Trump spoke to Xi about detained Canadians while at G20

Trump spoke to Xi about detained Canadians while at G20 1


  1. Because Trudeau is a moron that can’t get anything done. He’s an embarrassment to our country and we should rid him from the history books. “Nope, Justin who?. We never” lol

  2. Well, if China can’t release the two Canadian hostages, we don’t need to trade with them. OK… we can place max tariffs. We should have started that WAYYYY back when Trump was first elected.

  3. Canada can not solve their own problem and rely on the USA… might as well.. become a part of the USA. LOL…. done!

    1. Cherrie Leung Canada PM ask trump if they can release huawei ceo? Trump probably said don’t yet, I’m trying to work out our problem with china first. Lol

  4. Well considering he lost to China in make America great again, did he have to say anything!

  5. Canada should threaten to endorse Taiwan independence. That would get Xi’s attention.

  6. Thank you for doing Justin’s Job Ns Trump.
    On the flip side when you visit a country ruled by a totalitarian regime your on your own.

  7. True-dope should have talked to the Chinese President Xi himself sit right next to him. That’s his golden opportunity.
    That’s what Canada looking forward to at the G20 meeting.
    What the hell he was waiting for Trump to negotiate for him ?
    As True-dope needs ma ma president Trump to change his dirty diaper. SHAMEFUL.

  8. HahahHa…Trudeau talked samak about Trump and now turns to him for help like a dog’s tail between his legs.

  9. Problem for Canada is although we don’t like Trudeau, but that Sheer will make thing even worse.

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