1. Bryce Cheng Obama didn’t sever ties with KSA wtf are you talking about

    1. @The the end is coming make yee the way for the Lord I’ll bet you some lunatic was mumbling the same thing during the Black Plague, or the first world war, or the second World War. I’ll bet you for the past two thousand years you can find some lunatic mumbling the same thing.

    1. @Slim Pickens Slim has your face and mouth made contact with swollen HOG? I only ask because it seems like your face may have made contact with swollen HOG.

    2. @William H how many times a day would you say that you fantasize about homosexual sex and “swollen hogs”?

  1. Trump need the Saudis money.
    He will gladly cut up journalists with a bone saw to get more money from the prince.

    1. P Le You lost the 2016 election and you are still bitter after 3 years? Damn, how do you function and do daily activities with so much hate weighing you down?? Do you take anti-depressants for your mental illness?

    2. @Lucky Sport correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re the only one here mumbling about the 2016 election

  2. Trump gets extremely angry when someone coughs in his office, too. Or when there’s too many pickles on his cheeseburger. He still won’t do anything meaningful.

    1. triruns ….. at LEAST we the USA are NOT in war yet….. UNDER Hill_ry we would have been !!!! ONLY evil people want war to MAKE MONEY !

  3. “How can I spin a lie that could be accepted as a possibility?”
    “Sir, that is possible. The best is just to repeat the lie. Eventually people will start to get distracted. And start to believe you”

    1. Exactly. It’s the right-wing playbook. Constantly yell nonsense with the utmost conviction that your subconscious tells you that there must be some truth in it.

      It also doesn’t help that so many disgruntled people go along with it because they want nothing more than to see everyone die in chaos as a way of getting even.

    2. Kurt Beck That’s what trump does.The beast repeats lie after lie for hours and eventually wears a decent person down.To what level must this tyrant sink before he is taken to task.Perhaps he should be thrown into a crocodile filled swamp and then we could photograph his remains.Im 💯% sure he has forgotten the name of that wee toddler who was tragically drowned.

    3. Kurt Beck —🎯👍🏽 That’s is his ONLY game (lying) but he fails at it too. Repeating the same ridiculous lies DOESN’T make it true. It makes him look DESPERATE and PATHETIC because NO ONE TRUST him or LISTEN to him anymore.

  4. Remember , at the end of the day after his Presidency is over, hes going back to be a “businessman” so he is protecting his future investors. Blood and all.

    1. Marcia L. After the end of his presidency in 2024 or 2028! Whatever anti-Trumps say, he’s the best we’ve had in many years.

  5. No one has directly pointed the finger to MSB for the murder…..except AMERICAN national security….except TURKEY…..except the UN…..

    1. @Joey says some guy how hasn’t read a single investigative report on the issue. Hell I doubt you even watch and listened to this video.

    2. @Joey
      So the CIA, Turkey and the UN (101 page document) came out and pointed the finger to MSB without evidence?

      Let’s ignore the messages between Khashoggi and his friends worried about being kidnapped and dragged to Saudi Arabia.
      The video of Khashoggi walking into the SA embassy and not leaving is fake?
      The audio tape was fake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hmkeikSWek
      The fact that Saudi 15 men (called the Tiger Squad) arrive in Istanbul the same day and left the same day is a normal occurrence. These men were under surveillance of the Turkish security agencies and CIA.
      A top aide for Mohammed bin Salman, had made a Skype call to the consulate while Khashoggi was held in the room. Maybe it was just to say hi and he missed MSB.
      Forensic specialist Salah Muhammed al-Tubaigy just happened to bring along a bone saw.
      How convenient that the embassy decided to paint its interior walls soon after.

      Look at the totality of the circumstance evidence which is what our justice system tends to convict criminals. There is no need for DIRECT EVIDENCE.

      A judge will always tell a jury that both direct and circumstantial evidence have EQUAL WEIGHT. Most times trials convict on ONLY circumstantial evidence with NO direct evidence. For example: in the morning you open your front door and there is snow on your front lawn. That is circumstantial evidence that it had snowed last night. Someone could have driven a dump truck to your front lawn and dumped the snow or used a snow machine.

    3. any man working in interest of the one percent is in danger very dangerous and stupid.

    1. Everyone vote blue if you don’t Want another 6 years of lies and deceit from a crooked president who is screwing the good people if the US. Trump is like Robin Hood he takes from the POOR and gives to the RICH BITCHES

    2. Right he takes from the poor and gives to the rich, except that just isn’t true. I’m sure you’re aware of that though and are just spewing propaganda. I’m also concerned about the Saudi money in U.S.politics.

    3. I wonder if trump jokingly told the Saudi prince not to fly anymore planes into our buildings and then they both laughed and high fived?

    4. So I guess it was ok for Obama to allow his Muslim brothers in Iran to have a nuclear weapon and send billions of cash to help him along . Lmao . You people are so a$$ backwards . That’s what listing to CNN will do to you !!

  6. Trump is a weakling. He’s just a bully with no strength of character. He doesn’t stand up to these murderers because he doesn’t know how. He doesn’t even know why he should.

    1. Verruca he doesn’t stand up for them because there’s no evidence for them. And because the US murdered 1000s of innocents so how can he make a big deal about one murder from another country? Lol it’s bigger than you think, he can’t just be like “oh you killed him now our relationship is over” this is politics it’s not a picnic

    2. You are soft… tear up our countries relations over a dead journalist? Yeah ok that is why you are not president, a weak spine.

  7. Everything Trump has said about the Chinese was a lie concerning the phone maker ,it had nothing to do with US security,it was about trade and we fell for it, this man has no depth

    1. bisquitnspanky lol just stop. You lil demmys lost . And will most likely lose again .Trump is your president get over it 💩💩💩🖕🏻

    2. Hopefully this time we will not let Russian or petty bullshit squabble blind us and allow this traitorous orange a 2nd term.

    3. @Thanos Aldren Trump definitely has his second term in the bag. The third term may be more difficult but not much.

  8. Of course he’s angry! We all know how much love the Golem has for journalists. His allowance from Saudi Arabia could get cut off.

    1. Same thing with corrupt megalomaniac european leaders. their allowance will be cut off if they said something against the saudi prince.

  9. 0:20 “They are prosecuting a large number of people”.

    It looks like MBS will now (“legally”) kill a few more people to Trump’s complete satisfaction.

  10. OMG!! Trump is extremely angry about the death of khashoogi watch him do NOTHING! Just like he sits back and sells weapons to Saudi and watch innocent Yemeni civilians die.

    1. Like Obama sold 26 billion to Saudi Arabia and to Qatar, Vietnam, and the rebels in Libya. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I didn’t see this outrage with BO.

    2. @Brandon your right 2 wrongs dont make a right. Obama and Clinton are history now. trump has screwed up global affairs royally. Calls allies security threats, put Iran possibly back on the hunt for nuclear weapons, kisses the asses of dictators and murderers.

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