Trump spoke to George Floyd's family, addresses protests and violence | USA TODAY 1

Trump spoke to George Floyd’s family, addresses protests and violence | USA TODAY


At an event at the White House, President Trump is asked about demonstrations over George Floyd's death, and his conversation with Floyd's family.
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Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested Friday, days after video circulated of him holding his knee to Floyd's neck for at least eight minutes before Floyd died. Floyd's family released a statement following the arrest, calling it a "welcome but overdue step on the road to justice."

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    1. @Dutch Hatter
      Why are you being apart of the problem? Is that what Jesus would say? No he would love his creation and preach you the gospel, go open your Bible and learn the love of God.

    2. @felix u
      Your ignorant. Nobody deserves to die, if he was pinned down, why did the reprobate cop not slap rhe cuffs on him then and haul him away. Smh.

    3. @Rob Root
      1 Timothy 1:15
      This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

  1. Was very sad to hear about this. I wish the best to the family and may the Lord comfort them.

  2. “I don’t know where it came from, I wouldn’t know a thing like that”
    I believe that lol . He wouldn’t

    1. He was Literally talking about how when people riot and decide their going to set someone’s place of business on fire have a big risk of getting shot by the business owner or something in that nature and he doesn’t want that to happen. Dude just sounds hella ignorant sometimes but means well lmao

    2. @Bob Billy
      Well then he should definitely know when where how… The civil rights movement is literally a step by step guide of how to. Only thing missing are the bodies hung from trees. Its completely different when beasts become the prey. I wonder if we can get post cards made like back in the day as well.
      A president who doesn’t know his country history is horrible.

    3. Ayanna Smith dude has done more for African Americans then any president in the last 50 something years, even more then Obama did. More African Americans are off welfare and have more jobs then ever.

  3. My opinion. Every year they need to evaluate each officer. To see how there doing. Im just a citizen what do i know? I only pay taxes.

    1. Liberal cities hire liberal police officers, and they wonder why they have such issues? Ever notice this only happens in liberal cities?

    2. They need to rebuild from scratch.. i’d start at recruitement… and these cops should get punished with all force of the law.

  4. The problem is bad cops get away with what they do. They should be charged like anyone else, no special treatment.

    1. I agree. But how does burning your own town down, looting stores, and destroying businesses help their cause? It doesn’t. But it does show hyper-ignorance and/or stupidity. This crap doesn’t endear black folks one iota.

    2. lilah J If the government doesn’t Prosecute the bad cops then street justice will Make all police accountable

  5. When the protesters start rioting it only leads to mayhem and chaos….it takes the focus and memory away from the horrific death of Mr.Goerge Floyd

    1. @Sochi314 – that’s so true. I dont think it would have broken down to riots this way if they had just arrested and detained the officers that did this, because before the protests were peaceful. As they waited and waited, people grew restless thinking that the wheels of justice were not even starting to turn.

    2. And when your gov takes 4 days to arrest a terrorist cuz he works w them this what happens..we should’ve done this for locking us down too if u don’t like it go to Mexico calm angel

    3. EcClair Mayo You said, “As they waited and waited…” come on now, think logically. These thugs who are looting and rioting and setting everything on fire, are the types of people who just love for sh*t to happen so they have an excuse to be destructive! Plain and simple.
      The officers should be fired and especially Chauvin. They were fired swiftly. They should be charged with murder and guess what? That has happened as well only four days later. Pretty darn fast if we are being honest! So idk where you get they grew impatient from “waiting” so long. That’s just excusing disgusting behavior. The people fighting, burning and smashing everything in sight are nothing. They’re nobody’s. Losers. They too, deserve to be locked away.
      With all that said, this is absolutely horrific what happened to George Floyd and I truly hope they give the officers lots of time in prison. So sad he died like this. Pathetic. No excuse. It makes me sick to my stomach. I know his family must be infuriated and heartbroken.

    4. @BS17 people have been locked down for months I think this is easy and normal. They didn’t burn a house they didn’t kill they will never do. but police does and undercover police is burning the city.

  6. The police dept need to recognize mental health issue, before its to late…. change the rules and laws, because the person can be fixed, but the system is against him…

    1. Why do white men get the excuse of having mental health issues after they do something terrible? Everyone else is labeled a thug or terrorist

    2. Are you suggesting white males have a mental/genetic predisposition to violence? Maybe the government should look more closely into this group.

    3. @Jam-rock Rider because its all about doublespeak and thought speak. By phrasing things in lighter terms they can blame some outside force or make it seem like the words they use arent as bad. George carlin has a good skit on this but george orwell is the one to look up. Please.

    4. HMM yes.. we must all be fixed. then the law has a better chance to work. yes i can see that totally LOL
      you are not fixed yet? it’s why laws don’t work. rules too fixed. period.

  7. Don’t like what I said honestly idgaf so y’all can slide up with ur opinions and etc but it’s not gonna change the facts have a blessed night

  8. The other cops sitting on his back and legs need to be locked up as well. They all took part in it. Just imagine if it wasn’t recorded or nobody saw it, they probably would have gotten away with it.

    1. Exactly. Just imagine how many people like those cops did the same and got away while trump keeps arguing in favor of the system

    2. This whole thing has been handles terribly. One of the reasons people are still protesting is because the other 3 officers are still free and the one they did finally arrest, still was not charged with murder 1 or 2.

    3. yeah i agree
      imagine that
      if no one recorded
      or no one saw


    1. No the national guard is being brought in to stop the destruction of businesses from being destroyed/looted

  9. Watching the officer on this man neck I swear this thing is causing me such pain it’s just cause me to cry pray God heal us from this hurt, comfort George’s family

  10. George Floyd’s life mattered! Watching him cry for his mom broke my heart into a million little pieces!

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