1. @Matt1147 I was going to say that this didn’t hold quite true. But, then I realized that he would be swearing in knowing he was going to lie. (Is he that conscious?) But, you know that my point was that even if he’d “intended to cooperate” he would be unable to resist a lie… (This is twisting my brain around, with many opportunities for a joke lost in the turmoil.) So, I’ll be serious and not make a joke: if he ever does testify (I so want this), his lawyer will advise him to plead the fifth on virtually everything but the most boring questions. He’s a _narcissist._ He has to show that he’s the smartest deceiver that ever was. High level detectives rely on this. Question a narcissist and know that they will think they can beat the detective, and assume that the detective’s massive experience counts for nothing. Let see that happen in public with Donnie. It will be as if too many chicken McNuggets made him soil his pants. (Jeesh, I did get a joke out of that.)

    2. *-Every criticism of Trump involves one of his haters claiming to know what Trump was thinking_*

    3. Hah!!I say that ALL THE TIME!!!Just ask him the same question 4 times in a row,and you’ll get 4 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANSWERS……….

  1. Wow he made a choice for 2024. Are they allowing him to choose which federal prison to serve his time in?

  2. So funny that Trump thinks running will eliminate his culpability for chaos, mayhem, and deaths – here and abroad ! What a Goof.

  3. Powell’s bizarre conspiracy theory where she accused the late Hugo Chavez of being behind the whole thing was the highlight of the Trump election saga 😂🍿🍿

  4. He’s waiting till the second before he is convicted. Him running should NOT have any reason for going forward and going to prison. Full population

  5. He’ll run for fundraising ,and to attempt to avoid legal battles , claiming ” it’s political”.

  6. Allowing Trump to run for president again would be the equivalent of allowing Nixon to run for president again.

    1. *-Every criticism of Trump involves one of his haters claiming to know what Trump was thinking_*

    2. “I look very much forward to showing my financials, because they are huge.”
      -Donald Trump

  7. He’s running to avoid jail time and if he wins he will spend every moment on the golf course.

    1. I don’t think he’ll run, but don’t forget Biden has more time off than any president to date, only does five hours a day, Joe’s gotta go either way

    2. @ex smoker I haven’t seen him on a golf course. The mess that we have can all be tied to 45. There would be no war in Ukraine had 45 not try to get over on Zelinski. .

  8. Didn’t Trump once say that any person who is under criminal investigation shouldn’t be allowed to run for the presidency?


  9. Only in America can a President who was brought up for impeachment not once but twice and is now under investigation for criminal activity by a Senate Committee be allowed to run again. It’s truly mind blowing!!! 🤯

    1. 😂😂😂😂exactly!!! And as everything is unfolding he’s got the nerve to say he will run for president

  10. He is definitely going to run again. That’s not a question. The question is WHY CAN HE RUN AGAIN. Indict that man!!!

  11. Time for a throwback:
    *United States Constitution*: 14th amendment, article 3:
    “No person shall hold any office civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath to support the constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or giving aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

    1. My goodness this comment thread. I miss when adults could have civil discussions instead of just acting like a raving 14 year old kid. Out of the seven deaths at the 6th 4 of them were unarmed rioters. 3 of them were cops/security who committed suicide days after the riot. The rioters were unarmed and small in numbers. Anyone with a brain knows that is not a “inserecuton”. Trump never actually told people to attack the capital, the people themselves are the ones who stirred themselves up. Trump actually denounced the riots on the 6th. Now let’s look at some comparisons. Jan 6th : 7 deaths 2 million worth of damages. Blm riots: at least 25 deaths 1-2 billion worth of damages. Im sorry if this information upsets anyone, just felt it needed to be known. Fyi: don’t bother responding to this with some childish insult, as then ill just ignore you.

  12. He’s grifting the base, he’ll put it off as long as he can so he can bilk them out of every dollar possible before the actual campaign announcement. Michael Cohen, who’s been spot on with every prediction he’s made about Trump, says Trump’s not going to run. I hope Michael’s right.

    1. @steve Letting him run is too much of a gamble for me. Although I do think it would be good for the Trumpers to see him LOOSE again.

    2. I agree 98%, I want Trump to run again so right before the nomination we can put him in prison and watch every Republican freak out.

  13. If you repeat anything donald trump says does that automatically make you a liar as well?
    Trump does not speak to convey information but to elicit a reaction beneficial to him.

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