Trump doesn’t know a lot of things, among them what the term Free Speech means. “Freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.”

    1. @Elmer’s Glue he’s attacking capitalism, are private companies supposed to be under government control?

  2. 1st ammendment:
    “Congress shall pass no laws…”
    Its not hard
    Social media is not congress
    Their terms of service are not laws.

    In actual fact it would be contrary to the owners freedom of speech for the government to pass laws enforcing that they MUST allow their business to be used to propagate speech that they as private owners do not want to propagate

    1. @fred sims then i have no opinion lol if you are banning people for no reason other than an immutable characteristic then yeh a fine is reasonable.

    2. @fred sims so apparently its a bill to fine social media if they ban politicians.
      That to me is unreasonable. The state cannot force a private citizens to use their private business to promote their politics. It is up to the private business owner to decide the financial impact and then weigh that with his or her own ideological views.
      As to whether its even constitutional – that would depend on whether “congrass shall pass no laws” applies solely to the house of representatives or individual state congresses. And whether as federal law it supersedes state law.
      So at best in pernicious. At worst its unconstitutional. However it is always authoritarian and illiberal

    3. It can become a problem when companies only push 1 political view and start censoring views that veer off their agenda

    4. @Junie Jake no it cant lol there are plenty of left wing and right wing companies. Censoring, like free speech, is a protection from GOVERNMENTAL infringement. A private company or person cannot

    5. @J Green for not being American, you have a better understanding of freedom of speech issues and the 1st amendment than many Americans and our politicians.

  3. You have the right to free speech. What you do not have is the right to a platform, and Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are under no obligation to provide one for you.

    1. This argument by the republicans is truly insane the further you look into it. If a ruling was made like they’re arguing here, wouldn’t that mean also that a bar or a club throwing out a customer would infringe on their liberties? Or a shop turning a customer away.

    2. @Chardonnay I agree the Republicans argument gets out of hand, and this is my take on it. I can answer your question in a way I think they would understand with a thought experiment. Do you think ISIS or other terrorist groups should be banned from platforms such as Facebook? I would say yes because their rhetoric is used to radicalize others into committing acts of terrorism, just like how Trump’s rhetoric pushes The Big Lie and galvanized his base to commit acts of stochastic terrorism; evident by how storming of the capital was both obvious to those watching what his followers were saying online and lacked a full structural plan. They went in there with a common goal set by Trump, but tons of them just had small individual/group cases of domestic terrorist plots, rather than a cohesive one (That is why I said stochastic terrorism). To give another quick example, imagine what it would be like if Charles Manson had FB these days and started a cult. In this case, Trump is the cult leader here, and if you use the BITE model to look at this person’s actions, you would see he fits the definition of one. So with all that being said, as a totality, that is why it would be bad to continue to platform Trump.

    1. he tries to mess up stupid supporters’ minds again lol idiots cant think or analyze themselves. But repeat.

    2. Funny how they complain Face Book taking free speech away,while they will do the same to Cheney and anyone not saying Trump won.

    3. @Pacos Pete why would you say “we” democrats do you honestly think anyone outside of your cult is dumb enough to believe that?

    4. @Pacos Pete -Look, there are liars in both sides of the aisle, no doubt. Just that DJT lies about everything every day. And he constantly contradicts his lies or puts * on them. (Like when he said no mail in voting except for Florida!)

  4. He should of read the fine print. 🀣 He thinks rule’s dnt apply to him. Guess what?…….. No one cares about his feelings.

    1. @Junie Jake “Your getting weird lol,”

      Ahhh, an ad hom! It’s almost cute how you try to poison the well!

      “you can tell what party takes it personally”

      I agree, right wing conservatives are indeed ultra sensitive to any sleight. As I pointed out to you in my initial rebuttal. You still have not presented any argument nor evidence in support of your argument to refute my rebuttal let alone your initial claim.

      “I’m not really with either”

      Ok, I am going to go “big word” with this one. Ipse Dixit. You can make all the claims you want about where you stand, however it does not increase the plausibility nor the factualness of your claim. It lacks the sufficiency of evidence. As I pointed out in my last post, your assertions are all very one sided. That speaks louder than your claims.

      “Just you searching through comments shows how sensitive this must be for you lol”

      Really? What post specifically gave you that idea?

      “You can use all the big words you want it proves absolutely nothing about who’s been more aggressive towards different opinions lol.”

      LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£, I am not even using big words. Though you are right, you are being very sensitive about differing opinions. Why is that?

      “If I retort in a way that is passive aggressive”

      No no, you misunderstand. Your initial post, not your retorts, were passive aggressive gas lighting.

      “don’t really ever try and call people names”

      Oh really? You must have forgot.

      “Your getting weird lol,” -Junie Jake

      “You played grammer nazi for me” -Junie Jake

    2. @Junie Jake The majority of your second post is just strawmanning, red herrings and tu quoque. So I will only address the relevant portion.

      “Gina Corano got fired for sharing her opinion on the left and right,”

      Shifting the goal posts now. Your initial assertion was that she was fired for being conservative.

      “So why do right wing supporters lose their jobs for practicing their 1st ammendment rights when the left complains to their employer??”

      She wasn’t fired for being conservative. You have offered zero evidence to support that assertion. She WAS fired for being insensitive by making a baseless assertion that is nothing more than a false equivalence and loaded words to rile people up. See propaganda.

      I as pointed out, politely mind you, your point is moot as she was reinstated with no public repercussions for her post on twitter. Do take note… ‘post’… singular. Only one.

      “she was accurate by the way.”

      Was she? What does being a Republican have to do with the holocaust anyways? How is that accurate?

    3. @Robyn Heartthrob

      It’s ok Robyn, I’ve said my peace lol. No need for us to split hairs all day, enjoy your day

    4. @Robyn Heartthrob

      Your vernacular and twisted words taken out of context won’t get.far, that’s leftist tactic that works on kids that get tricked easily lol.

      “Fired for being insensitive” lol really means the left threw fit and got her πŸ’© canned so Disney wouldn’t get blowback from “sensitive” leftists

  5. The proponents of small government sure love government intervention and regulation when it suits them.

    1. And all that corporate welfare when their business model is not quite a model model any more.

  6. I’m pretty sure that Facebook, is more than allowed to set the rules of Facebook, and they are not covered by the First Amendment, due to it being a private company.

    1. @Junie Jake
      Total lie, as I know personally. For a while, my niece (a sexual assault victim) became a somewhat off the rails radical leftist/feminist. She had a PhD in English literature, but when she went of the rails, she turned down several offers to teach at universities, because she had decided that English literature was all white, patriarchal propaganda. She was probably the most educated bartender in New Orleans. One night, a guy that (at that time) she called a “redneck loser” (could have simply been a normal person) said something that set her off into a rant about feminism, and she was fired on the spot.

      I am a liberal, and at that time her ideas were so far left, I am sure I seemed like Reagan to her – at least.

    2. @Tesfay Kiros
      You should study the 1st Amendment and not seem so foolish. It only applies to the government. No paper can be forced to print, or even put on line every letter to the editor. You might as well argue that it is “censorship” because I cannot go on “The 700 Club” and talk about the virtues of atheism. But that platform belongs to Pat Robertson, and he does not have to allow me to say things he would consider awful and dangerous.

    3. @Omar Al Ansari
      He assumed from your name, as the bigot he is. He would not assume that I am from Ireland, even though my name is about as Irish as can be.

    4. @Tesfay Kiros
      Assuming what a person thinks based on their name is foolish and more than a bit bigoted.

    5. @Pat Doyle

      I love Bill Maher, he likened the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ to terrorists in the middle east but didn’t really get canceled lol. Heft for more money. Second, Bill Maher agrees with me as well about this cancel culture woke supremacist disease, he knows it’s getting out of hand and third your a super lefty and that’s OK. I’ll respect your thoughts but continue to disagree that the left is treated the same lol. Stay safe and πŸ™

  7. honestly facebook is a wild cesspool already where people can post the most 4chan crazy stuff, so you gotta be super wild to actually get banned.

    1. @Pat Doyle Yeah you don’t. You have to be more open minded but you aren’t. Small minded sheeple. Intolerant sheeple.

    2. @Debra Johnson Frank admission. The first step to getting appropriate help. Congratulations.

    3. @Debra Johnson
      Ah “sheeple” the final defence of the terminally incompetent. You might want to stop digging.

  8. Remember this day forever? But his followers wants us to stop talking about it though.🀷

    1. @Junie Jake lol, yeah right. Your use of left and woke gives it away, but deception is part of the Trump brand.

    2. @Junie Jake awww are you sad that more and more people are leaving your pathetic cult everyday. Unfortunately for you whining won’t change reality

    3. Search Mayo Clinic Narcisistic Personality Disorder:
      People with the disorder can:
      -Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
      -Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration

  9. He lost the vote,he got banned on social medias,his lawyers are getting busted and the best is yet to come.The gift that keeps on giving.

    1. He didn’t lose the vote…we all know you cheated. No ID? MAIL in ballots without verification is allowed?

  10. Ex-President can’t even understand the 1st Amendment. It’s why he’s the EX.

  11. I loveeee when things annoy him, MAKES MY DAY. Just the other day, he said he didn’t miss twitter or Facebook, I guess he was lying ha ha ha.

    1. Hello Julie πŸ‘‹
      How are you feeling today I hope your day is as bright as your pretty smile today.

  12. Unfortunately, life is not fair, especially, for those who are unfair. Which is fair enough.

  13. Imagine FB as a main street store. Now imagine they have a sign on the front door that states – “FB reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, or to remove anyone from FB who they deem inappropriate for this store”. Isn’t that the right of any business owner ??

    1. So any business owner could do the same for race? I thought democrats don’t discriminate,?

    2. No, it is not their right. However, they can have standards of conduct for their customers, and violators can be tossed out.

    3. When the NFL tried telling players what they can and can’t do ON THE CLOCK it was censorship and 1st ammendment rights violations lol

  14. Thank you facebook!
    We all know that narcissistic individuals don’t like to be chastise.

  15. It’s like shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre and getting people killed in the panic – on a nation wide scale. Should be a prosecutable offence. And definitely banned from media.

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