1. @pie worm Worm pie we don’t need media to tell us he’s an idiot. We just watch him speak and make up our own mind thanks. I thought he might be ok when he first started running for president I was like “meh whatever” then I heard him speak and I changed my mind.

    2. @John woos stranglehold fan Nah, you’re just filled with hate. He has made historic trade deals, but you’re just another crazy moron that gets upset over him drinking diet coke and not saying china properly.

    3. ​@pie worm Worm pie – What the hell are you ON about ? I type perfectly. Sorry your device doesn’t display simple text properly for you. Get your mommy to buy you a new one. Get a different brand this time.

      And what “evidence” are you talking about?
      And be specific. Mr. Trump* himself should be all the “evidence” you need. He is certainly enough for any honest and intelligent person. The guy is a major dumbass. What more do you need to know? He is unfit for public office….ANY public office. He is mentally ill. He needs professional help. How is it that you don’t know this ?

    1. Really. This guy. I mean, if he were somebody’s pet you’d think it was cruel to let this go on without stepping in. You’d take him to the vet and have him put to sleep, put him out of everybody’s misery!

    2. We are the usa we are better than anyone and we dont let third world peasants take over our great culture

    1. @Debra Clinkscale Oh, and according to government and academic studies American women are increasingly overweight, taking psycho-therapeutic drugs, in debt and unhappy. Studies have shown that American men are much happier and get happier as they age.

    1. They are called facts — reality – point out his lies – get off your high horse remember the crusaders 600 years ago

    2. Shona philp, he’s tries so hard to with intelligence but he literally sounds like a fool. Everything he said in this video is corruption filled with lies. He’s so sickening. Adderall snorting, denture slurring fool.


    1. @Regina Gerspacher – Exactly ! But the poor dumbass forgot where the Union is located. Ya know, his Aids use cheese burgers to help Trump* find his way back to the airplane.

  1. (16 *seconds* in and he’s already slurring…)

    Can someone escort this demented old grandpa back to his retirement home?
    I believe that he managed to stumble upon the stage when he tried finding the bathroom…

    1. Trump is not embarrassing America. America is embarrassing America. First of all we elected him. Even if you didn’t vote for him you allowed a system to continue where this is even possible. We basically don’t even have any requirements to be president so I can we complain when we get an idiot for president? Can you imagine hiring someone for a job and not having any requirements and then you get an idiot and you complain? That is how stupid we are as a nation right now. I’m with all the stuff that he’s done most people in this country are just sitting back and taking it and looking for people to blame while not acting like this is a democracy and taking action. Then when you call them out there’s a whole bunch of excuses but the reality is every single time there’s something that we really care about we somehow find a way to take action. Take climate change for example. We coordinated protests across the globe. A lunatic with access to nukes? Nobody really cares. This is just a reality show that people like to talk about but do nothing except point fingers at everybody else but themselves. This is a Democratic Republic. If the government is not going the way that the people want it’s the people’s fault for allowing it because that’s the beauty of living in a Democratic Republic. We are the ones in power. Step up or shut up

  2. He loves to pat himself on the back. For doing nothing. All I want to do when his lips part, 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    1. He did allow the absurd tax cuts that gave the USA the conditions he is now bragging about, it’s a shame the deficit is now so toxic our children’s childrens children will have to work 6 jobs.

    2. Get off your high horse barry obama was gonna wave a magic wand — hes a white colonialist and proud of it

    3. @Dan Schmanski If there is a cockroach in my soup I don’t want to hear from the restaurant about how the previous chef also served cockroach soup.

  3. Yeah, blah, blah…. does anyone believe the man without an intelligent thought in his head? All he can do is boast and put others down. His speech writer ought to be fired.

    1. Zdenka Cole you want somebody *SHOWMANSHIP*, don’t you?
      You want a preacher up there like Barry. A golden voice is all it took for him to win…
      You were sold on “hope” in the best country in the world😂😂😂
      You’re a pathetic little worm… a leech

    1. Hope u dont get stabbed by an immigrant honey i here u cant even walk around in your own country anymore go yodel

  4. This stable genius is turning the USA in to the laughing stock of the world!! He takes credit for things his simple mind can’t even understand 🤣 I feel for Americans

  5. How you gonna have the cleanest water when you slashing the E and A out of the EPA…so you know whats left

    1. Lifting all regulations is a great way to kill off americans.
      as well as trade, countries wont buy poisoned good.
      Food poisoning across america is already at a record high under trump.

    2. They were cut due to redundancy.
      Previous administrations expanded these regulations to justify tax increases.
      Am I the only one, in this comment section, who actually researched this?
      Skepticism is a healthy path to knowledge.

    3. I’d say he is cutting the P from the EPA. He doesn’t mind the environmental agency so long as they aren’t protecting said environment.

    1. Walk-in Mysoes
      , World Economic Forum conference puts leaders from business in the same room as key players from politics to hold private meetings on things like investment in their countries, and as a chance to do business deals.
      To go you have to be invited ( around 3,000 people). heads of major firms like Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Mark Zuckerberg etc attend.

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