Trump Sowing Seeds Of Upset With Misinformation About Election Night Vote Counting | Rachel Maddow 1

Trump Sowing Seeds Of Upset With Misinformation About Election Night Vote Counting | Rachel Maddow


Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump is knowingly setting the stage for outrage among his supporters by spreading misinformation about counting ballots beyond Election Night. Aired on 10/28/2020.
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Trump Sowing Seeds Of Upset With Misinformation About Election Night Vote Counting | Rachel Maddow


  1. Trump and the Republican party should just come out and admit that they want to take away your right to vote.
    As of now, they can’t legally take away your right to vote, but what they are trying to do, is make it so difficult for you to vote, or for your vote to even count, that it will be the equivalent of taking away your right to vote. And it’s so obvious.

    1. @oltedders That Never happened. All the Dixiecrats stayed in the dem party. Go Read Some History. This idea that somehow the GOP wants to take away anyone’s right to vote is absurd and lacking in any evidence. And it is mostly promoted because democrats want voting laws loosened to the point that Illegal Aliens can vote and nobody will prosecute them. The Only thing it has succeeded IN doing is making it impossible to ever solve the illegal alien problem. No Congress is ever going to grant an amnesty to illegal aliens. They would be shot on the Capital steps.

    2. @Ash Roskell The Scary Thing is you actually believe that, What are you going to do when Trump wins over 40 states resoundingly. Is you shrink on speed dial have you laid in an extra supply of Valium. Inquiring minds wanna know..

  2. Trump knew everything, but he didn’t care about the lives of Americans. 220 thousand people lost their lives. Health, education, democracy, the economy are in very bad shape. Don’t let Trump do any more damage to our country. Because he’s just a man who cares about himself. Be sure to vote for a strong and livable country.

    1. @JC Demp75 Wrong. Trump said multiple times he world sign a stimulus check. Pelosi wanted stuff that has nothing to do with covid in the bill. What does green new deal and illegal immagration have to do with covid, nothing. That’s what dems wanted in the bill. look it up.

    2. Its true what you are saying Trump care only his self and not care about American
      peoples. Vote BidenHarris .

    3. Bulshit read the CDC web pages read the facts if all you’re going to do is listen to MSNBC you haven’t a clue keep to your basement where your Badge of Courage and do what your television tells you

    1. if anyone is running from the police its sleepy Joe and his crooked son. While there throwing those two crooks in jail they should include Hillary AOC and nauseating Nancy. Maddow you do more harm to America than should be allowed. I cant wait until creeps like you are thrown off the air for twisting the truth and out right lies. Shame on you for your warped evil ways. Trump 2020

    1. Take comfort from the GOP’s desperation. Each threat and act of sabotage is a tacit admission. They KNOW they’ve lost. Let them SEE you at the polling station, LIVE-STREAMING. That will put them off approaching you. If they even show up? Most polling stations will be quiet. The base is shrinking, and a lot have given up. But, be safe, and talk to NO ONE. Just VOTE and leave. God Bless America!

    2. Ummmm in reality Joe Biden is the presidential candidate for the Democrats and Kamalal Harris is his VP *FACT

  3. Track your ballot! Vote in person! Volunteer to be a poll worker! Don’t let the GOP steal another election

    1. It’s actually quite hilarious to see Trump’s “Karen troll brigade” all over the comments sections. The house is safely in the democrats hands but the Senate is in play to flip.

    2. @ron kersten This election has nothing to do with political parties, Trumpanzee. It’s country over party because your master’s done such a lousy job.

    3. @Borvo Acolytes huh? Definitely a good description of the lunacy of those backing Trump. I usually refer to them as cultists and worshippers due to their disturbing cult style tendencies.

    4. @Just Say’n Yeah, they show up to defend their failing cult master Trump for 2 reasons. One being they foolishly think their words will make a difference and two being that they get easily angered, offended, and triggered when the orange baboon that they drool over gets rightfully insulted and criticized.

    1. That is because Trump thought it was 1976, not 1776. TRUMP never read a history book, or any book except Mien Kampf!

  4. This voter suppression is frightening and definitely un-American. Trump is pulling out all of the stops to try to steal the election.

    1. And he is being aided by State level Republicans like Abbott and his one ballot box per county here.
      According to Trump -Abbott called him and told him he was way ahead in Texas ..he would definitely win Texas..
      Now what gives Abbott so much confidence? Unless it’s the fact that Trump has bought him off before??!!

      Trump Gave Abbott $35K Donation After Lawsuit Dropped

    1. He is planning to nullify the postal votes…. trust me, he is going to organise rallies post election to nullify the postal votes in swing states.

    2. I hand delivered my absentee ballot to the county election board in September, a day after it arrived in the mail. Checking online, the voter portal shows my ballot has been verified and will be run through an optical ballot reader on election day.
      Trump knows the only way he can win is to cheat enough in the right states. It’s another reason it is past time to abandon the archaic Electoral College.

  5. This is on the GOP for totally failing to follow the law and the Constitution as Trump trashes both. They could stop this. They are failing Americans every day.

    1. absolute Moscow mitch is perfectly fine with trump being a dictator ad long as it fills there pockets with our money’s time for the republicrooks to go so the younger generation can do somthing good for our country instead of filling there pockets with our money

  6. Watching from Australia, sounds like a 3rd world Dictatorship, can’t BELIEVE this is a sitting America president spewing filth to his public What a mess. Be strong my American

    1. @Rolf Xristos Rolf,,, not sure how you can say that after watching trump intimidate governors into the actions he wants. Also,,, one suggestion,,, spellchecker….

    2. Barry,,, as an American who has been living through this nightmare I totally agree with you. Every time we think it can’t get worse it does… Appreciate the good thoughts and stay safe down there…

  7. Trump sees what’s happening and knows what may come, but refuses to acknowledge the truth, just like he has for his entire life.

  8. A vote for Biden is like one of the millions of nails needed to take power out of a maniacs dangerous game. Vote,vote,vote

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