1. Any different from an abusive jerk threatening the wife and children? Realize threatening the rights of other Americans, is. well UN American.

    1. If any us citizens threaten an election official they would get at the least 10 years in prison and be called a terrorist, why does get away with this

    2. @Pauline Wait The confusion lies in your ability to covey an idea using language. You may better better off pointing and grunting… it will make better sense.

  2. We no longer live in the 1800’s. You have ways to prosecute these people. Time to take these people to court. Or you WILL have civil war.

  3. Elections — the foundation of democracy — are more sacred than even the President himself. If such threats were made against the President, the Secret Service would act immediately. So too the government should act immediately and relieve these domestic terrorists of both their guns and their freedom, to preserve ours.

  4. It is disturbing to know that the “Beacon of Democracy” harbors more than 40% of White Supremacist in their “democratic” country.

  5. “Stop the steal” was a third-rate freak-show featuring Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro and Kay-Lie McEnemy in the starring roles.

  6. These people act as though the Second Amendment is the ONLY law of any sort. Everything else is just a suggestion.

    1. BLUE BIRD32.

      I absolutely agree. I’d love to see an end to this tug of war. Let right wingers have their Gilead. Let liberals and progressives hash it out in their own country, and both new countries can decide if they want to replicate the 2party system, or shift to a multi-party praxis.

    2. @Teddy Willard Mostly peaceful protest.
      CTR marxist nonsense taught in schools.
      Cancel culture. Elisabeth Warren and other dems asking big tech to censor political opponents because they can’t do it themselves legally. John Lewis asking the IRS to hold up approval for 501 c PAC’s from conservatives when Romney was running for president. Then he was the ranking majority party on the committee to see if the thing he ordered to happen actually happened , he concluded it didn’t. A year or two later the courts decided it did happen and a cash settlement was paid by the Government . The election was long over by the time the settlement, so more speech stifled by the dems. Seem like the evil real and from the DNC, MSM and Hollywood.

    3. @Robert Hartford Government is inherently evil? So you’re an anarchist? Well, everyone has to be something.

    4. @TooSlowTube I mistakenly assumed that was implicit in my comment but I do thank you for expanding upon that as well.

    5. @Michelle I don’t misunderstand them in the slightest. The guy who left the voice mail seemed only concerned about his right to bear arms and did not care at all about the rest of democracy.

  7. That second caller was priceless lol, “It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain…” yes I agree. Only those with half a brain.

  8. I just can’t believe there are grown a** adults behaving this way…there’s this despicable person I know of, who lied to them and essentially “gave them permission ” to act out their most depraved behaviors and thoughts. I would never have guessed our beautiful country would be like this today. How can so many people turn a blind eye to facts and the truth?

    1. Exactly. The immature name calling takes the cake. It’s like the adults that still clap and yell when a waiter/ waitress drops the plates on the floor. Come on people. Have some sort of class.

    2. @AL K : Not just “lack of education”! I dare to say about 99% of these `callers´ as well as the asslicking followers of the `very stable genius No.45´, are natural born idiots! The remaining 1% are dirty, mendacious and greedy scoundrels of the worst kind!

    3. Basically one word – tribalism.
      They have an us vs them mentality. If it ain’t us, it’s them and they are always wrong, at fault, the cause of everything bad, need to be destroyed or removed, not to be trusted, etc. We see this from little children to adults – even in primitive cultures. It’s part of our (human) nature. It’s what has kept the human race from being essentially in the 24th century by now. We have lost hundreds of years of advancement to the self-hatred our species has.

    4. One reason is that they are ill educated and read! Another is that many of the Social Media sites allow lies and half truths to be broadcast or printed on their sites!! It has been proven that a statement on one site can proliferate and be propagandized into more lies and half truths so rapidly that it would make your head spin!!!

    5. It will take years to fix the damage that the orange man did to this country . His lies and his cult that belived him .

  9. And yet again there will be no consequences for their actions,they can do anything they desire and it is just ok.

    1. I think America should reconsider calling itself a “law and order nation”. We’ve seen how weak its accountability systems are just by the mere fact that none of the politicians and public figures who incited the riots have been held to any kind of account. And now this. How sad.

    2. Yeah, all the blah, blah, blah nothing is going to happen to Trump except maybe a slap on the wrist, at best. He gets everyone else to take the fall for whatever…

    3. @Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise really that would be a bold move. To get rid of the largest militia force in the world. I don’t think that it is going to be as easy as your mind thinks.

  10. “It’s quite obvious to anybody with half a brain that there was a lot of fraud” said the man with half a brain…

  11. Law enforcement needs to inform the general public that citizen arrests at people’s homes, etc., are not authorized and illegally dangerous!!

    1. @Karen Nemet-Nejat not even an actual abortion the INTENT to get one so if you heard someone say i want an abortion but never went through with it, 10K… well thought police anyone?!

    1. @Jessstotheka if you’re trying to get a point across then maybe you should make sure your comments are legible for the reader.

    2. @TooSlowTube it appears our exchange went straight over your head. I’m sure that even the grammatically- challenged person I was speaking to understood I was mocking her.

    3. @LatinoWithAnO It was clear to everyone else that “that person” was mocking you from the outset, and was much better at it.

  12. I was taught from a young age that I didn’t need to stick my head into a garbage can to know what was in it. Knowing this, I am appalled by the number of people attending Trump rallies. He opens his mouth, spews garbage, and NO ONE is even mildly interested in proof, evidence, documentation.
    The gullibility and lack of objectivity is positively stunning.

  13. The GOP should be called out to denounce this violence of threats from their supporters to election officials who are just doing their jobs. The deafening silence is not ok.

    1. @Victor Lloyd they cant find out whos calling them and get the cops? Wtf is going on? I know if i made a death threat id be in prison the next day!

    2. Jerome, I’m not striving to appear to be educated, I am as a matter of fact educated, very highly educated. I’m not clear why you’re suggesting that I’m trying to present an appearance of being educated and erudite, I’m simply stating what I believe, and you can take it or leave it. Should we leave all of this nonsense there and move on?

      On your point, you’re talking about protests, and protests about issues from the past, not America in 2021. You must believe what you want to believe about the existence of systemic racism, or as one lady put it, racism everywhere, in the air that we breath. If that’s your belief, then the very best of luck to you. I don’t believe in it, it’s a scam. In America more than perhaps any other country, you can achieve through education and hard work, regardless of who you are and what you look like. That’s how Obama managed two terms as your President and so many prominent people in the arts, sports, the media, politics, business…are black.

      If you want to address what BLM is, I’d be more than happy to debate you. I can start it off: they’re Marxists, by their own admission, on film, and on their own website before they removed it. Do you agree with Marxist ideologies, those that want to raise society to the ground, to eliminate police forces and prisons and break up the nuclear family?

    3. @Say What do you put in any effort researching someone’s claim before you call them a liar, or do you just throw around accusations like it’s parade candy?

    1. Why aren’t we hearing about the cancer that sends his radical base of lunatics to murder people aren’t getting arrested and sent to prison?

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