Trump Slams Macron For 'Insulting' NATO Comments | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Slams Macron For ‘Insulting’ NATO Comments | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president is denouncing comments made by French President Emmanuel Macron on NATO. Aired on 12/03/19.
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Trump Slams Macron For 'Insulting' NATO Comments | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Crystal Giddens and delusional Crystal is back. More of her daily drug induced crap. Keep trying little Crystal

  1. If there’s one thing Trump can’t stand, it’s insulting comments. They upset his kind and loving Christian sensibilities.

    1. @Crystal Giddens
      WOW , That’s some DEEP 4-Chan Babble there Lady . So you really believe he’s not culpable for his scurrilous comments & Actions . GREAT

    2. Crystal Giddens keep trying little low iq Crystal. Your delusions are laughable. The ramblings continue on from a gullible tool.

    3. It is so easy to brainwash Trump supporters, and it is the one thing that Trump is skilled at. By the way, those who despise Trump (don’t hate, people) do so because he has been a crook and a con man throughout his life. He has also been a pretty bad businessman, all in all. And calls himself a “great negotiator”. What has he successfully negotiated since being elected?

    4. Mine Finder Facts and truthful sworn testimony under oath upsets Trump’s cult followers. He denies it constantly, but he has lied consistently so his comments have no credibility.

    1. delaze 23 keep trying delaze. There were no tariffs affecting manufacturing in the USA. Try watching and reading financial news before you speak. The garbage you wrote has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Laughable

    2. @Kevin stevens More on trade
      Go read the entire speech for yourself.
      From Bernie Sanders, speaking on the Senate floor in 2011 about unfettered free trade.
      “one of the major reasons that the middle class in America is disappearing, poverty is increasing and the gap between the rich and everyone else is growing wider and wider is due to our disastrous unfettered free trade policy.
      If the US is to remain a major industrial power producing real products and creating good paying jobs we must develop a new set of trade policies which work for the American middle class and working class and not just for the CEOs of large corporations. IOW, we must rebuild our manufacturing sector and, once again, manufacture products that are made in the USA.
      “over the last decade, more than 50,000 manufacturing plants in this country have shut down; over 5.5 million factory jobs have disappeared”….. and
      “Over the past 30 years, we have been told by the Administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and now Barack Obama that unfettered free trade will increase jobs in America.
      They have been proven wrong.
      NAFTA has led to the loss of over 680,000 American jobs. PNTR with China has led to the loss of nearly 3 million American jobs.”… and
      “It is those kinds of statements and actions that are turning the USA into a 3rd world country, while China, and other low wage countries are rapidly becoming an economic powerhouse. We must tell these corporate leaders to stop outsourcing our jobs to China and other low wage countries.”

    3. @Kevin stevens ….Negativity will not help. I work as a Mining Engineer so i find small steps is the best option. Our Family live a very conservative life style and President Trump has the same Values. Americans have been living beyond their means for way too long, buy too much Chinese Plastic Junk. Time to buy US manufactured GOODS.

    4. B.J Cameron keep trying BJ. These jobs are not coming back. It will just move from China to Vietnam or other places with cheap labor. You are not going to get people to stop spending. If the stuff is made in America no one will be able to afford it. Consumer spending is what is keeping this economy going at this point

    1. @CLP
      You mean from the number one welfare sucking state in the nation? The state that has 12% of the population but takes 50% of the welfare payouts. The state that’s bleeding America dry?

    2. @Mine Finder And so you’re willing to destroy the ozone layer and much of the western U.S. just to nuke a state? Guess this is what make america great means to cult 45.

    3. @Mine Finder I think you’re the moron here to even suggest something as brain dead as nuking a state. A nuclear conflict would most certainly destroy the ozone layer, because dont expect the world to sit by while the U.S. starts launching nuclear weapons just on a whim. It would most likely cause a nuclear war.

    1. I kinda envy Russia. Their future generations would be very proud to say they had one of the greatest leaders ever. One that was able to fool the people of the most powerful country in the world into turning against each other. He was even successful at getting one of the two sides to his defense thus making himself look innocent.

    2. I’ll tell you what’s obvious, Trump is an *American* a product of a rotten, greedy and corrupt culture.

    3. Yes I agree, unbelievable, but truly sad, still it’s not the first time a country and it’s people have been hoodwinked, let’s hope this ends soon, chin up America , you still got support from your cousins.

    1. His braindead supporters are all confederate flag-wavin traitors already so they dont care that he sides with russia. They are sick lowlife trash.

    1. @Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! I sincerely doubt you and/or others believe that. If so, what’s Santa bringing you?

    2. @Jim Battersbee As an alien whose knowledge of the American electoral system is limited, were I you, I’d close my gob.

    3. @john emeigh So then, everything else aside, it’s quite ok with you that the president used YOUR TAX DOLLARS in a extortion scheme to shake down the Ukrainian government in order for them to interfere in the 2020 race?

      Oh and less we forget.   Help Putin.

      When all this is said and done, probably the real reason is so they’re able to grab the remainder of Ukraine.

    1. @James T Go to the NATO website. Trump has been supporting NATO. Macron seems to be the one not wanting to pay France’s fair share.

  2. Trump is just like all his followers. They can insult and assault anyone they want then cry cry cry when anyone criticizes them. They are like children.

    1. Sir, please give some thought as to what the political sides actually represent. The left normally has more childish and feminine outlooks on the world centered around community and social aspects. A mother and child like association with government. This pushes into the handouts of welfare and anti-hierarchies associated with leftist thinkers going back to Marx. Meanwhile the right has more of a tendency to push for free will, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, personal responsibly, violence if needed, pure freedom socially and economically, they are pro-heirarchy, better at living in the wild than in cities, isolationism, and are embraced by men more and the left embraced by women and children. Seriously. Think about who you call children.

    2. Jeff Chrapcynski look little Jeffy with more of his incoherent ramblings. We did miss your brand of stupid. It was entertaining

    1. I’m selling Trump-brand backstabbing knives on Amazon : )
      sold as “the perfect gift for your friends who don’t approve of your psychotic antics”

  3. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 that Deutsche Bank and Capital One must comply with a congressional subpoena for President Trump, his children and his company’s financial records.

    1. Hilarious, The Other shoe drops on Trumps criminal escapades funded by Russian Oligarchs. His CULT of Drones will just SCREAM FAKE NEWS ! He’s mo bedder dan Abraham Lincoln Y’all & he’d bien CHOOSEN BY God !

    2. JG Having read the Mueller report, I see that they just convicted Roger Stone on a seven count indictment based on info uncovered by Mueller. He is the sixth person Mueller’s investigation has successfully indicted. Mueller also found hard evidence that the Russians interfered in our 2016 election. Those Russians have been indicted also, though the cowards fled back to the rock they crawled from under. Mueller said that the narrow scope of what they were allowed to pursue in the investigation meant that they did not find ENOUGH evidence to indict Trump or his cronies on conspiracy, but that they’d found plenty of evidence that Trump had obstructed the investigation numerous times. So, there are still ongoing investigations spurred by the information that Mueller found, there may still be more indictments ahead. That’s pretty successful, as far as the investigations go. The have found much more evidence that links Trump directly to crimes in the Ukraine investigation. Of course, Trump lies about the success of the investigation – most criminals protest their innocence when accused. However, despite the misguided claims by the Republicans, the evidence is strong that Trump violated the Constitution and his oath of office.

  4. Don’t be “tired of the impeachment” folks!! This is time to stay focused, stay healthy, stay rested, and keep fighting for our democracy. And we need to stay focused on getting out the vote for 2020. #nevertrump

    1. It will fail, just like Russia and just like the failed attempt of the DNC to throw the election. Trump 2020. #liberaltears

    2. No one gave up on impeachment and No One Believes Donald Trump the Russian asset his lies have been exposed. The impeachment can’t not be stopped! Articles are being drawn up


  5. Trump always looks so sad and grumpy around our allies but so joyful around ruthless dictators like Putin, MBS and Kim.

    1. That’s true, isn’t it? I think he knows they talk behind his back & aren’t afraid to talk back to him…aka they don’t accept them as their peer. Just a high ranking grifter that has had a lot of money (I tried to keep it short, hehe)

    1. Crystal Giddens you do need help little Crystal. Some serious meds might help you. Laughable little Crystal. Never answers a question cause she has nothing to add.

    1. @bmon40 40 Funny, because immigrants living in the US, who have come from countries where they lived “under the boot”, tend to be Trump supporters.

    2. @bmon40 40 NBC news March 2019 reports that “64 % of Vietnamese Americans approved of Trump.” Same for those who come from former Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.. they’re harder to subvert and can smell the 24/7 BS.

    3. @delaze 23 What ever troll farm you’re working for when you guys have your next Kaizen meeting tell them you need a new shtick.

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