Trump Silent As FBI Details Threats To Biden Inauguration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Silent As FBI Details Threats To Biden Inauguration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With six days left in office and a riot he incited in his wake, Trump stayed silent Thursday as the FBI detailed the security concerns with the Biden administration as tens of thousands of security forces patrol Washington, DC. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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Trump Silent As FBI Details Threats To Biden Inauguration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Robert Biondo
      No brother. I’m not devided by anything nor anyone. Your mistaken. I know who’s my true president and king. I’m just seeing this world going from bad to worst.

    2. @Patrick Kenyon What did she say? Show me a word for word quote cause I guarantee you that is not what she said or meant

    3. @Tabitha bishop Yeah he is, what were those sexual assault cases about? You also forget Trump and Epstein fought over the virginity of a 13 year old girl

    4. @I’m me All day everyday He’s done great things! T.f. What drugs you on?. Fraud Not even Black Obama is a disgrace..
      Nice Coup D’etat brought on by Soros.
      BLM is Marxists lead group that Demonrats let run amuck in their cities.

      GTFOH with your communist propaganda!

    1. @panthera50 yeah actually they did and now are looking for their scapegoat as always… and it’s Putin again, of course, how shocking. LOL.

  1. Question for the homeland security spokesman: What exactly is the difference between “aspirational” and “potential” violence by these insurgents?

    1. Aspirational – it’d be cool to just flap your arms and fly up in the sky. Potential – I’m designing a jet pack that’s activated by hand gestures.

    2. UHMMM.. Wish-fulfillment and actual plans. Look it up on Wiki. Or somewhere….. I like how Pence is sitting there silent while he’s briefed that his life is still in danger, and will be for months…

    3. Let’s talk about the Dems inciting violence all summer long. Shall we? Countless neighborhoods have looted and burned, police and civilians murdered in the streets. Countless acts of terrorism by BLM and the communist group ANTIFA.
      And Dems took a knee and showed their support.
      Nancy Pelosi- “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. Maybe there will be.”
      Kamala Harris- “Protestors should not let up.”
      BLM and ANTIFA protesters tried to commit mass murder and the media and the Dems supported and encouraged them.

    4. Aaron Mostofsky, is a registered Democrat. He is the latest Antifa rioter who was identified at the Capital on January 6th.
      Aaron Mostofsky, who according to records is a registered Democrat, is the son of a state court judge in Brooklyn. He was arrested at his brother’s home on Tuesday.

    5. @ray mott sure lets talk about it. Here’s 13 examples.

      1. Posting Malcom X quotes during the rioting and attacking of people and property saying that some times violent action is required.

      2. Jennifer Rubin stating that the Republican party must be burned down and everyone one wiped out so no one ever feels embolden to oppose Democrats again.

      3. Governor Andrew Cuomo saying Trump better have an army if he ever wishes to step foot in New York again.

      4. Maxine Waters saying that they (Democrats) need to go out, create a crowd and push back against them. Telling them they’re not wanted anywhere.

      5. Hilary Clinton saying you can’t be civil with a party who wants to destroy you.

      6. AOC defending the riots saying that they tried the polite way and are justified in doing anything.

      7. Oh did you forget when Democrats stormed the capital and tried to get in during the Kavansugh hearings and how Democratic politicians encouraged it?

      8. How about the DNC who said Resistance Summer will start in June?

      9. Cory Booker gave a call for people (Democrats) to go to The Hill and get up in the face of Congress people.

      10. Eric Holder said that they won’t take the high road if Republicans take the low road. That they’ll instead kick an.

      11. Joaquin Castro said if Trump delivered a national emergency that they (Democrats) will fight him in the streets m

      12. Maxine Waters encouraged Democrats to be increasing conversational of Republicans.

      13. Nancy Pelosi said that in order to take on Trump you’ll have to punch him in the face.

    1. @olliegoria
      He’s right. Biden is a criminal and should never have been allowed to run for the presidency to begin with. Impeachment coming on the 21st for corruption and money laundering! Unlike the so called “Russian collusion” though, the evidence is real!

    1. @Adam Langton You stated in your comment that there’s no one envious of
      I just showed you that’s not the case.
      Now you’re bringing a whole bunch of new issues not related to original conversation and I was here just to respond to your initial comment not to analyze: debt, covid, healthcare, etc.

    2. @Very simple investing Random conjecture isn’t evidence. Saying “everyone is envious of America” doesn’t make it so. That’s just your opinion man.

    3. @Very simple investing Like, by every single metric, America ain’t great. I’m not sure what your point is.

    1. @Ian Cockrell oh well. he didnt follow the rules so it was taken away from him. maybe if his parents taught him cause and effect as a child we wouldnt be forced to do it when he is 75. press conferences only take as much time as it takes to write a speech…in his case he just rambles anyway so he could go live whenever.

    2. @Maude Findlay which rule did he break, exactly? Surely you could provide a tweet where he told people to storm the capitol… unless it doesn’t exist. Almost like he’s been censored for the actions of other people.

    3. Well then that explains all of the military presence. They aren’t protecting them from the people, they’re protecting them from the law.I mean this is just an observation I don’t have a dog in the fight on-either-side….I mean I don’t want to see any violence I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

  2. Why cant rioters leave it alone like we dont have nations trying to attack us please calm down and stop giving the usa a L

    1. @Freedom Life do go back to playing your video games though lol. I love my Canadian neighbors, but they are so confused. Civilization collapse can happen by people, governments, climate change, widespread pandemics, gamma ray bursts, meteor collisions, super volcanoes, etc. It’s better to be prepared.

    2. @RedX sure you can. You can use any profane statement without it having racial ties. Go buy a machete at Walmart and see the issue. And it’s a survival tool, not a weapon of destruction lol. It’s funny how cops will protect the people in power, but not us. Foh. You government bureaucrats must think you’re exempt.

  3. And Mexico was corrupt… Mexico is “too dangerous” to travel to… I bet it’s now safer than it is in Washington.

    1. Nah. Mexico still has the Cartels who are more dangerous than ever. Both Washington and Mexico are dangerous places. There are some places in Mexico where it’s safe though

    2. Washington has always been dangerous, just not near WH or Capitol..The danger is mainly in the neighborhoods in SE, NE and SW.. Mexico is dangerous mainly near border, where risk of extortion is high while driving through border..I work in Washington DC off N Capitol, and travel to Mexico every year, and would prefer to get lost at night in Mexico than DC any day..American media has always scared its citizens and paints Mexico as a dangerous place, but not like they make it out to be..Media will also not report what doesn’t fit their agenda..

    1. @Darren McLaughlin republicans were trying to sabotage the postal service for the election, republicans tried to suppress the vote, republicans did not accept the election, republicans continue fan the flames of insurrection. it is not “both sides”

    2. @Darren McLaughlin I’ll give you another example, first impeachment. all democrats voted to convict, all independents vote to convict, 1 out of 53 republicans voted to convict (Romney). Reality is not both sides whether you want to admit or not.

    3. Russia russia russia.. you idiots still parroting about russia? Putin loves you dimwit democrats for getting the commie Big Guy in office.

  4. “This man has a PhD from Harvard” Having a PhD does not make one immune to insanity/delirium. Media needs to stop giving a voice to people with underlined issues.

    1. @Dave William .Unfortunately, that’s not true anymore. Hang on, 2021s gonna be a long ride. & we don’t have enough gas.

    2. @Bill Burgess You need to look up the 1st amendment and socialists as you don’t know anything about either.

    3. @Dave William put media has the responsibility to point out those claims are not true. Maybe they should have a mover statement on the screen in Red for the warming.

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