Trump Sought Even More Foreign Help To Retain Presidency: Bolton | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Stella Fevers. Sadly, it wouldn’t have mattered to those dirty Senate Republicans even if he had testified. He could have presented irrefutable proof and they still would have voted to acquit 45. They’ve sold what counts as their souls. We’re going to have to vote them all out. #Votebluenomatterwho

  1. Bolton betrayed the country when he defied the oath he took. Donald and Bolton two peas in a pod.

    1. @Iain Herridge Well the list is pretty Looonnnnng…of trump sycophants🤨🙄 let’s just stick with this one for’s hard to keep up isn’t it?😎

    2. @Iain Herridge Right. Can’t leave out Moscow Mitch, Trump’s most corrupt and capable enabler. Let’s fire all of them!

  2. Sounds like Round 2 of Donald “bunker boy” Trump’s Impeachment. Trump is a laughing stock. Such an inept, corrupt Orange Clown. An embarrassment to the United States.

    1. My question is, did you not see him coming, hear him coming, or understand his agenda before the 2016 election. It’s evident that there’s many voters in this country who don’t get enough oxygen…

    2. Sadly, collectively we all are responsible for his win and Republican are not doing their job.

    1. David Primeau no I am not saying that! I am saying that Trump is a Chyna puppet and a Russian puppet and they know they can plan because he’s dumb. And people continue to follow him like they’re part of the Jim Jones cult. At this point it’s a waste of time talking to anybody who is a Trumper. They will not listen they will not hear they will make excuses they are not American patriots. They are cult members

    2. David Primeau Your words speak volumes where you stand. You are a traitor you are not a patriot and I can see that based on your opinions

    3. Exactly! Trump can just sue Powell of libel if its all false. But if he just wants to block it’s release, it means he doesn’t want the truth to get out. It’s pure common sense!

  3. Yes, have another impeachment trial going into the election. When Trump is down kick him and subpeona Bolton while you are at it. I like the part when Bolton said Trump thought Finland was in Russia, when he went to the Helsinki summit.

    1. @cascade Though warranted, a 2nd impeachment is not needed. Trump will lose in 2020. And then be indicted by NY state. And then will go to prison, where he belongs.

    1. @1tonson2Sad that nobody cares about you or your opinions so you come here to push your Russian agenda. Voting the way Russia wants you to is smart, right?🤣 Good thing you are cult member, right Sweetie?
      If you don’t already live in Russia Comrade, please move there immediately.

    2. @1tonson2 We now know that anybody supporting Trump on you tube is a GOP or Russian troll and since Trump asked China for help getting re elected now the Chinese trolls are in on it. Which one are you?

    3. Let’s just send Trump and his Wicked Administration to Guantanamo Bay for your treasonous behaviors Upon This Nation.

    4. @Lonely 1 WELFARE ?
      I have NEVER, EVER been on welfare..
      I am still offering YOU some
      big daddy sweetness.
      Its alright, i dont mind being bitten.

  4. Trump isn’t busy taking care of the country, so I’d say he has plenty of time for his second impeachment.

    1. Well. Put Bolton under oath… He will never do it…. Why…. This is just a nother deep state, DEM, msm… Nothing burger…. That all it is

    2. Really…. U are very wrong… This just another deep state game… Why didn’t Bolton go under oath… That was planed… Really u don’t get what going on… you need to watch Judicial Watch more Declassified news… Or fox News… X22 report

    3. As long as he has his GOP bootlickers in Congress, he can do anything. Fox News will also back him up. He could drive his car through an orphanage, sell the surviving children for dog food and then bite the heads off puppies and his wacko evangelicals and MAGA moron base would still support him.

  5. Impeach again!!!! This administration is oozing corruption,and a SERIOUS NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT more so than ever before

    1. Impeachment does not do anything productive unless it removes Trump too…The democrats must focus their all their time, money and efforts in winning in 2020 – nothing is more urgent than removing this malignant president and all its malignant tentacles inserted in all branches of the government and the whole American society.Removing Trump, Barr and Moscow Mitch would be a great start.

  6. Bolton is not a patriot. He had an opportunity to testify and he blew it. I’m so over my government

    1. Bolton not the only one Kelly ,Mattis others all knew Trump was corrupt and did nothing ..
      None had the guts to point that out when they had the chance.
      At his impeachment
      They let this crook continue.his presidency .

    2. Even if Bolton had testified, Trump’s cult followers in the Senate would have voted against impeachment. They are afraid of him and he knows it.

  7. Bolton the man who deliberately ignored his oath of office and duty to the country for personal gain.

    1. It wouldn’t of mattered the Republicans would never impeach Trump in the senate no matter what evidence you had against him.

    2. Dave Ponsford maybe but it would of been futile and just got him offside with his party. At least this way he probably believes he can make a buck and get back on the good side of the Republicans if Trump is thrown out by the people.

  8. Bolton’s book, shows that Trump routinely commits felonies, wants the “execution” of journalists despite our First Amendment, and tries to rig criminal prosecutions to curry favor with dictators he likes.
    Trump is appallingly ignorant, disloyal, dumb, heartless, possessed of violent desires for revenge and thinks nothing of selling out our country for personal gain. Trump gave China the green light to forcibly vivisect living people who Beijing regards as enemies of the state. Their organs are then either sold or given to loyal communist party members in need of transplants. Trump twice encouraged President Xi’s construction of more concentration camps for Uyghurs. On the 30th anniversary of China’s massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square, Trump refused to issue a White House statement. Trump said that Xi should go ahead with building the camps, which Trump thought was exactly the right thing to do.

  9. And his base think hes making America great again , disregarding his begging of foreign powers to assist him…….

    1. Trump’s only making America hated again. An halfway done with destroying United States from the inside out. A second term for Trump will give him the full-blown destruction of United States. Which behind closed doors he agreed on. Setlist out for more wealth to fulfill his greed.

  10. Republican values: OMG this man is destroying the country. Now, how can I make some money from that?

  11. “He’s a racist. He’s a cheat. And he’s a con.” – tRump’s attorney Michael Cohen

  12. Most CORRUPT president ever. WORST president ever. President most likely to end up in PRISON after his term.

    1. Facts and that’s why he’s trying to have other countries tamper with our election again so he can stay in office. And to finally finish off this train United States from the inside out. How to fulfill his greed and to give his elitist what he promised.

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